Rehearsal Show – Berlin, Germany (03/09/2017)


More pics from Berlin Fashion Week / Dandy Diary x Adidas party [01.19.16]

Tokio Hotel in Krasnodar, Russia. [10/31/15]

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Это было волшебно ) #TokioHotel

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Bill Kaulitz on Instagram: good night #Russia 👑

bonne nuit #Russie 👑

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Gustav Schäfer on Instagram: Got some nice presents. Thanks!

On a eu de beaux cadeaux. Merci!

Interview for Kuban24


Tokio Hotel acoustic in Magdeburg

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Tokio Hotel greet fans at the radio SAW studios in Magdeburg, Germany. Copyright: Caitlin Hardee Tokio Hotel greet fans at the radio SAW studios in Magdeburg, Germany. Photo: Caitlin Hardee The Germans like to keep Sundays chill. Long brunches, a newspaper on the balcony, an extended Spaziergang, not too much excitement – they have mastered this art. I’ve learned to savor these lazy days with the best of them – but then there are those other Sundays, on which you spontaneously jump in a bus with your flatmate, head over to Magdeburg, join a crowd of Tokio Hotel fans waiting outside a small radio station and hope for magic.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my various adventures with this band, it’s that effort, travel and a degree of uncertainty are often prerequisites to having unique experiences. Given the supply and demand for this tiny acoustic concert in the studios of radio SAW, the odds of a miracle were definitely not in our…

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