Halloween contest

Hello Everyone! It’s spooky-season and we have something amazing coming up to get us all in the right Halloween Mood! 🎃 We know that many fans in our fandom love to be creative and that’s why we want to invite you to take part in our costume contest for Halloween and the release of “Here Comes the Night”. Bring your nightmares to life and show us your amazing costumes! đŸ‘»

Salut tout le monde! C’est la saison de la peur et nous avons une surprise pour vous pour Halloween! 🎃 Nous savons que plusieurs dans notre fandom aiment ĂȘtre crĂ©atifs et c’est pour cela que nous vous invitons Ă  participer Ă  notre concours de costumes d’Halloween, qui va de pair avec la sortie prochaine du single “Here Comes the Night”. Transformez donc vos cauchemars en rĂ©alitĂ© et montrez nous vos supers costumes! đŸ‘»

You can upload your photos in the Tokio Hotel Discord channel #here-comes-halloween, starting now! Please read the following rules carefully. / vous pouvez téléverser vos photos sur le Discord de Tokio Hotel dans #here-comes-halloween, dÚs maintenant!

#1 Only one photo-upload per person (several photos by the same account will be deleted) – it can be a collage, as long as it is all the same costume and only one upload. / une seule photo par personne (les participations supplĂ©mentaires seront supprimĂ©es) – ce peut toutefois ĂȘtre un collage, tant que ce soit le mĂȘme costume.

#2 You have to be in the picture – no third party, digital art etc. / vous devez ĂȘtre sur la photo.

#3 No NSFW pictures – the server #rules also apply for this contest. / aucun contenu explicite – les rĂšgles du serveur s’appliquent au concours

#4 We will be deleting all comments – only pictures in the channel, please use #tokio-hotel-general for discussions and questions. / nous supprimerons tous les commentaires – que des photos svp. Pour les commentaires, questions et autres, utilisez #tokio-hotel-general

#5 No cheating (no begging for votes or the use of bots/fake accounts) – this will result in being disqualified from this contest / pas de triche (ne quĂ©mandez pas des votes, n’utilisez pas de robots ou des faux comptes) – cela entraĂźnera votre disqualification du concours

#6 Be respectful (no mobbing, fighting, discrimination etc.) / soyez respectueux (pas d’harcĂšlement, de bataille, de discrimination, etc.)

#7 The picture can feature make-up, hair, a self-made costume, whatever you like best – it’s totally up to your imagination! / vous pouvez porter du maquillage, une perruque, un costume fait maison, comme vous voulez, laissez cour Ă  votre imagination!

#8 18+ only. Doesn’t matter where you are from, all countries welcome, but you have to be over 18 to take part. / vous devez avoir 18 ans et le concours est ouvert Ă  tous les pays.

#9 The winner will be decided by you guys – the Discord community. Check out the deadlines below! / le gagnant sera dĂ©cidĂ© par vous, la communautĂ© Discord. Voyez le deadline ci-dessous!

#10 If the winner is not present during the Halloween party, they will be notified via direct message. They will have to reply within 48 hours or the runner-up will get the prize. / si le gagnant n’est pas prĂ©sent lors du party d’Halloween, ils seront avertis par message direct et auront 48 heures pour rĂ©clamer le prix.

You can upload your photos in the channel #here-comes-halloween until October 26, 6 am ET (noon CET). After the deadline, voting will begin and everyone in our Discord community can vote on the pictures until October 31, 6 am ET (noon CET). The winner will be revealed on Halloween during a Discord-exclusive Halloween party! (October 31, 2 pm ET) đŸ‘»

We will be posting information about how to vote once the uploading deadline has passed!

Vous pouvez tĂ©lĂ©verser vos photos dans #here-comes-halloween jusqu’au 26 octobre Ă  6h du matin. AprĂšs cela, la pĂ©riode de vote dĂ©butera et toute la communautĂ© Discord sera invitĂ©e Ă  voter sur les photos jusqu’au 31 octobre Ă  6h am. Le gagnant sera rĂ©vĂ©lĂ© le jour d’Halloween lors de notre party d’Halloween exclusif sur Discord! (31 octobre, 14h.) đŸ‘»

Nous posterons des informations sur le fonctionnement du vote lorsque le deadline sera arrivé!

The picture with the most powerranger reactions will win an exclusive prize offered by Tokio Hotel themselves! đŸ„łđŸ˜±đŸ‘»

Any guesses? Tell us in #tokio-hotel-general on Discord. Please also ask any question you may have over there!

Apart from that, we want you to have fun, we want to celebrate a new song coming tomorrow đŸ€«, we want to get excited for Halloween and can’t wait to see what you come up with! đŸ‘» 🎃

La photo avec le plus de rĂ©actions power ranger gagnera un prix exclusif offert par Tokio Hotel eux-mĂȘmes! đŸ„łđŸ˜±đŸ‘»

Vous pensez savoir ce que le prix sera? Venez partager vos idées sur Discord dans #tokio-hotel-general. Vous pouvez aussi y poser toutes les questions que vous avez!

De plus, nous voulons que vous vous amusez, nous voulons cĂ©lĂ©brer la nouvelle chanson qui sort demain đŸ€«, nous sommes trĂšs excitĂ©s pour Halloween et avons trĂšs hĂąte de voir vos costumes! đŸ‘»đŸŽƒ

This contest is neither sponsored or organized by, nor is it in any relation to Discord. / Le concours n’est ni sponsorisĂ©, ni organisĂ© par Discord, et n’est pas en lien avec ce dernier.

Global Behind Blue Eyes Streaming Party

Calling all Aliens! As you all know, the band is releasing “Behind Blue Eyes” on Friday. We were really impressed with the last Streaming Party we did for “White Lies”, and we all wanted to do it again. We know that together, we can all achieve amazing things. The band has given us a small challenge: can we reach 500.000 streams in one weekend? The first few days of a new single is always the most important, so the guys will be giving us some live updates throughout the weekend, on how many streams we have managed to do. Check below for more information regarding the Discord Streaming Party, as well as the global hashtag we want to trend on twitter!

1. Discord Streaming Party

We are doing a streaming event on Friday, May 28th: 2 pm ET to Saturday, May 29th: 2 pm ET. There will be THREE parties during this time! Times on graphics are CET (Berlin time).

  • 1. Kick Off Party: May 28th, 2 pm ET
  • 2. Half-Time Party: May 29th, 2 am ET
  • 3. Ending Party: May 29th, 12 pm ET

The event will be going on through the entire 24 hours for everyone, and these times are for everyone to check up on the streaming numbers and have a chat! The point is to listen to the new song, have fun together and get as many streams as possible in a day! The first 24 hours are crucial for the song release, and whether it will be put on official playlists etc.

2. Trending Hashtag On Twitter

We’ll try and get our brand new hashtag trending on Twitter! Encourage all your followers and friends to tweet about the new song with the hashtag #BehindBlueEyes2021! Just make sure they’re ‘quality’ tweets, no spam! You can use this graphic to help spread awareness about the trending campaign!

3. Streaming Guides

We have created these guides for all of you to understand how streaming on Spotify works! The first 24 hours are crucial to see how well the song performs. Please read them, and spread them to as many fans as you know, so we can give “Behind Blue Eyes” as many streams as possible. Also, we really have to emphasise how important Spotify Premium is. It counts heavier than Spotify Free streams. Since no one really buys singles or mp3’s anymore, consider getting Spotify Premium for one month, to help the song as much as possible.

After the weekend, we will be given some data from the band, so we can see exactly how well we managed to push the song! So give it all you’ve got guys and LET’S DO THIS!

This is what we’re trying to achieve over the first weekend!