Bill Kaulitz’s speed dating show

Bill hosted his first speed dating show on Instagram today for Valentine’s day. And he found great matches in the fandom! Here’s a recording of the live 😍. Love was in the air!!!

We wish good luck and much love to the future couples 😊🧡

New song coming up this Friday

Hi guys! Our new song ‘Bad Love’ is getting out this Friday February 4th and we are so so excited!

Pre-save ‘BAD LOVE’ on Spotify and Apple Music now

Listen to a snippet:

Despite Covid restrictions, we managed to get the four of us together in Berlin, and this week with you all is gonna be so much fun! Be especially ready for our streaming party on our official Discord. More information is gonna come up in the following days about all our different activities we are gonna host alongside our amazing fan clubs around the world.

In the meantime, we invite you to join our headbang challenge. All you have to do is go on TikTok and post a headbanging video on our ‘Bad Love’ snippet. We did it too!


When its lunch time and #badlove comes on … Your turn!

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel

You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it @georglisting1 #drilla #headbang Duett this: @tokiohotel

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel

Gustav even went underwater!


Gustav casually sharing his #PositiveVibes ✌🏼

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel


On a more technical note, here is a video showing you how we produced the song…

And we explained in today’s Instagram live where we got the idea for our new song. And, surprise! we also revealed that the next single after ‘Bad Love’ will be out in April and its name will be ‘HIM’

Finally, if YOU are tired of being single or in toxic relationships, send your application to so Bill Kaulitz himself can find you a match!

Podcast with Bill & Tom now on!

September 1st is our Birthday 🥳 So you all need to do whatever we want 😜😜 and our biggest Birthday wish is for you all to listen to our brand-new Spotify Original Podcast that came out today (it’s right here!)❣️ We are so excited. Now excuse us… we’re busy getting drunk 🍻🍹🍸Please follow the official Instagram account for the podcast at @kaulitzhills.podcast, see you!

Le 1er septembre marque notre anniversaire 🥳 Donc vous devez tous faire tout ce que nous voulons 😜😜 et notre plus grand souhait d’anniversaire est que vous écoutiez tous notre tout nouveau podcast sur Spotify, qui vient de débuter aujourd’hui (c’est juste ici!)❣️ Nous avons hâte de partager tout cela avec vous! Entre temps…. on va boire un coup! 🍻🍹🍸Allez suivre le compte Instagram officiel du Podcast juste là: @kaulitzhills.podcast, et à bientôt!

Kaulitz Spotify Podcast!

Starting September 1st, at the occasion of Bill and Tom’s birthday, the twins will start a new Podcast on Spotify, called ‘Kaulitz Hills, Senf aus Hollywood’. They are currently in Germany to promote it. The podcast will be in German.

Dès le premier septembre, à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de Bill et Tom, les jumeaux entameront un nouveau Podcast sur Spotify, nommé ‘Kaulitz Hills, Senf aus Hollywood’. Ils sont en ce moment en Allemagne pour en faire la promotion. Le podcast sera en allemand.

With ‘World Wide Wohnzimmer’

With Anastasia Rastorguev from trèsCLICK Magazine

Bill Kaulitz in the jury of Germany’s Next Topmodel

Bill Kaulitz will be a guest judge this Thursday April 29 at Germany’s Next Topmodel, @ 8:15pm CET on Prosieben!
So, 2:15pm on the East Coast, 11:15am on the West. If you’re interested in a live chat, @TokioHotelFC_de will be having one on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #BillbeiGNTM 😜

Bill Kaulitz fera partie du jury de Germany’s Next Topmodel sur la chaîne allemande Prosieben ce jeudi 29 avril à 20h15, heure de l’Europe centrale (donc 14h15 ici sur la côte est américaine). Il y sera en tant qu’invité. Si un chat en direct vous intéresse, @TokioHotelFC_de en organise un sur Twitter. Il vous suffira d’utiliser le hashtag #BillbeiGNTM !

Bill Kaulitz will be a guest on 3nach9 to talk more about his autobiography.

The Bremen talk show / Le talk-show de Brême (NDR channel)

  • Friday / vendredi, May 21, 2021, 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. 
  • Saturday / samedi, May 22, 2021, 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. 
  • Monday / lundi, May 24, 2021, 2:20 a.m. to 4:20 a.m.

Judith Rakers and Giovanni di Lorenzo will welcome the following guests:

Bill Kaulitz

If you are writing your autobiography in your early 30s, you should have already experienced a lot that is worth reporting about. Don’t worry: the life of the singer Bill Kaulitz offers extraordinary stories en masse. Yet dealing with his life moments was “the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” he says. Together with his twin brother Tom and the band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz suddenly experienced global fame a good 15 years ago, which, in addition to screaming teenagers, eccentricity and success, also brought about loneliness. Perhaps that is why the native of Leipzig calls his work “Career Suicide”. Bill Kaulitz reports on this and especially on the relationship with twin brother Tom and sister-in-law Heidi Klum at “3nach9”.

Judith Rakers et Giovanni di Lorenzo accueilleront les invités suivants:

Bill Kaulitz

Quiconque écrit son autobiographie au début de la trentaine devrait déjà avoir vécu beaucoup de choses méritant d’être rapportées. Ne vous inquiétez pas: la vie du chanteur Bill Kaulitz offre en masse des histoires extraordinaires. Pourtant, gérer les moments de sa vie fût «la chose la plus effrayante que j’aie jamais faite», dit-il. Avec son frère jumeau Tom et le groupe Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz a soudainement connu une renommée mondiale il y a 15 ans, ce qui, en plus d’hurlements d’adolescent.e.s, d’excentricité et de succès, a également provoqué la solitude. C’est peut-être pour cela que le natif de Leipzig a nommé son œuvre “Career Suicide”. Bill Kaulitz partagera avec nous sur “3nach9” à ce sujet et en particulier sur sa relation avec son frère jumeau Tom et sa belle-soeur Heidi Klum.

Other guests/ Autres invités: Ina Müller, Martin Rütter, Jan Delay, Janis McDavid & Dar Salim

New music video coming up this week!


Have you heard about Chateau earlier this year? Well, despite the wait, we are so thrilled to announce you that the music video of this amazing song is coming up on Friday on YouTube! Only 5 little days, and you can finally hear this masterpiece with great sound quality (we’ve seen you trying to listen to the live versions…), and watch the fabulously well-captured images that are coming with it.

Bill about the new music video:

 “I wanted it to be a short movie almost! Different, raw, and real rather than just another music video .. the result is an usual honest piece that will make you smile and break your heart at the same time”

See you again on Friday! 

Avez-vous entendu parler de Chateau plus tôt cette année? Et bien, malgré l’attente, nous sommes extrêmement heureux de vous annoncer que le clip de cette magnifique chanson sortira ce vendredi sur Youtube! Encore plus que 5 petits jours et vous pourrez enfin écouter ce chef-d’oeuvre, avec la qualité de son parfaite (nous vous avons vus tenter les versions en live….), et le visionner avec les images sensationnelles tournées spécialement pour l’occasion. Bill a parlé du nouveau clip en ces mots:

“Je voulais que ce soit un peu comme un court-métrage! Différent, vrai, à l’état brut, plutôt qu’un simple autre clip… Un résultat plein d’honnêteté, comme à l’habitude, qui vous fera sourire et brisera en même temps votre cœur.”

À vendredi!

Credit Photo: Christoph Koestlin

Discover Tokio Hotel’s new song ‘When it rains it pours’

And don’t forget to request it to a radio station near you! 😉

Découvrez la nouvelle chanson de Tokio Hotel “When it rains it pours” et n’oubliez pas de la demander aux radios près de chez vous 😉 !! 

I don’t know where you go
hard for you to share your home
cause you don’t want it all
’s what we have disposable ?

I want more
something beautiful
someone that I can count on and knows
when it rains
it pours
feels like i’m on my own
please don’t try to ignore that oh

I don’t wanna do this alone
I don’t wanna do this alone

I am just a simple man
but I’ve got blood on my hands
wash em off, all my sins
help me to remember that

I want more
something beautiful
someone that I can count on and knows
when it rains
it pours
feels like i’m on my own
please don’t try to ignore that oh

BILLY – California High (Trailer)

It’s finally here! We have been waiting months for this music video to be released, and it will officially premiere on YouTube Friday at 11am PT / 2pm ET ! Don’t forget to subscribe to Billy’s channel to be the first to watch it. If you are not aware yet, Billy is Bill Kaulitz’ side project, but do not worry: Tokio Hotel is still coming up with some new breathtaking music next year!

Il est enfin là! Nous avons attendu la sortie de ce clip pendant des mois, et nous pourrons enfin le visionner sur YouTube vendredi à 11h (heure de l’ouest) / 14h (heure de l’est)!! N’oubliez pas de vous abonner à la chaîne de Billy pour être le ou la première à le visionner. Si vous n’étiez pas encore au courant, Billy est le projet solo de Bill Kaulitz, mais ne vous inquiétez pas: Tokio Hotel revient tout de même avec de nouveaux titres époustouflants l’an prochain!

Bill: “I give a lot of answers in my songs. But it’s still driving people crazy.”

With the documentary Hinter die Welt producer Oliver Schwabe succeeds to show what’s beyond the world of Tokio Hotel. The movie premiered at the film festival Cologne last week. In the lecture Beuys will be Beuys Bill Kaulitz talks about development, his fears and self-confidence.

The twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz founded Tokio Hotel 17 years ago. Since 12 years they’re in the public eye.  Bill Kaulitz reveals that nothing has changed within the band since then: “we were looking for a bass player and drummer, which would play the songs, Tom and I create.”

Nowadays the band still has the same working process, as the documentary reveals: Tom does the production works and creates new songs with Bill. Bill takes over all visual parts of the band, like light design, stage costumes and concepts for music videos, while Georg is responsible for live events, the booking and finances of the band.

“Georg couldn’t play bass at all.”

The fact that Bill and Tom choose Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing as drummer and bass player is due to the fact that there weren’t much other possibilities in Magdeburg: “there were only these two guys.”

On top of that it wasn’t an obstacle for the twins that Georg was just learning to play the bass: “Georg couldn’t play bass at all. We all were really bad with our instruments.  Bust Georg was just starting to learn playing the bass for six month. He couldn’t play at all.”

In the opposite to Georg, there was Gustav Schäfer who had to show his drum skills: “Gustav had to do something like a casting for us. We were in our rehearsal space and Gustav played a Phil Collins song, if I remember correctly. This is how he came into the band. This is how everything started.”

Bill Kaulitz: “Gustav loves to play drums. But sometimes he wishes that there would be a wall in front of him, so nobody would be able to see him.”

Today Bill remembers clearly that there was no other option for him than doing music: “Doing music was always a serious thing for Tom and me. Georg had a lot of other hobbies back then. He was playing handball. But Tom and I always knew:  music is our life. Sure for Gustav and Georg it was amazing, when we released our music in 2005. They just accepted it as how it was. But for Tom and me this was always our number one plan… a total drive since we were kids. We never wanted to do something else.”

Kaulitz only sees one difference to when he looks back at the beginning of Tokio Hotel: “I just remember when we had our first performances when we were 13 years old. I was like: ok, give me a microphone! give me a stage! I want to go out there and perform.”
What Kaulitz doesn’t remember is how he formed his self-confidence at this time: “No idea where I got that from. I guess it came from the dynamic I have with Tom. We were always together. I knew I’m never alone.”

“There’s not one idiot who gives a fuck about you. That’s the best thing.”

Nowadays Kaulitz has a different perspective on his life. As he sees himself with a huge backpack, which is filled with fears and bad experiences which he made through the past. At the same time he works on getting back a little bit lightheartedness every day: “Bringing back the lightheartedness, which we had when we started as band, is a challenge which I try to master every day. We always rather want to go back. We want to get away from this music industry shit. At some point it gets to complicated and then you kind of lose your creativity. You’re not good anymore in the essence of what you really want to do – music.”

But Kaulitz manages to leave everything behind, as soon as he gets home after a tour: “Flying back home… going out and then there’s not one idiot who gives a fuck about you. That’s the best thing.”

At the same time Bill Kaulitz  reveals that it was not always like that. When he moved to Los Angeles in 2010 he had to learn living life. Kaulitz remembers that his friends still make jokes about this time: “My friends are still teasing me with this. I remember the first time when I went out to party, I brought along a security guard and I always had a driver with me. In Los Angeles I continued to live the same life I was living in Germany. I just took it with me when we moved overseas, because I didn’t know another life.”

“people think it’s sexy nowadays. they’re like: she wants to have sex with girls and she wants boys and she also wants the people in between.”

Bill Kaulitz von Tokio Hotel im Gespräch mit Oliver Schwabe über den Film Hinter die Welt bei dem Kölner Filmfestival ffcgn

Kaulitz already had to deal with press and media, asking him about his sexuality, when he was 15 years old: “In Germany it’s still a question. People are still wondering: “who is joining his bed tonight? Who does he have sex with? Who does he bring home? Who does he fall in love with?”. But these were always questions I never gave a clear answer to. I feel like I give a lot of answers in my songs though. But it’s still a thing which drives people crazy. Nowadays a coming out isn’t really exciting anymore, cause everybody does it. But people still keep asking me these questions. It still drives them crazy not to know who’s sleeping in my bed tonight and I love that.”

Some laughters appeared when host Steve Blade quoted Bill Kaulitz’s twin brother Tom from the documentary: “I get everything from Bill, which other people are searching for in a relationship. So basically I just need somebody for the sexual part. And that’s something you can easily find.” Steve Blade asked Bill if this is a healthy attitude: “I don’t know. I guess others have to judge if it’s healthy. We sometimes wonder the same. We’re like one person and sometimes we don’t get how we are and how others see us. When we’re lonely, we’re together feeling alone. It never happens that one of us is pushing the other one up. When we’re feeling depressed, we’re feeling sad together. Everything always happens together. That makes it of course hard for a partner. Especially for Tom it’s more difficult. When I’m in love, it can happen that I’m just gone from today to tomorrow. I tend to do my own things then.”

„Tom has to tell in which distance they need to place the barriers in front of the stage. And then you ask yourself: isn’t there somebody else to decide this?“

What producer Oliver Schwabe impressed the most about the band was their energy and effort which they put in all their work: “they’re control freaks, which I found really interesting. It happens that somebody calls Tom out of the wardrobe, because Tom has to tell in which distance they need to place the barriers in front of the stage. And then you ask yourself: isn’t there somebody else to decide this? No! It’s always Tom! And he does this every day during the tour for month. This is something which impressed me a lot.”

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