New Tokio Hotel song dropping this Friday!

There is a new single out May 28th AND it’s going to be a Rock Band cover. But which one???? Can you guess? It’s The Who!

BEHIND BLUE EYES is our new single. We have always loved this track and always wanted to do a cover. Cannot wait for you to hear it. Plus is the first time since 2003 and Limp Bizkit that the owners of the song gave us the permission to re-work it. HUGE honour!

There is more… our new single is a collab… as you might have guessed already…. It is VIZE!

Pre-save it now on Spotify and/or Apple Music

Sneak peek

The band will perform both of their songs with VIZE on Germany’s Next Topmodel tomorrow Thursday 27th and they have a spectacular video planned which will be shot LIVE! on television. The band are currently rehearsing every day for the big video performance tomorrow. It looks incredible but is such a stunt to get a full video filmed in just under 3minutes live on TV. You have to tune in tomorrow on Prosieben (German tv channel) and see for yourself! The band are on twice and it would be so cool if we can make the hashtag #BehindBlueEyes2021 trend on Twitter, as this hashtag is very intruiging for non-fans!

Gustav Schäfer on Instagram:

Gustav: Hello Instagram community! We are at our last rehearsal before tomorrow’s for the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel, where you will discover in all exclusivity our new single. Can’t wait! […] My friends, we just rehearsed for BBE. I can’t wait to show it to you guys on Thursday on GNTM. My colleague’s also here!

Georg: It will be so great and exciting ! Shooting a music video live, for the first time!

Gustav: Has someone ever done that before us?

Georg: Not that I know of.

Gustav: Me neither, I can’t think of anyone. Tokio Hotel are always first. […] We are done, I’m heading back home. Rehearsals went well. Can’t wait for you all to see it tomorrow. Bye!

Georg Listing on Instagram:

Bill Kaulitz in the jury of Germany’s Next Topmodel

Bill Kaulitz will be a guest judge this Thursday April 29 at Germany’s Next Topmodel, @ 8:15pm CET on Prosieben!
So, 2:15pm on the East Coast, 11:15am on the West. If you’re interested in a live chat, @TokioHotelFC_de will be having one on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #BillbeiGNTM 😜

Bill Kaulitz fera partie du jury de Germany’s Next Topmodel sur la chaîne allemande Prosieben ce jeudi 29 avril à 20h15, heure de l’Europe centrale (donc 14h15 ici sur la côte est américaine). Il y sera en tant qu’invité. Si un chat en direct vous intéresse, @TokioHotelFC_de en organise un sur Twitter. Il vous suffira d’utiliser le hashtag #BillbeiGNTM !