Tokio Hotel at the Viper Room, Los Angeles

Tokio Hotel arrived around 5pm PT at the Viper Room, located on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. The Tokio Hotel TV team was out there, which means the concert was probably recorded. During the Soundcheck, they have rehearsed “Girl Got a Gun”, “Never let you Down” & “Louder than love”. After that, while Shay Todd was selling cds in the lobby, the boys took selfies with fans at the bar. There also have been two signing sessions! Now concerning the secret concert, they performed 5 songs in front of 250 fans.

Tokio Hotel sont arrivés vers 17h, heure de l’ouest, au Viper Room situé sur Sunset Boulevard à Los Angeles, Californie. L’équipe des Tokio Hotel TV était présente, ce qui signifie qu’il y a de bonnes chances que le concert ait été enregistré. Pendant les répétitions, ils ont pratiqué ‘Girl Got a Gun’, ‘Never let you Down’ et ‘Louder than love’. Par la suite, alors que Shay Todd vendait des CDs du groupe dans le lobby, les gars ont pris des selfies avec des fans près du bar. Il y a également eu deux séances dédicaces! Maintenant en ce qui concerne le concert secret, ils ont joué 5 titres devant environ 250 personnes.

Promotion week in Los Angeles, CA

1) Guitar Center:

Tokio Hotel performed for the Guitar Center at GCHollywood!

Tokio Hotel a performé pour Guitar Center à GCHollywood!

2) Balcony TV LA

Xavier Brinkman interviewed the band and they also performed an acoustic version of LWLYB on the Hollywood tower. Xavier wrote on Twitter that they have talked about Bill & Tom’s home studio, eyebrows and orgies and that they are such down to earth guys and super funny!
Apparently, Tom told him they got the inspiration for the next video – which is going to be “Feel it All” – from watching YouPorn. Can we expect another video like LWLYB?

Interview will be out in about two weeks, but here are already some pictures!

Xavier Brinkman a interviewé le groupe et ils ont également joué une version acoustique de LWLYB sur la Hollywood Tower. Xavier a écrit sur Twitter qu’ils ont parlé du studio maison des jumeaux, de sourcils et d’orgies et qu’il a trouvé les gars très authentiques et très drôles! Apparemment, Tom lui aurait dit qu’ils ont eu leur inspiration pour le nouveau clip (qui sera “Feel it All”) en regardant YouPorn! Peut-on s’attendre à une autre vidéo dans le genre de LWLYB?
L’entrevue va sortir dans environ deux semaines, mais voici déjà quelques captures!



4) MTV News

5) Jam in the Van (performance)

More info on Tokio Hotel’s secret concert in Los Angeles next week!

We can’t say much on the secret show in LA, as it’s obviously a secret. Though De-Code LTD are giving you some hints on Twitter as: “#zeroonefifteen”, “#1215” or “#8852”. There are some theories on these numbers and many people think the winners will be announced on Monday and the show taking place at The Viper Room on Thursday, 7pm, and there are great chances it is the case! Edit January 13th: De-Code confirmed it today; the theory is right!

If you’re interested in attending the secret concert in LA, make sure you can be in Los Angeles next week. Do NOT take part if you’re not 100% sure; it wouldn’t be fair for the fans who can attend nor the band. Now if you do, email with all your info and follow them on Twitter!

Moreover, take note you must be 21 years old of age or older to attend this concert. If you’re not, you can still come down to the venue to meet the band and get an autographed CD before the show.

Here are all the tweets De-Code LTD posted on Twitter about that special concert:

Secret show in Los Angeles

Exciting news for all the Californian fans! Tokio Hotel will be doing a secret concert next week in Los Angeles. Sadly, we don’t have more information about it yet, but we will definitely keep you tuned! Let’s hope everyone who wants to go will have the chance to attend this event, either from LA or even Vancouver (because why not?). More details coming soon.

Nouvelle excitante pour tous les fans californiens! Tokio Hotel va faire un concert secret la semaine prochaine à Los Angeles. Malheureusement, nous n’avons pas plus d’informations à ce sujet, mais nous vous tiendrons au courant aussitôt que possible! On espère que tout ceux qui voudront y assister auront cette chance, que vous soyez de LA même, ou encore de Vancouver (pourquoi pas?). Plus de détails bientôt.