Bill: “I give a lot of answers in my songs. But it’s still driving people crazy.”

With the documentary Hinter die Welt producer Oliver Schwabe succeeds to show what’s beyond the world of Tokio Hotel. The movie premiered at the film festival Cologne last week. In the lecture Beuys will be Beuys Bill Kaulitz talks about development, his fears and self-confidence.

The twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz founded Tokio Hotel 17 years ago. Since 12 years they’re in the public eye.  Bill Kaulitz reveals that nothing has changed within the band since then: “we were looking for a bass player and drummer, which would play the songs, Tom and I create.”

Nowadays the band still has the same working process, as the documentary reveals: Tom does the production works and creates new songs with Bill. Bill takes over all visual parts of the band, like light design, stage costumes and concepts for music videos, while Georg is responsible for live events, the booking and finances of the band.

“Georg couldn’t play bass at all.”

The fact that Bill and Tom choose Gustav SchĂ€fer and Georg Listing as drummer and bass player is due to the fact that there weren’t much other possibilities in Magdeburg: “there were only these two guys.”

On top of that it wasn’t an obstacle for the twins that Georg was just learning to play the bass: “Georg couldn’t play bass at all. We all were really bad with our instruments.  Bust Georg was just starting to learn playing the bass for six month. He couldn’t play at all.”

In the opposite to Georg, there was Gustav SchĂ€fer who had to show his drum skills: “Gustav had to do something like a casting for us. We were in our rehearsal space and Gustav played a Phil Collins song, if I remember correctly. This is how he came into the band. This is how everything started.”

Bill Kaulitz: “Gustav loves to play drums. But sometimes he wishes that there would be a wall in front of him, so nobody would be able to see him.”

Today Bill remembers clearly that there was no other option for him than doing music: “Doing music was always a serious thing for Tom and me. Georg had a lot of other hobbies back then. He was playing handball. But Tom and I always knew:  music is our life. Sure for Gustav and Georg it was amazing, when we released our music in 2005. They just accepted it as how it was. But for Tom and me this was always our number one plan
 a total drive since we were kids. We never wanted to do something else.”

Kaulitz only sees one difference to when he looks back at the beginning of Tokio Hotel: “I just remember when we had our first performances when we were 13 years old. I was like: ok, give me a microphone! give me a stage! I want to go out there and perform.”
What Kaulitz doesn’t remember is how he formed his self-confidence at this time: “No idea where I got that from. I guess it came from the dynamic I have with Tom. We were always together. I knew I’m never alone.”

“There’s not one idiot who gives a fuck about you. That’s the best thing.”

Nowadays Kaulitz has a different perspective on his life. As he sees himself with a huge backpack, which is filled with fears and bad experiences which he made through the past. At the same time he works on getting back a little bit lightheartedness every day: “Bringing back the lightheartedness, which we had when we started as band, is a challenge which I try to master every day. We always rather want to go back. We want to get away from this music industry shit. At some point it gets to complicated and then you kind of lose your creativity. You’re not good anymore in the essence of what you really want to do – music.”

But Kaulitz manages to leave everything behind, as soon as he gets home after a tour: “Flying back home
 going out and then there’s not one idiot who gives a fuck about you. That’s the best thing.”

At the same time Bill Kaulitz  reveals that it was not always like that. When he moved to Los Angeles in 2010 he had to learn living life. Kaulitz remembers that his friends still make jokes about this time: “My friends are still teasing me with this. I remember the first time when I went out to party, I brought along a security guard and I always had a driver with me. In Los Angeles I continued to live the same life I was living in Germany. I just took it with me when we moved overseas, because I didn’t know another life.”

“people think it’s sexy nowadays. they’re like: she wants to have sex with girls and she wants boys and she also wants the people in between.”

Bill Kaulitz von Tokio Hotel im GesprĂ€ch mit Oliver Schwabe ĂŒber den Film Hinter die Welt bei dem Kölner Filmfestival ffcgn

Kaulitz already had to deal with press and media, asking him about his sexuality, when he was 15 years old: “In Germany it’s still a question. People are still wondering: “who is joining his bed tonight? Who does he have sex with? Who does he bring home? Who does he fall in love with?”. But these were always questions I never gave a clear answer to. I feel like I give a lot of answers in my songs though. But it’s still a thing which drives people crazy. Nowadays a coming out isn’t really exciting anymore, cause everybody does it. But people still keep asking me these questions. It still drives them crazy not to know who’s sleeping in my bed tonight and I love that.”

Some laughters appeared when host Steve Blade quoted Bill Kaulitz’s twin brother Tom from the documentary: “I get everything from Bill, which other people are searching for in a relationship. So basically I just need somebody for the sexual part. And that’s something you can easily find.” Steve Blade asked Bill if this is a healthy attitude: “I don’t know. I guess others have to judge if it’s healthy. We sometimes wonder the same. We’re like one person and sometimes we don’t get how we are and how others see us. When we’re lonely, we’re together feeling alone. It never happens that one of us is pushing the other one up. When we’re feeling depressed, we’re feeling sad together. Everything always happens together. That makes it of course hard for a partner. Especially for Tom it’s more difficult. When I’m in love, it can happen that I’m just gone from today to tomorrow. I tend to do my own things then.”

„Tom has to tell in which distance they need to place the barriers in front of the stage. And then you ask yourself: isn’t there somebody else to decide this?“

What producer Oliver Schwabe impressed the most about the band was their energy and effort which they put in all their work: “they’re control freaks, which I found really interesting. It happens that somebody calls Tom out of the wardrobe, because Tom has to tell in which distance they need to place the barriers in front of the stage. And then you ask yourself: isn’t there somebody else to decide this? No! It’s always Tom! And he does this every day during the tour for month. This is something which impressed me a lot.”

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Interview for Rolling Stone India

Tokio Hotel_Studio_2_048_FINAL_Lado_Alexi

Tokio Hotel: Back with a Bang

The German band return with a new electro-pop identity on their hard-won magnum opus, ‘Dream Machine’

It’s easy to forget that Tokio Hotel are somewhat of a veteran band. The German pop-rock quartet’s looks belie their experience of 16 years and 10 million records sold worldwide. Currently on tour to support their fifth studio album Dream Machine, the band’s schedule is tight but they are thrilled to be back on the road.

“The tour has been great so far. It was the 22nd show today—and no major fuck-ups,” says frontman Bill Kaulitz with a smile over Skype from Warsaw, Poland. The band are in the European leg of the tour and will head to Russia the next day. “We had so much fun. I think we’ve never been happier onstage.” Bill’s twin brother and the band’s lead guitarist Tom sits beside him while bassist Georg Listing is a silent but cheerful presence nearby. Drummer Gustav SchĂ€fer stays out of the frame save for a quick ‘Thank you!’ when we congratulate him on the birth of his daughter.

Tokio Hotel’s shows on this tour are more intimate and artistic, designed to match the band’s new retro-synth sound on Dream Machine and help them connect more with the audience. However, as the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that the excitement around the record and touring was hard won; “With Humanoid and the last period of that time, we just weren’t engaged with what we did,” Kaulitz recalls about the exhausting tour for 2009’s Humanoid album. “It was more like a job, something we had to do and we weren’t passionate about it as much.” This led to the band’s infamous five-year hiatus. Usually considered career-suicide for most, the break helped the band build the bones of their current identity. While their big comeback with 2014’s Kings of Suburbia opened the gates to change, Tokio Hotel embraced it fully only on Dream Machine. Released in March, the album brims with mature lyricism, retro-synth and echoing falsettos, all wrapped up in glimmering, crisp production. All in all, it’s a more immersive experience than anything the band has done before.

In this exclusive interview, Tokio Hotel discuss their evolution, taking control of their own music and the journey to their magnum opus.


Is this tour more relaxed than ‘Feel It All,’ the tour for 2014’s Kings of Suburbia?

Bill: I think onstage we created a set where we could enjoy ourselves and enjoy the music a little more so it feels less stressed. I feel like the show before was a little more
 let’s say powerful, while this one is dreamy.

Tom: But, musically it’s a little more challenging. The show in itself got more advanced: we have more instruments onstage, we have more keyboards, more laptops
 So it got more technical. But the set has a lot of long breaks, long intros and we just play music.

How do you begin translating Dream Machine’s complex instrumentation and experience to a live show?

Bill: We were thinking of extending songs, going with the flow and making it longer than it is on the record. The album sounds cinematic so we wanted to support that with heavy light shows and big images, just get lost in the music and in the synth. Some parts we cut out—it’s always a journey to create the final set list for the tour. We start off just putting down our favorite songs, the songs we definitely want to play live, and we kind of section it off and have different sections to keep it exciting. The worst thing that could happen is when you get bored. So we found a nice mixture of new songs and old songs. I feel like it’s a good blend for all Tokio Hotel fans that discovered us as a band.

What’s your take on fans who don’t like your shift from rock to a more electro-pop sound?

Bill: I think it’s understandable because it’s so tough to let go of things and I know that’s because if you like a band once, you just want them to stay the same. But as an artist, as a musician, that’s impossible. At least for us, what is most important is that we are happy with our music and we are authentic with what we do. If we would stick to the same sound we were doing when we were 12 or 13 years old, that wouldn’t be our sound—that would be a money making machine, you know? And we are not about that. For us it’s about fun, it’s about enjoying ourselves and it’s about the music we love to make. So we’d rather lose people on the way but make the stuff we really love.

I noticed you guys were much happier when you released Kings of Suburbia [2014] and Dream Machine in comparison to when you released Humanoid [2009].

Tom: Yeah you noticed that because with Kings of Suburbia we started to write a lot more and do a lot more. I remember when we started to work on Kings of Suburbia with our producers and we heard the first demos, the outcome wasn’t what we thought was good. It didn’t feel right and so then out of frustration, we decided to build our own studio and really go into production even more than we did before. So that was like a turning point in our life and our career.

Bill: I think it was something that had to happen at one point and we were just like, ‘Okay enough. Now we take charge of everything.’ Artistically, I think we got too comfortable in our career; we got uninterested. With Humanoid and the last period of that time, we just weren’t engaged with what we did. It was more like a job, something we had to do and we weren’t passionate about it as much. It really took that change in our lives to be engaged again and be excited about the band and say, ‘Wait a second, this is our band. We love to make music, so let’s make music again.’ We took the time to go in the studio and make music that means something to us and not only go with A-list songwriters and producers and do something that’s hollow. We had to take that control in order to keep going and be excited about the band again.

When did you start working on Dream Machine? Did you have a clear idea of where you wanted to go when you began?

Tom: No we had no idea. We decided go back to the roots. We started off in January 2016 in Berlin and it was just the four of us going to the studio and no one else. We said, ‘Let’s do music like we used to do, just the four of us.’ We were in the studio for one or two months, just listening to music, writing new music. One of the first songs we wrote for this album was “Boy Don’t Cry.” In that time we wrote five to six songs that I took home to L.A., after that and I produced it. We finished writing the album in L.A. and then we came back [to Germany] and finished the record this year in January, right before we put it out.

That’s cutting it close!

Tom: Yeah! And when we announced the tour, we weren’t even sure if we were going to put out the record before because we didn’t know if we could finish it. It was really stressful, if I have to be honest.

Bill: It was a marathon. I think from December
 Putting out [the first single] “Something New” in December and shooting that video, until today, it’s been a marathon. We’ve been working non-stop. But it worked out. We are totally happy with the outcome.

Now that the record is out and you’re performing it live, how has the reaction been from fans?

Tom: It’s been great. We’ve gotten great reviews on the album—I think the best reviews we’ve ever gotten for an album.

Bill: I feel like now people are more comfortable with us and they understand what the band is [about] now. Because with Kings of Suburbia, it was kind of a shock [to fans]. I feel like, with this record, we established the sound and what we are and how our live shows are.

Tom: The fans know what to expect and this is kind of our goal too. I just want to create something, a certain sound a certain signature to the band, you know what I mean? People know, ‘Okay, I know when I buy this next record from them, without even listening to it, I know what I can expect.’ I feel like we kind of started that with Kings of Suburbia and now did it with Dream Machine. We finally found that signature and that sound and we can move forward with it.

How does it feel being back on tour together? You both are based in L.A. while Georg and Gustav are in Germany—Gustav also just became a dad. Does it get harder to leave your private life each time?

Bill: I feel like now we understand this life and we accept it so much better than we were younger. For example, right now, you live in that bubble and you don’t see or hear anything else. We are in this Tokio Hotel bubble; we don’t know what time it is, we don’t know what day it is, it’s all about the show, the fans and it’s just about the music. Anything could happen and we wouldn’t hear about it. We enjoy that bubble, but only because we know we’re going to get out of this and we all have our private lives that we are looking forward to going back to. But the entire year is just going to be a tour year and we’re looking forward to just playing the record. And we’re going to shoot two more music videos and put two more singles out
 So yeah, we’re going to work this record for a while. For us it’s really about all these different facets we have in our lives right now and we enjoy each one fully.

Watch Tokio Hotel’s video for “What If,” the second single from ‘Dream Machine’:

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Source: RollingStoneIndia

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New interview for


More good news: Tokio Hotel will soon be back in France! As you may already know, the German group is planning a new tour, with two dates in France (Lyon and Paris), the Dream Machine Tour. For the occasion, had the chance to talk a little with them on the phone to ask them some questions! In the program, information on the tour to come, the next album, details about the solo career of Bill Kaulitz and full of compliments for the French fans ! Without further ado, it reveals everything they told us exclusively. So, happy with the return of Tokio Hotel? Hello boys, it’s great to talk to you again, how are you?

Tokio Hotel : We’re fine, thank you, and you? Great, thank you, even if the weather is not nice 

Tokio Hotel : It’s the same for us! Ah, Europe
! You’re getting ready for a new tour in Europe, are you excited?

Tokio Hotel : Yes, a lot! We were on tour last year so we have been on the road for quite a while. We went to Russia, and it was awesome! We really enjoyed this tour; it’s probably the one we have preferred the most since the beginning of our career. We can no longer wait for the Dream Machine Tour! We knew even before writing a new album that we wanted to come back on stage, because what we like the most is sharing our music live, so it’ll be great! What can we expect for this new tour?

Tokio Hotel : It’s going to be a big show! We are not really a traditional group on stage, who performs its music, speaks a little and leaves. We like to create real memories for the fans, we want to create a unique experience; it’s really our goal. We hope we will succeed in doing even better than before; we will really try to bring all this to the next level and make it a unique experience for everyone. Why did you choose to have two dates in France?

Tokio Hotel : Because we love France so much! We love the people so much, their mentality, etc. This is the first country outside of Germany where we went to, and the fans here are very loyal. We love to come, really. We had an amazing experience during the last tour, more precisely in Paris. Would you say you have a special relationship with your French fans? Why ?

Tokio Hotel : Yes, of course! We have had a special connection with them for years already. We feel like it has been this way since the beginning. Again, it was one of the first countries to listen to our music, including the songs in German, so we have a real connection with our French fans. Each tour, it is obvious to us that we must have a date in France! And are you happy to go back to Germany?

Tokio Hotel : You know what, it’s kind of funny, because we do not even remember the last time we played in Stuttgart! We feel like it has been years since we set foot there, we did not even go there for the last  tour. It’ll be really special to do so many concerts over there. Yes, you have planned 7 concerts in Germany! Was it important for you to have more shows in your homeland?

Tokio Hotel : You know, when planning a tour, we do not really choose everything. It has production obligations, and all that. But we wanted to play again in the cities where we have not been to for a while. Anyway, we will add more international dates later. Bill, you launched a solo career. Can you tell us a little more? What can we expect from Billy is not okay?

Bill Kaulitz : I started my career in April. I released an EP, but I am not planning on releasing an album. I really put a lot of me in this project, all the dreams I had as an artist. There will be a music video that will come out in November, and another one for “California High”. I am eager to take them out! I will also continue into fashion in November, because I really like this and I want to continue on that path. Why did you decide to go solo?

Tom Kaulitz : Because he has an ego problem! (laughs)

Bill Kaulitz : I had a personal vision of things; I wanted to do something very personal. I went through difficult times, with a very painful breakup, and obviously, I had to face this alone. This would have been out of place on a Tokio Hotel album. Besides, I dance in my new video and it would not really have fit with Tokio Hotel! Why did you choose the name “Billy is not okay”?

Bill Kaulitz : Because I was not okay! When I was writing these songs, that Tom produced, I was seriously not well. It takes courage to admit such things, I think, but I wanted to be completely honest with my fans. Yes, that’s bold!

Bill Kaulitz : Aww, thank you! When will we be able to listen to the new album of Tokio Hotel?

Tokio Hotel : Very soon! We know we do not stop saying that, but we’re in the studio every day, so there are new things that are ready every day! We will release the songs before the tour, that’s for sure, but we do not really know when we will release the album. Very good! Can we play a little game very quickly?

Tokio Hotel : Of course! With pleasure ! Great! How would you describe your future tour? Quiet and powerful, like Ed Sheeran, or energetic and colorful, like Beyoncé?

Tokio Hotel : Beyoncé, without hesitation! We love performing a big show. Plus, Georg has the perfect ass for that. Bill, for your solo career, would you you say that you are more like Zayn, quiet and discreet, or like Justin Timberlake, sexy and loud?

Bill Kaulitz : I do not know, probably Zayn, because my songs have subjects that are rather serious 
 But at the same time you can dance to them for sure, so maybe Justin Timberlake 
 Is a mix of both possible? Of course! And your relationship with the fans, is it rather like One Direction, passionate and connected, or like Taylor Swift, intimate and personal?

Tokio Hotel : I do not think Taylor Swift is very intimate with her fans Yes she is, particularly on Tumblr!

Tokio Hotel : Oh? Well, but I would still choose One Direction, because I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift! At the same time, we are intimate with our fans, and connected 
 So a mixture of both! Finally, your new album, Dream Machine, will it be more like Miley Cyrus, crazy and lively, or like Selena Gomez, sweet and joyful?

Tokio Hotel : Definitely more like Miley Cyrus, but just wait and see! Thank you Tokio Hotel for your time, good luck on your tour, and see you soon!

Tokio Hotel : Thank you, have a nice day!

Tokio Hotel will be on tour in Paris on March 21, 2017 and on March 22, 2017 in Lyon!

English translation by THCanada


Autre bonne nouvelle : Les Tokio Hotel seront bientĂŽt de retour en France ! Vous le savez peut-ĂȘtre dĂ©jĂ , le groupe allemand prĂ©voit une nouvelle tournĂ©e avec deux dates en France (Paris et Lyon), le Dream Machine Tour. Pour l’occasion, la rĂ©dac de a eu la chance de discuter un peu avec eux au tĂ©lĂ©phone pour leur poser quelques questions ! Au programme, des infos sur la tournĂ©e Ă  venir, le prochain album, des dĂ©tails sur la carriĂšre en solo de Bill Kaulitz et pleins de beaux compliments pour les fans français ! Sans plus attendre, on vous dĂ©voile tout ce qu’ils nous ont dit en exclu. Alors, contents du retour de Tokio Hotel ? : Bonjour les garçons, c’est super de vous parler à nouveau, comment allez-vous ?
Tokio Hotel: TrÚs bien, merci, et toi? : Ça va super, merci, mĂȘme s’il ne fait pas beau

Tokio Hotel : C’est pareil chez nous ! Ah l’Europe, que veux-tu
! : Vous vous prĂ©parez pour une toute nouvelle tournĂ©e en Europe, vous ĂȘtes impatients ?

Tokio Hotel : Oui trĂšs ! On a fait une tournĂ©e l’annĂ©e derniĂšre donc on a Ă©tĂ© sur les routes un bon moment, on est passĂ© par la Russie, c’était gĂ©nial ! On a vraiment beaucoup aimĂ© cette tournĂ©e, c’était sans doute celle qu’on a prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e depuis le dĂ©but de notre carriĂšre. On n’en peut plus d’attendre Dream Machine Tour ! On savait avant mĂȘme d’avoir Ă©crit un nouvel album qu’on voulait revenir sur scĂšne, parce qu’on veut partager notre musique en live avant tout, donc ça va ĂȘtre gĂ©nial ! : A quoi peut-on s’attendre pour cette nouvelle tournĂ©e ?

Tokio Hotel : On va vraiment faire le show ! On n’est pas tellement un groupe classique qui monte sur scĂšne, fait sa musique, parle un peu et s’en va. On aime crĂ©er de vrais souvenirs pour les fans, une expĂ©rience unique, c’est vraiment notre but. On espĂšre qu’on arrivera a faire encore mieux qu’avant, mais on va vraiment essayer d’amener tout ça au niveau supĂ©rieur et faire en sorte que ce soit une expĂ©rience unique pour tout le monde. : Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de faire deux dates de concert en France ?

Tokio Hotel : Parce qu’on aime trop la France ! On aime trop les gens, la mentalité  C’est le premier pays en dehors de l’Allemagne oĂč on a Ă©tĂ©, les fans sont trĂšs loyales ici. On adore venir, vraiment. On a eu une expĂ©rience exceptionnelle lors de la derniĂšre tournĂ©e, Ă  Paris plus prĂ©cisĂ©ment. : Diriez-vous que vous avez une relation spéciale avec vos fans français ? Pourquoi ?

Tokio Hotel : Oui, bien sĂ»r ! Cela fait des annĂ©es annĂ©es maintenant qu’on a une connexion spĂ©ciale avec eux. On a l’impression que c’est comme ça depuis toujours. Encore une fois, c’était l’un des premiers pays Ă  Ă©couter notre musique, y compris les chansons en Allemand, donc on a une vraie connexion avec nos fans français. A chaque tournĂ©e, c’est Ă©vident pour nous, on doit avoir une date en France ! : Et vous ĂȘtes contents de retourner en Allemagne ?

Tokio Hotel : Tu sais quoi, c’est plutĂŽt drĂŽle, parce qu’on ne se souvient mĂȘme plus de la derniĂšre fois oĂč on a jouĂ© Ă  Stuttgart ! On a l’impression que ça fait des annĂ©es depuis qu’on y a mis les pieds, on n’y est mĂȘme pas allĂ©s pour la tournĂ©e d’avant, donc ça va ĂȘtre vraiment spĂ©cial de faire autant de concerts lĂ -bas. : Oui, vous avez prĂ©vu 7 concerts en Allemagne ! C’était important pour vous de jouer plus de concerts dans votre pays natal ?

Tokio Hotel : Tu sais, quand on prĂ©pare une tournĂ©e, on n’a pas vraiment le choix sur tout. On a des obligations de production, et tout ça. Mais on voulait rejouer dans les villes oĂč on n’est pas allĂ©s depuis longtemps. Quoi qu’il en soit, on va rajouter des dates plus tard, dans le monde entier. : Bill, tu as lancĂ© une carriĂšre en solo, est-ce que tu peux nous en dire un peu plus ? A quoi peut-on s’attendre de la part de Billy is not okay ?

Bill Kaulitz : Oui, j’ai lancĂ© ma carriĂšre en avril, j’ai sorti un EP, mais je ne prĂ©vois pas d’album. J’ai vraiment mis beaucoup de moi dans ce projet, tous les rĂȘves que j’avais en tant qu’artiste. Il y aura une vidĂ©o qui va sortir en novembre, et une Ă©galement pour “California High”. Je suis impatient de les sortir ! Je vais aussi refaire un peu de mode en novembre, car j’aime vraiment beaucoup ça et j’ai envie de continuer dans cette voie-lĂ . : Pourquoi as-tu décidé de faire du solo ?

Tom Kaulitz : Parce qu’il a problĂšme d’égo ! (rires)

Bill Kaulitz : J’avais une vision personnelle de certaines choses, je voulais faire quelque chose de trĂšs personnel. Je suis passĂ© par des moments difficiles, avec une rupture trĂšs douloureuse, et forcĂ©ment, je devais affronter ça tout seul. Cela n’aurait pas Ă©tĂ© Ă  sa place sur un album de Tokio Hotel. En plus, je fais un peu de danse dans ma nouvelle vidĂ©o et ça n’aurait vraiment pas collĂ© avec Tokio Hotel ! : Est-ce que je peux te demander pourquoi tu as choisi le nom “Billy is not okay” (Billy ne va pas bien) ?

Bill Kaulitz : Parce que je n’allais pas bien, tout simplement ! Quand j’écrivais ces chansons, que Tom produisait, j’étais vraiment au plus mal. Il faut du courage, pour admettre ce genre de choses, je crois, mais je voulais ĂȘtre tout Ă  fait honnĂȘte avec mes fans. : Effectivement, c’est courageux !

Bill Kaulitz : Aww, merci ! : Quand est-ce qu’on pourra Ă©couter le prochain album de Tokio Hotel, du coup ?

Tokio Hotel : TrĂšs bientĂŽt ! On sait qu’on n’arrĂȘte pas de dire ça, mais on est en studio tous les jours, donc il y a de nouvelles choses qui sont prĂȘtes tous les jours ! On sortira des chansons avant la tournĂ©e, ça c’est sĂ»r, mais on ne sait pas vraiment quand on va sortir l’album pour de bon. : Trùs bien ! Est-ce qu’on peut faire un petit jeu trùs rapidement ?

Tokio Hotel : Bien sûr ! Avec plaisir ! : Super ! Comment décririez-vous votre future tournée ? Calme et puissante, comme Ed Sheeran ou énergique et colorée, comme Beyoncé ?

Tokio Hotel : Beyoncé, sans hésitation ! On adore faire le show. En plus, Georg a les fesses parfaites pour ça. : Bill, pour ta carriĂšre en solo, tu dirais que tu es plus comme Zayn, calme et discret ou comme Justin Timberlake, sexy et bruyant ?

Bill Kaulitz : Je ne sais pas, probablement Zayn, parce que mes chansons ont des sujets plutĂŽt sĂ©rieux
 Mais en mĂȘme temps on peut carrĂ©ment danser dessus, donc peut-ĂȘtre Justin Timberlake
 Un mĂ©lange des deux, c’est possible ? : Bien sûr ! Et votre relation avec les fans, plutÎt comme les One Direction, passionnée et connectée ou comme Taylor Swift, intime et personnelle ?

Tokio Hotel : Je ne crois pas que Taylor Swift est trĂšs intime avec ses fans… : Si, elle est trÚs connectée, notamment sur Tumblr !

Tokio Hotel : Ah bon ? Bien, mais je dirais quand mĂȘme One Direction, parce que je suis pas trĂšs fan de Taylor Swift ! Mais en mĂȘme temps, on est plutĂŽt intimes avec nos fans, et connectĂ©s
 Donc encore un mĂ©lange des deux ! : Enfin, votre nouvel album, Dream Machine, ça sera plus comme Miley Cyrus, fou et vivant ou comme Selena Gomez, doux et joyeux ?

Tokio Hotel : PlutÎt Miley Cyrus, carrément, mais il faudra attendre pour voir ! : Merci beaucoup Tokio Hotel pour votre temps, bonne chance pour votre tournée, et à trÚs bientÎt !

Tokio Hotel : Merci à toi, passe une belle journée !

Retrouvez les Tokio Hotel en tournée à Paris le 21 mars 2017 et le 22 mars 2017 à Lyon ! 


New interview for Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Halle (Saale) In the summer of 2005, the teenagers Bill, Georg, Gustav and Tom, from Magdeburg, started a worldwide career with the group Tokio Hotel. Their first title Durch den Monsun has since become a hit, and made them famous from Russia to South America. “Dream Machine” is the tour with which they will come back to Leipzig in the spring of 2017. Anja Förtsch chatted with the brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who have been living in Los Angeles for seven years.
Ten years ago, there wasn’t a day we would not hear something from you. It has been rather calm lately. How are you?
Bill Kaulitz: We are fine. We are always in the studio, and are very busy at the moment. There’s not a day we do not work on the album and on new songs, from early morning to late in the evening. We are in a race against the clock. If one does not do it, one would probably creep in the studio for years. Every band and every musician knows that.
Will the album be released this year?
Bill: Well, not in 2016 anymore (laughs) but there will be new music.
And a new tour?
Bill: It will start in March. We’ll start in London and we will include a lot of new materials. We’ll start in Europe for the first 30 gigs, then we will continue to South America. Starting in London worked well on our last tour, and that is why we keep it this way.
You will perform at the Haus Auensee in Leipzig. Have you deliberately chosen smaller venues?
Bill: We have already played in many clubs on the last tour. We’re doing a mix. Our music has changed a lot, it’s much more electronic than it used to be. That is why we transform even small clubs into real nightclubs and parties, to celebrate there. But we also played open airs when the weather would allow it.
Tom: We also played in a church in Hamburg, and did concerts in old theatres. We are always looking for venues where there is simply a cool clash between electronic night club and historical building. We want to keep everything fresh and special.
Your hit Durch den Monsun in 2005 has made you famous. Are you still playing it?
Bill: Absolutely! In fact only in English, but in Germany the fans sing in German and we end up being a minority. It is the same for me when I’m going to a concert; one wants to hear the songs with which the artists have become famous. “Monsoon” is part of the show, it still touches us after all those years. The song has changed our lives so radically that it is simply a part of us..
Bill, you have been going solo recently: your own music, a film in black and white, a photo book, you even wanted to go into fashion. Are you going to concentrate yourself less on music and more on other projects in the future?
Bill: We always do what we want. We find ourselves in all areas. For me, fashion and photography especially. I also love to do my own stuff and always keep it running side by side. Next month, I will finally bring my own fashion pieces on the market. There will soon be a movie in theatres about the band that you might also be interested in. There are definitely many projects on which we are working alongside. We are as a band at a point from where we only make the things we really want to do at 1000%. Everything else is always less cool. Uh, important. (Laughs).
Tom: Less fun (laughs)!
You have changed a lot too. Bill, you have already tried almost everything: long and short hair, black, blond, rose. Tom, you had dreadlocks at first, then rastas, now a bun and a beard. At which point fashion and style are important?
Bill: For georg, it is extremely important, for Tom and me it plays a supporting role (laughs). No, that’s nonsense, in fact it is a part of us. Fashion is my biggest passion with music. This is for me a form of expression, a form of freedom. Fashion, the costumes, the hair, one does not come without the other. I don’t see myself as someone who makes music around a campfire with a guitar. It is the same for the group. Our claim is to offer a real show. To create an experience that one can’t forget. And this always goes beyond the music.
You come from Magdeburg, and have been living for several years in Los Angeles. What links do you keep with your home country?
Bill: Tom and I always come back to Germany for Christmas, to see our family and friends. Since we are no longer living in Germany, we enjoy it quite differently. We now return with much more pleasure, and we are now inspired very differently by Germany. At the beginning of the year, we were in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where we laid the foundation for the new album in the studio. For the first time we were really inspired by a German city. So far we have always wanted to go to other countries and to other cities to create songs. But we also like to live anywhere. We love to travel and we want to go to India and Thailand. For us it is absolutely important to always be on the road.
Do you follow the political developments in the country from Los Angeles? The rise of the AfD and the right-wing populist?
Bill: Yes, absolutely! These are things that reach us and move us. This makes us angry and makes us sad and speechless. Especially when we see the results in Saxony-Anhalt, where we come from and where we grew up. The fact is the AfD in Germany fuels hatred by taking advantage of fear, and it’s happening everywhere in the world. In America too it’s the same, with Donald Trump. It affects us
English translation by THCanada


Halle (Saale) A l’étĂ© 2005 les ados Bill, Georg, Gustav et Tom, originaires de Magebourg,ont commencĂ© une carriĂšre mondiale avec le groupe Tokio Hotel. Leur premier titre Durch den Monsun est depuis un hit et les a rendus cĂ©lĂšbres de la Russie Ă  l’AmĂ©rique du Sud. La tournĂ©e s’appelle Dream Macine, pendant laquelle ils viendront Ă©galement Ă  Leipzig au printemps 2017. Anja Förtsch a discutĂ© avec les frĂšres Bill et Tom Kaulitz, qui vivent depuis sept ans Ă  Los Angeles.

Il y a dix ans il ne se passait pas une journĂ©e sans que l’on entende parler de vous. Ces derniers temps c’est plutĂŽt devenu calme. Comment allez-vous ?
Bill Kaulitz: nous allons bien. Nous sommes tout le temps en studio, nous sommes trĂšs occupĂ©s en ce moment. Il n’y a pas une journĂ©e oĂč nous ne travaillons pas sur l’album et sur de nouvelles chansons de tĂŽt le matin Ă  tard le soir. Nous nous sommes lancĂ©s dans une course contre la montre. Si on ne fait pas ceci, nous pourrions rester des annĂ©es enfermĂ©s en studio. Chaque groupe et artiste connait cela.

Est-ce que l’album sortira cette annĂ©e ?
Bill : alors en 2016, non, plus maintenant (rit) Mais il y aura de nouvelles musiques.

Et une nouvelle tournée ?
Bill : elle commencera en mars. Nous allons commencer Ă  Londres et nous allons y inclure beaucoup de nouveaux matĂ©riaux. En Europe nous allons commencer par les 30 premiĂšres dates, ensuite nous continuerons en AmĂ©rique du Sud. Commencer Ă  Londres, ça nous a portĂ© chance lors de la derniĂšre tournĂ©e, c’est pourquoi nous avons conservĂ© cela.

A Leipzig vous jouerez Ă  la Haus Auensee. Vous ĂȘtes vous aussi dĂ©cidĂ©s pour des salles plus petites ?
Bill : nous avons dĂ©jĂ  jouĂ© dans beaucoup de clubs lors de la derniĂšre tournĂ©e. Nous faisons un mix. Notre musique a aussi beaucoup changĂ©, elle est beaucoup plus Ă©lectronique qu’elle ne l’a Ă©tĂ© avant. C’est pourquoi cela nous a parut Ă©vident de mĂ©tamorphoser des clubs en vrais night-clubs et d’y faire la fĂȘte. Nous avons jouĂ© en plein air quand le temps le permettait.
Tom : nous avons aussi jouĂ© ans une Ă©glise Ă  Hambourg ou dans de vieux thĂ©Ăątres. Nous cherchons toujours des endroits oĂč il y un lien gĂ©nial entre des clubs Ă©lectro et des bĂątiments historiques. Nous voulons que tout reste nouveau et spĂ©cial.

Votre hit Durch den Monsun en 2005 vous a rendu célÚbres. Est-ce que vous le jouez encore ?
Bill : absolument ! En fait seulement en anglais, mais en Allemagne les fans nous mettent parfois en minoritĂ© quand ils chantent en allemand. Il en est de mĂȘme pour moi quand je vais Ă  un concert : on veut entendre les chansons avec lesquelles les artistes sont devenus cĂ©lĂšbres. Monsun est une partie du concert, qui nous remue toujours aprĂšs toutes ces annĂ©es. Cette chansons a tellement changĂ© nos vies, qu’elle est devenue aussi une partie de nous.

Bill, vous vous ĂȘtes lancĂ©s en solo rĂ©cemment: vos propres musiques, un film en noir et blanc, un livre photo, vous voulez aussi vous lancer dans la mode. Allez vous vous concentrer moins sur votre musique et davantage sur d’autres projets ?
Bill: nous ne faisons que ce que nous avons envie de faire. Nous vivons notre vie dans plusieurs domaines. Pour moi c’est la mode et la photo. Je m’occupe avec plaisir de mon projet solo et j’y travaille toujours en parallĂšle. Le mois prochain je sortirai enfin ma propre ligne de vĂȘtements. Il y aura Ă©galement bientĂŽt un film sur le groupe au cinĂ©ma.
Il y a bien sĂ»r beaucoup de projets dans lesquels nous pouvons nous dĂ©velopper et sur lesquels nous travaillons en parallĂšle. Nous sommes Ă  un point dans le groupe, oĂč nous faisons seulement les choses que nous avons envie de faire Ă  1000%.Tout le reste est toujours moins cool. Ah, important !
Tom : moins cool aussi !

Vous avez aussi beaucoup changĂ©. Bill, vous avez dĂ©jĂ  presque tout testĂ© : longs cheveux, courts, noirs, blonds, roses. Tom, vous avez d’abord eu des dreads, ensuite des rastas, maintenant un chignon et une barbe. A quel point la mode et le style sont importants ?
Bill: pour Georg c’est extrĂȘmement important, pour Tom et moi ça joue un second rĂŽle (rit). Non, ce sont des bĂȘtises, en fait ça fait partie de nous. La mode est ma plus grande passion avec la musique. C’est pour moi une forme d’expression, une forme de libertĂ©. La mode, les costumes, la coiffure, l’un ne va pas sans l’autre.
Je ne me vois pas comme quelqu’un qui fait de la musique autour d’un feu de camp avec une guitare. Il en va de mĂȘme pour le groupe. Notre revendication est de proposer un vrai show. De crĂ©er une expĂ©rience qu’on ne peut pas oublier. Et ça tient toujours Ă  la musique.

Vous venez de Magdebourg, et vivez depuis plusieurs annĂ©es Ă  Los Angeles. Quels liens gardez-vous avec votre pays d’origine ?
Bill : Tom et moi revenons toujours en Allemagne pour NoĂ«l, pour voir la famille et les amis. Depuis que nous ne vivons plus en Allemagne, nous en profitions autrement. Nous revenons maintenant beaucoup plus avec plaisir, et nous sommes inspirĂ©s de maniĂšre trĂšs diffĂ©rente par l’Allemagne maintenant.
En dĂ©but d’annĂ©e nous Ă©tions Ă  Kreutzberg Ă  Berlin en studio, et nous avons posĂ© les fondations du nouvel album. Pour la premiĂšre fois nous avons Ă©tĂ© de nouveau inspirĂ©s par une ville allemande. Jusqu’à maintenant nous voulions toujours ĂȘtre dans d’autres pays ou villes pour Ă©crire des chansons. Mais nous vivons partout facilement. Nous aimons les voyages et nous voulons absolument aller en Inde et en ThaĂŻlande. Pour nous c’est vraiment important d’ĂȘtre toujours sur les routes.

Suivez vous aussi depuis Los Angeles l’évolution politique de l’Allemagne ? La montĂ©e de l’AfD ou des populistes de droite ?
Bill : oui absolument ! Ce sont des choses qui nous atteignent et nous remuent. Ça nous met en colĂšre et nous rend triste et sans voix. Surtout quand on voit les rĂ©sultats en Sachsen Anhalt, d’oĂč nous venons et oĂč nous avons grandi. Le fait que l’AfD en Allemagne alimente la haine en tirant profit de la peur des gens, ça se passe partout dans le monde. En AmĂ©rique aussi c’est la mĂȘme, avec Donald Trump. Ça nous touche.

Traduction française par la Street Team France

Secret Santa 2016 – Worldwide Gift exchange between fans

Secret Santa 2016 – a project by the Official German Tokio Hotel Fanclub!

Secret Santa is 


.. a gift exchange between Aliens to surprise each other this Christmas! Everyone who chooses to participate will send a gift to someone and will also receive a gift from someone else.


How it works!


#1 To participate, you just have to send an e-mail to – it should include your real name, address, age and twitter/facebook url (we’ll need one of these to ensure that you’re a real person, we want everyone to be safe!). If you have an account at the fanclub forum, let us know, too! This information will not be published anywhere, the only people that will get to know your address are the fanclub mods and the person who will send you a gift. An alternative to your actual address is opening a P.O. Box!


#2 Deadline is October 31! Once you sent your e-mail you will get a confirmation e-mail back; if you don’t get one within 48 hours – let us know. We will put you on the list and select the matches at random.


#3 During the first week of November, we will send e-mails to everyone, telling them who they will have to choose a gift for. If you didn’t receive an e-mail by November 6 – again, let us know (after you checked your junk mail).


#4 You can choose whichever gift you want to. It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all! You can also just make something yourself. Also, it doesn’t have to be Tokio Hotel related. Since you’ll get the twitter/facebook url of the person, you could check his or her page to see what he or she likes. But PLEASE (!!) don’t reveal your identity to him/her! Of course you can add a letter when you send your gift and you can tell him/her your name and/or contact information, but it’s called Secret Santa for a reason, that’s why you shouldn’t ruin the fun beforehand. Afterwards it’s nice to give away your name so that the person who received the gift can tell you ‘thank you’ (and you might also want to thank your Secret Santa, of course).


#5 If you change your URL or your address – LET US KNOW!


#6 Check your e-mails! We need to be able to contact you.


#7 If for some reason you are not able to participate, please tell us so that we can take you off the list and look for someone else who can send a gift to the person you were assigned to. If you just don’t send a gift someone will be very disappointed when he or she doesn’t get anything..


#8 You read this post carefully and still have some questions? You can always ask us (the German Fan Club) on Twitter or Facebook!


So, if you want to participate (and you’re able to!), send an e-mail at


Also – SHARE – the more of us participate, the more fun the whole thing will be. And just imagine how awesome it’ll be to have a gift from a person that lives across the world under your christmas tree..



Secret Santa 2016 – un projet du Fan Club officiel allemand de Tokio Hotel!


Secret Santa est 


.. un échange de cadeaux entre Aliens afin de se surprendre les un(e)s les autres à Noël. Toute personne participant devra envoyer un cadeau à un(e) autre fan et recevra elle aussi un cadeau en retour.


Comment ça fonctionne!


#1 Pour participez, vous devez simplement envoyer un courriel Ă – Veuillez inclure votre vrai nom, votre adresse, votre Ăąge et le lien de votre compte twitter/facebook (nous aurons besoin d’un des deux afin de nous assurer que vous ĂȘtes une vraie personne; nous voulons assurer votre sĂ©curitĂ©!). Si vous avez un compte sur le forum du Fan Club, laissez-nous le savoir Ă©galement! Cette information ne sera publiĂ©e nulle part: les seules personnes qui y auront accĂšs sont les modĂ©rateurs du Fan Club ainsi que la personne qui vous enverra votre cadeau. Une alternative Ă  nous fournir votre vĂ©ritable adresse est d’ouvrir une boĂźte postale.


#2 La date limite est le 31 octobre! Une fois que vous nous aurez envoyĂ© votre participation, vous recevrez un courriel de confirmation en retour. Si vous n’en recevez pas un dans les 48 heures suivant l’envoi de votre message, avisez-nous. Nous vous mettrons sur la liste et nous vous sĂ©lectionnerons un match au hasard.


#3 Pendant la premiĂšre semaine de novembre, nous enverrons des courriels Ă  tout le monde, indiquant pour qui ils devront choisir un cadeau. Si vous ne recevez pas de courriel d’ici le 6 novembre, encore une fois veuillez-nous en aviser (aprĂšs avoir vĂ©rifiĂ© dans vos pourriels).


#4 Vous ĂȘtes libres de choisir le cadeau que vous souhaitez offrir. Il n’est pas nĂ©cessaire non plus que cela soit cher. En fait, cela peut mĂȘme ne rien vous coĂ»ter du tout, si vous dĂ©cidez par exemple de crĂ©er quelque chose de vos mains. De plus, il n’est pas obligatoire que votre cadeau soit en lien avec Tokio Hotel; puisque vous aurez le lien twitter/facebook de la personne, vous pourriez regarder son profil afin de voir ce qu’il ou elle aime. Mais S.V.P. (!!), ne lui rĂ©vĂ©lez pas votre identitĂ©! Bien sĂ»r, vous pourrez joindre une lettre Ă  votre cadeau et indiquer votre nom ainsi que le moyen par lequel il ou elle pourra vous contacter par la suite, mais ça s’appelle Secret Santa pour une raison… Ne gĂąchez donc pas le plaisir de la surprise. Attendez plutĂŽt la fin avant de vous dĂ©voiler! Cependant, donner votre nom Ă  la personne qui recevra votre cadeau (dans le colis ou aprĂšs NoĂ«l) lui permettra de vous remercier (et vous voudriez peut-ĂȘtre vous aussi remercier votre propre PĂšre NoĂ«l Secret, Ă©videmment).


#5  Si vous changez de lien ou d’adresse, AVERTISSEZ-NOUS!


#6 Lisez vos courriels! Nous devons ĂȘtre en mesure de vous contacter en cas de besoin.


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