MTV News #3 – “These are some dedicated dudes.”

There’s an old saying that one should not mix business with pleasure — an old saying that Tokio Hotel decidedly does not truck with. In fact, for their most recent record, Kings Of Suburbia, business and pleasure worked together in harmony to create their new electronic sound.


“‘Feel It All’ is one of those songs that we wrote at an after-party,” Bill Kaulitz told MTV News of the band’s second single, for which the guys are primed to shoot a new video any day now in Germany.

These days, the band’s home base is L.A, where they were disappointed to find that the clubs close at 2 a.m. Therefore, they often went to the studio to keep the party alive into the wee hours.

“It’s one of those songs where you just don’t want the party to end and it’s an after-hour party song and you just gotta go all night,” Kaulitz added. It’s a song inspired by their party to soundtrack your next party.

When was the last time you stayed out all night listening to Tokio Hotel? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Branna Ehrlich at MTV News.

MTV News #2: Tokio Hotel Would Love To Jam With Aerosmith, David Bowie And Jessica Alba?

They kind of don’t even care if she sings or not.

Everyone musician has one. That list they keep in their head of all the amazing artists they’d love to collaborate with if they could only get, you know, Madonna on the phone.


Tokio Hotel are no different. As they gear up for a tour in support of Kings Of Suburbia, the boys recently sat down with MTV News to talk about their bucket list and some of the names on it might surprise you.

  • Steven Tyler, Or All Of Aerosmith

    D'USSE VIP Riser + Lounge At On The Run Tour - ChicagoTom Kaulitz: Sometimes you like people and then you meet them and you don’t like them anymore. It’s always hard to tell. Like once you want to work with somebody, it has to fit on a personal level as well. I don’t know, like, for us, our childhood heroes are like Aerosmith so that’s [someone] that would be amazing to work with, you know, Steven Tyler or Aerosmith as a whole band.

    Depeche Mode, David Bowie And… No D-Bags

  • Bill Kaulitz: Depeche Mode or David Bowie, there are a lot of people that would be just amazing. But as Tom said, sometimes you’re scared to meet your heroes because then you meet them and you’re like, ‘Oh, they suck, personally they just suck,’ and then you don’t want to work with them anymore.It happened to me so many times where I liked someone, I went to a show and met them afterwards, and we realized ‘Oh, these are douchebags.’ I don’t even wanna do anything with them.
  • Jessica Alba, Does She Make Music?

    Jessica Alba

    Tom: Is Jessica Alba doing music? I mean that would be a great collaboration as well.

Written by Gil Kaufman at

Two more videos are available here:
1) Tokio Hotel’s Formula For ‘Feel It All’: It’s The After-Party
2) Tokio Hotel Talks Making An Electronic Album and Partying in LA

MTV News | Aliens are dedicated folks.

Dirty Underwear And Naked Pics?
Tokio Hotel Fans Have Given Them Some Pretty NSFW Gifts
Tokio Hotel‘s fan army, the Aliens, have a rep for being extremely dedicated. And by extremely dedicated we mean EXTREME (imagine that in energy drink font).
Tokio Hotel recently took a break from pounding the pavement for their first record in five years, Kings Of Suburbia, to share some of their craziest fan stories with MTV News. Warning: Used underwear and naked photos are involved. Oh, and according to Tom, Georg just found out he’s a father. (We assume he’s kidding, but if not, congrats to the lucky lady!)


Bill also shouted out some of Tokio Hotel’s most hardcore fans — the South American Aliens: “In South America it was super crazy — they are always very intense,” he said.

And it’s an intensity and dedication Tokio Hotel’s been feeling since the beginning: “I think our fans were just growing with us, when we started we were so young… we were 15, 17, and I feel like a lot of our fans were our age, and I feel that they just changed like we did; they grew up with us listening to our music,” Bill explained. “That was a while ago, and hearing that… people grew up with our music is so weird for us because we still feel like we just started. But I also feel like we gain new people, there are a lot more guys listening to our music now. We are getting more people and we still have our amazing fan base.”

FYI, guys — Gustav is taken, so maybe in the future send all thongs and snaps to the Kaulitz Twins.

Written by Brenna Ehrlich at

Promotion week in Los Angeles, CA

1) Guitar Center:

Tokio Hotel performed for the Guitar Center at GCHollywood!

Tokio Hotel a performé pour Guitar Center à GCHollywood!

2) Balcony TV LA

Xavier Brinkman interviewed the band and they also performed an acoustic version of LWLYB on the Hollywood tower. Xavier wrote on Twitter that they have talked about Bill & Tom’s home studio, eyebrows and orgies and that they are such down to earth guys and super funny!
Apparently, Tom told him they got the inspiration for the next video – which is going to be “Feel it All” – from watching YouPorn. Can we expect another video like LWLYB?

Interview will be out in about two weeks, but here are already some pictures!

Xavier Brinkman a interviewé le groupe et ils ont également joué une version acoustique de LWLYB sur la Hollywood Tower. Xavier a écrit sur Twitter qu’ils ont parlé du studio maison des jumeaux, de sourcils et d’orgies et qu’il a trouvé les gars très authentiques et très drôles! Apparemment, Tom lui aurait dit qu’ils ont eu leur inspiration pour le nouveau clip (qui sera “Feel it All”) en regardant YouPorn! Peut-on s’attendre à une autre vidéo dans le genre de LWLYB?
L’entrevue va sortir dans environ deux semaines, mais voici déjà quelques captures!



4) MTV News

5) Jam in the Van (performance)