2022 tour cancelled

Dear Aliens,

we are currently discussing on a daily basis what is appropriate to share and how to carry on with our music. It just doesn’t feel right to do business as usual and we won’t. At the same time music has always been a place of love, hope and unity and we’re trying to find ways to keep sharing this with you. We’re sure everybody understands we can’t pursue our upcoming tour as planned but we can announce today that we have successfully moved a majority of the shows to new dates in 2023. More to follow. All tickets remain valid.

Sending love to each and everyone of you.
Georg, Gustav, Tom, Bill

30.04.2023 London
02.05.2023 Brussels
04.05.2023 Frankfurt
06.05.2023 Arnhem
07.05.2023 Cologne
09.05.2023 Stuttgart
10.05.2023 Mailand
12.05.2023 Barcelona
14.05.2023 Lyon
15.05.2023 Paris
17.05.2023 Leipzig
18.05.2023 Hamburg
20.05.2023 Berlin
22.05.2023 Katowice

European tour postponed

New Dates for 2022 – We are ecstatic about the tour and to finally know that we will be back on the road for these dates. We feel like we’re almost exploding with all that held back energy for live shows and can’t wait to give our all when we finally return on stage. This tour is gonna be special. That‘s for sure! If you already had a ticket it remains valid!!! We can’t wait to finally be back on stage and see you guys again!

Live concert @ MDR Sputnik.

We recently performed at MDR Sputnik and it was EVERYTHING! It was so nice being back on stage! We played Monsun 2020, Love who loves you back, Black, Melancholic Paradise, and Berlin! Check out the performance.

Nous avons récemment joué live à MDR Sputnik et c’était EXTRAORDINAIRE! C’était génial d’être à nouveau sur scène! Nous avons joué Monsun 2020, Love who loves you back, Black, Melancholic Paradise, et Berlin! Vous pouvez visionner notre performance ci-dessous.

New tour dates

We’re beyond thrilled to announce we’re going on tour in 2021 🔥As you know, we were so bummed about having to cancel our tour in March but are super excited for our “Beyond The World” Tour 2021! The first part of the tour will bring us to 16 cities in Europe & Russia. Presale tickets are out on Dec 11th! We can’t wait to see you all again ❤️

Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que nous partirons en tournée en 2021! Comme vous le savez, nous étions vraiment tristes de devoir annuler notre tournée en mars, mais nous avons maintenant très hâte à notre tournée “Beyond The Word” 2021! La première partie nous amènera dans 16 villes en Europe et en Russie. Les billets pour la prévente sont maintenant en ligne! Nous avons hâte de tous vous revoir!

  • 14/10/2021: London, United Kingdom – Indigo at The O2 – Tickets
  • 16/10/2021: Arnhem, Netherlands – Musis – Tickets
  • 17/10/2021: Cologne, Germany – E-Werk – Tickets
  • 19/10/2021: Brussel, Berlgium – Ancienne Belgique – Tickets
  • 20/10/2021: Hamburg, Germany – Docks – Tickets
  • 22/10/2021: Berlin, Germany – Huxley Neue Welt – Tickets
  • 24/10/2021: Paris, France – L’Oympia – Tickets
  • 25/10/2021: Lyon, France – Le Transbordeur – Tickets
  • 27/10/2021: Barcelona, Spain – Sala Apolo – Tickets
  • 29/10/2021: Milan, Italy – Fabrique – Tickets
  • 01/11/2021: Frankfurt, Germany – Batschkapp – Tickets
  • 03/11/2021: Leipzig, Germany – Haus Auensee – Tickets
  • 04/11/2021: Stuttgart, Germany – Im Wizemann – Tickets
  • 06/11/2021: Katowice, Poland – Międzynarodowe Ct Kongresowe – Tickets
  • 09/11/2021: Saint Petersburg, Russia – Kosmonavt – Tickets
  • 11/11.2021: Moscow, Russia – Glavclub Green Concert – Tickets

Click here to get VIP upgrades / Cliquez ici pour obtenir des passes VIP !!!

New Tokio Hotel songs!

Aliens, here are our two new songs, ‘Berlin’ and ‘Château’, performed for the very first time yesterday night in London, UK. Enjoy! Stay tuned for better sound quality!

Aliens, voici nos toutes nouvelles chansons ‘Berlin’ et ‘Château’, jouées pour la toute première fois sur scène hier soir à Londres! Restez à l’affût pour les chansons en meilleure qualité!

Dream Machine Tour – Russia

04/19/2017: Novosibirsk


Bill really likes science fiction movies such as Passengers and Arrival. He’d like to shoot some one day.

The twins don’t have any personal early childhood memories because they were always together, shared every thing and talked about every thing.

Bill said he’ll maybe participate in a Russian movie.

If Bill had dinner with Angela Merkel, he would ask her ‘how does it feel to be so loved by Bill Kaulitz?’ And he would ask her how she can sleep with so much responsibilities and work.

Georg would ressurrect Michael Jackson, and Gustav Johnny Cash.

They were asked about russian singers. Georg named T.A.T.U. and Bill started singing ‘All about us’ and said he likes the song.

If they were teachers, Bill would teach German or art. Georg would be a physed teacher.

Group picture:

Meet & Greet:



04/21/2017: Ekaterinburg


They were asked about men they like. Bill said David Bowie, Tom said Vin Diesel for Gustav and they all started laughing.

Bill said bathroom selfies are sexy.

Bill and Tom had a bunk bed when they were little, and Bill often slept in a tent.

Bill and Tom were asked if there was confusion sometimes when they introduce their lover to their family. Bill and Tom looked at each other and laughed. Bill said it happened to Tom recently. Bill added that he never introduced his lover to his mother because of language barriers (his mother doesn’t speak English).

Bill and Tom don’t give each other birthday gifts.

Meet & Greet:


04/22/2017: Ufa


They said they don’t understand live streams on Instagram.

Bill’s new phone case was a gift from a fan in the KOS Vip in Ekaterinburg.

Bill only buys faux fur, and the tour costumes are synthetic.

Bill would be happy to meet a girl like his mother, because his mother is wonderful.

Bill and Tom do not know about their father’s blood line.

None of them know their blood type.

Gustav doesn’t mind if his daughter will decide to play in a band or not, as long as she studies well.

They won’t perform in Eurovision, because they are famous and they don’t think it’s fair. They also think that the Eurovision contest became too political.

They would never act violently on animals. Bill would never film a porn movie and Georg neither.

Meet & Greet:


04/23/2017: Kazan


Bill said he can’t stand cheap people who feel jealous every time and can’t share anything or give anything to other people.

If Bill liked someone who has a child, the baby would not prevent him from dating that person.

When the twins are angry, they go to a corner and smile for 60 seconds. Bill also said that Tom can’t calm him down because they share every thing.. So when one is angry, the other is too. It has to be other people who cool them off, e.g. their best friend.

A drawing of Pumba in the Deluxe edition of ‘Dream Machine’ was drawn by Bill and Tom’s mother. It was a Birthday card at first.

A girl offered Tom to shoot masterclass of sound producing on YouTuve, and he said he will think of it and ‘soon’ post on his Instagram.

One of Gustav’s best day of his life was his wedding.

Georg doesn’t have enough nerve to go sky diving, bungee jumping or fly in a hot air balloon. He finds it all dangerous.

When Tom wants to know someone better, he asks the person about his or her favourite music and whether or not he or she likes dogs.

Bill is allergic to apples, nuts and avocado.

As a kid, Georg would play lego, Bill would play with a toy washing machine and a cooker (he would play with his mother).

They’d fight on the ring with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Georg said that the best day in his life was when he met Bill, Tom and Gustav.

They were asked what they would change in their life at the moment. Bill said that he would sleep more.

They would tell their 2005′ selves: ‘Never look back and be able to say ‘no’ sometimes’.

They said Natalie Franz discovered the magicstripes while working with Tokio Hotel. Bill said Natalie had always had the drive to do something such as magicstripes, as she’s really focus on her business. He supports her.

Meet & Greet:



04/25/2017: St. Petersburg


The twins have one rule: every Sunday, they watch movies. At least one.

Bill said it’s really important to not change for someone else, that one has to remain oneself in a relationship.

If they could time travel, Bill and Tom would go to the future to explore other planets.

Bill said that one of his best experience ever was when he jumped out of a place in Hamburg with a parachute. He said it was amazing.

Tom wrote ‘Something New’ like a movie score and kept it just like a soundtrack for a very long time. But many people kept telling them that it was great and that they should work on it, so they did. That’s how the song was born. Moreover, Bill wanted to create a song with a very high pitched vocal, so that’s what he did as well.

One question was about musical production, and Tom said that he’s still learning and that the most important things are bass line and drums. Vocals are the last thing to edit usually.

Bill said that they’ll soon add more tour dates and that they’ll go to a lot of places. It will last until january or february.

Bill’s ootd:

Gustav’s ootd:

Meet & Greet:



Other videos..

[1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]

Four Seasons hotel:


04/26/2017: Moscow


The twins miss LA a lot, but they’ll be staying in Germany for a while after the tour to shoot two music video and for some promo.

Bill’s emotion on the cover of the album is surprise and astonishment he might feel if he saw aliens one day.

They were asked how they recover from a concert night. Bill said: make up and drink a lot of water.

Bill said he likes the book ‘Harry Potter and the philosopher stone’ because Harry learns everything for the first time, everything is new and unexplored and it’s magical. Georg said he likes Dobby, and Tom likes Severus Snape. Bill likes Voldemort.

Meet & Greet:


After party:

04/28/2017: Voronezh


Talking about working process of planning a new music video, Bill said that the first thing he does is finding a direction with similar views as his. Then he calls every ‘candidate’ via Skype and discusses details and concepts for the future video.

They’re planning on shooting ‘Boy don,t cry’ and ‘Easy’ in Germany.

Bill said he doesn’t read a lot, but sometimes he reads motivation books.

Bill tries to surround himself with people eager to try new things and to always do something. It motivates him better than books. They haven’t read russian books either, but they’ve heard stories when they were younger, such as Baba Yaga (though it’s more Slavic folklore).

Bill and Georg’s comfort zone is Christmas time, Tom’s is being with friends and Gustav’s is coming home from tour.

They’ll maybe do a cover one day, but not now.

‘In die Nacht’ was created in Spain. They wrote the music before the lyrics.

They prefer travelling by bus than planes, as it gives them more time to sleep.

In ‘Games of Thrones’, Bill would kill Jon Snow and marry Cersei. Tom would have sex with Melisandre.

Bill was asked about group sex, and he said that they didn’t do that with the ex, and never had that kind of sex.

The most sexual smell is your own, unique, natural. Bill wouldn’t deal with bad smelling people.

Sometimes Bill reads comments on his Instagram, and even Direct Messages, though one can’t see if he has read his or her or not due to his settings.

Meet & Greet:


04/29/2017: Krasnodar

High as fuck VIP package – flight Voronezh – Krasnodar:


A guy asked Bill why he stopped talking so much on stage. He used to talk often about his parents and their divorce. Tom said that it was a good question. Bill explained that he was only 15-16 and he was very nervous about every show and that those speeches helped him calming down. And now he understands that people go to their shows to listen to their music and not his speeches. And when he goes to shows himself, he hates these speeches, because he goes for music, not for listening to people talking. But he said he’ll try to find a middle way.

A girl asked them what was the funniest accident of ther childhood. Tom said he doesn’t see any ‘fun’ in accidents. But the twins remembered something; when they were kids, they went sledging and Bill pushed Tom, so they fell down, and a girl, who was right after them, cut Tom’s brow. They started arguing whose fault it was. Tom said it was Bill’s, and Bill accused the girl.

They think Marylin Manson a cool and unique artist.

Sometimes, Bill would like to have long hair again when he’s on stage.

A girl asked Bill why he doesn’t like Trump. She offered him two options: a) because he is in sympathy with other celebrities on hating Trump, or b) because he thinks Trump is a bad politician. Bill chose the second option and said he always has his own opinion on every ussie. He just doesn’t like Trump’s politics.

Someone asked ‘what if extraterrestrial beings are pure monsters like creatures in movies’. Bill said society makes us being afraid of them on purpose. He believes that if one day they come to Earth, we should be welcoming and hospitable to them. People should also invite them to live here ‘because our planet is beautiful”.

If Bill and Tom were not twins and met for the first time as adults, they believe that they would definitely become best friends, as they are so much alike and would feel like being soulmates. Georg joked that they would date, then.

Bill said that he once heard a tap on his hotel door during the tour. He thought that it was his meal order, but when he opened the door, it was a fan. She said ‘May I talk to you? For five minutes, not more!’. He was surprised and kind of confused and replied: ‘No. You shouldn’t come here and interfere into my personal space’. She began crying and he asked her to go and after she fell down on the floor and continued crying. Bill said it was a real hysteria.

Someone asked them to choose between not feeling the taste of food and orgasm. They chose not to feel orgasm because it doesn’t last long.

They said they miss kindergarten. Bill especially misses the innocence and pureness.

Bill said they got so many sexual questions and feels like all Russians do is have sex.

Bill said that the best feeling is experiencing things for the first time. He’d like to experience certain things again.

Georg said he once passed out during a flight from Amsterdam, on his way to the bathroom.

They couldn’t travel by tour bus because of bad road conditions in Russia.

Group picture:

Meet & Greet:


Dream Machine Tour – Part 3 (April 2017)

April 01: Leipzig, Germany  – Haus Auensee



  • Q&A

They are shooting two new music videos in May, and there’s going to be a new single as well.

Someone asked when and where they came up with ‘Cotton Candy Sky’ and what was the creative process behind it. Bill said that they were together in LA and were kind of drunk. The song is meant to remind ourselves of the feeling you get after. Tom said that it is like when you know you did a lot and it was great, but that now the sun is back.

They could imagine a movie based on their book. Bill would love to. But since there will be two versions of the book, Bill imagine shooting two movies. David Kross would be in his role, and Georg thinks Johnny Depp would be great in Tom’s role.

They think their songs from their earliest albums are too childish now and do not represent who they are today.

If they had to introduce their band to someone only with five songs, they would pick ‘Monsoon’, ‘Don’t Jump’, ‘Automatic’, ‘Love who loves you back’ and ‘Stop, Babe’.

Bill usually writes the lyrics after the melody. For example, there are six different versions of Easy.

Gustav said he only does the wave at the end of a concert if he’s in the right mood.

They’re planning on visiting Marrakesh.

Someone asked them what are their biggest “What ifs”. They had to think a lot about this and Tom finally said: “What if we hadn’t met our stepfather?”

Tom said he doesn’t like people buying pets; he prefers adopting.

Bill’s mermaid tattoo is about love. It’s about pure love without gender or differences.

After shows, they debrief with the crew and say what went well and what didn’t. Team point of view : the band is very professional and a little bit authoritarian; they know what they want to do.

It took almost a year to build the stage.

They talked about reality show. Tom would like to be in the Bachelor, and Bill in Punk’d.

They would love to go to Burning Man, but they still prefer Coachella.

  • Pictures with fans

  • Backstage



April 03: Prague, Czech Republic – SaSaZu


  • Q&A

Bill said he’s not afraid of getting old. He likes wrinkles and grey hair, he likes being old and getting older feels good. He also said that he is not afraid of dying and there are days when he thinks he could die and that would be fine, because his life is good and he’s been through a lot of amazing things and he has lived a good life and he is not afraid of getting old and dying. They also said that it is basically what ‘as young as we are’ is about, that it is the meaning of the song. Georg added that everything they’ve been through lead them to this moment and they wouldn’t be here so he has no regrets and he wouldn’t change anything that has happened in his life, because thanks to this they are all where they are now.

Moreover, Bill said that the twin book will be released between winter of this year and spring next year.

  • Pictures with fans

  • M&G Videos

  • Media

Ockto TV:


April 04: Berlin, Germany – Huxleys


  • Q&A

The band ordered Pizza for the fans:

  • Pictures with fans


April 06: Stockholm, Sweden – Fryshuset


  • Q&A

Tom thinks jazz is timeless, and he could consider that as an alternative career.

Tom said he hasn’t smoked for a month already.

Someone asked them what superpower they would choose. They all said invisibility.

Bill said that he would lie to people he loves just to make sure they don’t get hurt or feel bad.

They will go to Brazil at the end of the year.

  • Pictures with fans


During the show, Bill introduced “Better” saying “This song saved me and I think it also saved Tom a little bit.”


April 07: Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene


  • Q&A

A fan asked them a question concerning her problems with her boyfriend. Bill said that if he doesn’t make her happier, then she shouldn’t stay with him. He said he kind of had the same problem in his past relationships. The girl said she wouldn’t leave him because she loves him too much. So Tom said that he believes 1000% that time will heal everything, so she doesn’t have to worry about if it will break her or his heart because time will always heal everything.

They said that they think they’ve found their sound and it won’t change anymore.

Bill’s favourite tattoo is the boxer, Tom’s are the dots on his hand.

They were asked about their favourite German bands: Annen May Kantereit, Clueso, Bosse, Großstadtgeflüster, Nisse

Bill and Tom said American cake sucks and their grandma makes the best one.

Bill, Tomm and Georg said they can speak Italian, then demonstrated with pasta dishes & coffee drinks. Georg added hand gestures.

  • Pictures with fans


April 09: Helsinki, Finland – The Circus


  • Q&A

They said that they might add some European dates on the next part of the tour.

The North American tour will be in Fall/Winter.

Tom played a lot on Assassin’s Creed computer game.

Bill said that he works a lot and is the most creative when he’s sad, but when he’s happy and in love, he has other things to do.

They talked about how they choose different countries to go to, and that the reason they didn’t go to Denmark was because the venue they wanted wasn’t available at the time they would have liked the concert to be. They also added that the route must make sense, they can’t go back and forth, so Denmark didn’t work this time.

About the stage, their first sketches were nothing like the result. They presented their idea to their team and then their lighting people told them what they thought and presented their own ideas and then they all worked out the final result.

Gustav’s wedding was really nice, with fireworks. Bill liked Gustav’s wedding because he could wear nice clothes there. Bill said that he wants to get married in the Maldives, but in the end his suit will depend on where he gets married; he wants to wear a custom-made creme coloured suit from Dior or Ralph Lauren. All the boys think that Georg should get married soon.

Bill’s earliest childhood memory is getting a tiny vacuum cleaner as a Christmas present.

They guys think Finland’s cold and Bill said he wants to go to Thailand.

Their favourite pizza is Margherita. Bill also said that he could eat curly fries every day.

They were on a cruise the day before, and they said everyone on board was drunk and dancing to very bad music.

If they had a blog, Bill said his would be about fashion, Georg said his would be about travels. Then they said they could all test hotels.

A fan gave this book to the band:

  • Group Picture

  • Pictures with fans


April 10: Riga, Latvia – Studio 69


  • Q&A

Fans gave a bottle of Jack Daniel’s to Gustav and he was so happy about it. Another person had a present for Tom’s dog, a supplement that makes walking easier and less painful.

Tom used to do his dreads by himself, because when someone did it to him the first time, he went swimming and then they were gone.

They will announce new tour dates at the end of the month, or next month.

If ruling a country for a day, Georg would change the school system and Tom would forbid stuff like zoos and circus.

Bill is more spontaneous than Tom.

According to them, sexy professions are stewardess, politician and lawyer.

After Coachella, Bill woke up with bruises, fully dressed with his backpack on and didn’t know what had happened the night before. Tom said they went to the pool, but Bill doesn’t remember.

Bill likes champagne, tequila and whisky the most, but he hates vodka.

  • Pictures with fans

  • M&G Videos


April 12: Warsaw, Poland – Progresja Music Zone


  • Q&A

Tom said that Robert Lewandowski (soccer) is his hero.

Bill said the show in Warsaw was the best of the tour.

They talked about weird dreams they’ve had. Georg said that when they were in Italy, he had a dream in which he was with Angela Merkel. He said it was awesome. A fan said that Merkel isn’t so cool and Bill argued and said they all love Merkel. Gustav joked, saying: “no photo for you tonight”.

If they had only one wish, Bill would ask for another million wishes.

Bill’s role models are Davie Bowie, Robyn, Britney Spears, Cher, etc.

Tom would like to know what music their fans listen to.

After a heartbreak, they usually party a lot.

When the person they fancy is right in front of him, Bill says he’s very awkward and Tom always tries to help him or makes fun of him, but that doesn’t work because Bill just blushes because he’s too shy.

They are going at a spa in Italy before the Russian leg of the tour starts.

They were asked why they do not sing in German anymore; they said they don’t want to.

Describing the tour in one word, Bill said ‘dreamy’ and Tom and Gustav said ‘special’.

  • Pictures with fans


A fan action took place during the concert. Everyone sat down before ‘Run, Run, Run’. Bill really loved it and was surprised.










With Rafal Wroblewski:

With Robert Choinski, for ESKA

With Rych69 (on Instagram)

Interview for Sony Music


Interview with Mateusz Szymkowiak, for PNS

Dream Machine Tour – Part 2 (March 2017)

March 22: Lyon (Villeurbanne), France – Transbordeur


  • Q&A

They announced that new singles and music videos will come out this year. They also teased the fans about the tour, saying they hesitated between ‘Black’, ‘Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei’ and ‘Ich bin nicht ich’.

Their favourite shows at this point of the tour were Amsterdam, Hamburg and Paris. They usually sleep between 6 and 7 hours, but apparently Tom slept 9 hours the night before.

Bill would love to play in a movie. It’s one of his biggest dream. They would all love to visit Cannes and St. Tropez

Gustav said Bill is clearly the best uncle. When Tom saw Gustav’s daughter for the first time, he said something like: pppppffrr.

Bill is still trying to believe in true love, but he finds it harder. According to Tom, this is called ‘growing up’.

  • Group pictures


  • Pictures with fans



March 23: day off

March 24: Cologne, Germany – E-werk

Concert was sold out!


  • Q&A

Bill and Tom told a story that took place ten years ago in a plane. They were trying to sleep, but Bill was sharing his window with a guy behind him. Bill closed their curtain and the guy opened it back, and that went on and on for a while. Then, the guy broke off Bill’s “beautiful gel black nails” (Tom’s words). Tom said he hit the man, but Bill says he in fact hit the curtain.

If they didn’t have the job they have today, Bill would like to sing in The Lion King, as Simba.

They’re considering doing a Tokio Hotel cruise.

  • Group picture


  • Pictures with fans

  • M&G Videos

  • With fans outside

  • Dream Machine package

(The Dream Machine package includes a breakfast made by the band / Le pack Dream Machine inclut un déjeuner préparé par le groupe)

Ps. the vest Bill is wearing was designed by the fan; it was a gift! 😀 / la veste que porte Bill sur les photos suivantes a été créée par la fan; elle lui a offerte en cadeau!