Behind the scenes of Behind Blue Eyes – Part 1 & 2

Tokio Hotel – “Behind Blue Eyes” Studio Talk

Traduction du Studio Talk par *Elena*

Un bon #StudioTalk vaut mieux que des petites banalités ! Vous êtes d’accord ? Partagez vos premières impressions/meilleurs souvenirs/moments drôles liés à #BehindBlueEyes (toutes les versions) dans les commentaires, nous voulons TOUT savoir !

Bill : Je trouve que cette version est un peu… fleurie. Elle n’est pas trop « dure ». Je trouve que celle de Limp Bizkit est un peu plus sombre. Je me rappelle encore la vidéo… Vous vous en souvenez ?

Tom : Oui, avec la camisole de force. Et le baiser avec Halle Berry.

Bill : Ce baiser est vraiment sexy, je dois dire. Je pense qu’elle le rejoint en prison…

Tom : Elle est son médecin…

Bill : C’est tiré d’un film, non ? Elle arrive et ils s’embrassent. La scène est incroyable.

Tom : Quand on était petits, Bill se tenait toujours devant la télévision en disant : « Si seulement je pouvais être Halle Berry ! » [rires] Il y en a d’autres qui ont repris la chanson, non ?

Georg : Je ne pense pas…

Bill : Si, il y a d’autres covers ! Quelqu’un m’a dit récemment que Shania Twain en avait fait une reprise [Correction : en fait, c’est Sheryl Crow qui en a fait une cover.] Je ne l’ai jamais entendue. C’est chouette qu’on en ait fait une version « dance », elle n’est plus aussi triste… Les paroles sont assez tristes, et j’aime beaucoup quand Vitali arrive avec son Slaphouse.

Tom : Et c’est le même rythme que dans White Lies.

Georg : Quelle coïncidence !

Tom : En fait, la batterie et tout le reste vont vraiment bien ensemble. C’est génial.

Bill : C’est une suite, en quelque sorte.

Georg : On peut les jouer ensemble.

Tom : Une très chouette suite à White Lies.

Bill : Et c’était génial à la finale de Germany’s Next Topmodel !

Tom : Oui, ces chansons seront vraiment chouettes à jouer en live !

Georg : Je pense aussi.

Bill : Oui, et je crois que les gens les aiment bien. Honnêtement, Behind Blue Eyes, on peut aussi la faire juste avec la guitare, ça va bien donner.

Global Behind Blue Eyes Streaming Party

Calling all Aliens! As you all know, the band is releasing “Behind Blue Eyes” on Friday. We were really impressed with the last Streaming Party we did for “White Lies”, and we all wanted to do it again. We know that together, we can all achieve amazing things. The band has given us a small challenge: can we reach 500.000 streams in one weekend? The first few days of a new single is always the most important, so the guys will be giving us some live updates throughout the weekend, on how many streams we have managed to do. Check below for more information regarding the Discord Streaming Party, as well as the global hashtag we want to trend on twitter!

1. Discord Streaming Party

We are doing a streaming event on Friday, May 28th: 2 pm ET to Saturday, May 29th: 2 pm ET. There will be THREE parties during this time! Times on graphics are CET (Berlin time).

  • 1. Kick Off Party: May 28th, 2 pm ET
  • 2. Half-Time Party: May 29th, 2 am ET
  • 3. Ending Party: May 29th, 12 pm ET

The event will be going on through the entire 24 hours for everyone, and these times are for everyone to check up on the streaming numbers and have a chat! The point is to listen to the new song, have fun together and get as many streams as possible in a day! The first 24 hours are crucial for the song release, and whether it will be put on official playlists etc.

2. Trending Hashtag On Twitter

We’ll try and get our brand new hashtag trending on Twitter! Encourage all your followers and friends to tweet about the new song with the hashtag #BehindBlueEyes2021! Just make sure they’re ‘quality’ tweets, no spam! You can use this graphic to help spread awareness about the trending campaign!

3. Streaming Guides

We have created these guides for all of you to understand how streaming on Spotify works! The first 24 hours are crucial to see how well the song performs. Please read them, and spread them to as many fans as you know, so we can give “Behind Blue Eyes” as many streams as possible. Also, we really have to emphasise how important Spotify Premium is. It counts heavier than Spotify Free streams. Since no one really buys singles or mp3’s anymore, consider getting Spotify Premium for one month, to help the song as much as possible.

After the weekend, we will be given some data from the band, so we can see exactly how well we managed to push the song! So give it all you’ve got guys and LET’S DO THIS!

This is what we’re trying to achieve over the first weekend!

New Tokio Hotel song dropping this Friday!

There is a new single out May 28th AND it’s going to be a Rock Band cover. But which one???? Can you guess? It’s The Who!

BEHIND BLUE EYES is our new single. We have always loved this track and always wanted to do a cover. Cannot wait for you to hear it. Plus is the first time since 2003 and Limp Bizkit that the owners of the song gave us the permission to re-work it. HUGE honour!

There is more… our new single is a collab… as you might have guessed already…. It is VIZE!

Pre-save it now on Spotify and/or Apple Music

Sneak peek

The band will perform both of their songs with VIZE on Germany’s Next Topmodel tomorrow Thursday 27th and they have a spectacular video planned which will be shot LIVE! on television. The band are currently rehearsing every day for the big video performance tomorrow. It looks incredible but is such a stunt to get a full video filmed in just under 3minutes live on TV. You have to tune in tomorrow on Prosieben (German tv channel) and see for yourself! The band are on twice and it would be so cool if we can make the hashtag #BehindBlueEyes2021 trend on Twitter, as this hashtag is very intruiging for non-fans!

Gustav Schäfer on Instagram:

Gustav: Hello Instagram community! We are at our last rehearsal before tomorrow’s for the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel, where you will discover in all exclusivity our new single. Can’t wait! […] My friends, we just rehearsed for BBE. I can’t wait to show it to you guys on Thursday on GNTM. My colleague’s also here!

Georg: It will be so great and exciting ! Shooting a music video live, for the first time!

Gustav: Has someone ever done that before us?

Georg: Not that I know of.

Gustav: Me neither, I can’t think of anyone. Tokio Hotel are always first. […] We are done, I’m heading back home. Rehearsals went well. Can’t wait for you all to see it tomorrow. Bye!

Georg Listing on Instagram:

European tour postponed

New Dates for 2022 – We are ecstatic about the tour and to finally know that we will be back on the road for these dates. We feel like we’re almost exploding with all that held back energy for live shows and can’t wait to give our all when we finally return on stage. This tour is gonna be special. That‘s for sure! If you already had a ticket it remains valid!!! We can’t wait to finally be back on stage and see you guys again!

Join Tokio Hotel’s official Discord server!

Hello aliens! As we told you a few weeks ago, we were thinking of opening a Discord server. Good news!!!! Tokio Hotel were thrilled with the idea! We are happy to announce that it is finally live!

The band members even have their own profiles ❤️, so you all participating in this would mean so much! The more we are active, the more they will understand and see that they still have a fanbase here. Please invite your friends as well.

There will be exclusive content for the fans, and the guys are gonna communicate with us! There is even an international chat for all of us, and also other chat rooms for every country, including Canada! I created one for French speakers, and one in English.

Let’s all see you there (click on me!)

Salut chers Aliens! Comme annoncé il y a quelques semaines, nous pensions ouvrir un serveur Discord et, bonne nouvelle, Tokio Hotel ont vraiment adoré l’idée!!! Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que le serveur est maintenant en ligne!!!

Les membres du groupe ont même leur propre profil ❤️, ce qui signifie que votre participation est très significative! Plus nous sommes actifs, plus ils verront et comprendront qu’ils ont encore des fans au Canada. Veuillez svp inviter vos amis au serveur pour qu’on soient plus nombreux!!

Il y aura du contenu exclusif pour les fans, et les gars vont communiquer avec nous! Il y a même un chat international pour nous tous, ainsi que des espaces de chat pour chaque pays, incluant le Canada! J’ai créé une chambre en anglais, et une chambre pour les francophones parmi nous!

On se voit là-bas! …. c’est-à-dire ICI !!!

Bill Kaulitz in the jury of Germany’s Next Topmodel

Bill Kaulitz will be a guest judge this Thursday April 29 at Germany’s Next Topmodel, @ 8:15pm CET on Prosieben!
So, 2:15pm on the East Coast, 11:15am on the West. If you’re interested in a live chat, @TokioHotelFC_de will be having one on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #BillbeiGNTM 😜

Bill Kaulitz fera partie du jury de Germany’s Next Topmodel sur la chaîne allemande Prosieben ce jeudi 29 avril à 20h15, heure de l’Europe centrale (donc 14h15 ici sur la côte est américaine). Il y sera en tant qu’invité. Si un chat en direct vous intéresse, @TokioHotelFC_de en organise un sur Twitter. Il vous suffira d’utiliser le hashtag #BillbeiGNTM !

Bill Kaulitz will be a guest on 3nach9 to talk more about his autobiography.

The Bremen talk show / Le talk-show de Brême (NDR channel)

  • Friday / vendredi, May 21, 2021, 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. 
  • Saturday / samedi, May 22, 2021, 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. 
  • Monday / lundi, May 24, 2021, 2:20 a.m. to 4:20 a.m.

Judith Rakers and Giovanni di Lorenzo will welcome the following guests:

Bill Kaulitz

If you are writing your autobiography in your early 30s, you should have already experienced a lot that is worth reporting about. Don’t worry: the life of the singer Bill Kaulitz offers extraordinary stories en masse. Yet dealing with his life moments was “the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” he says. Together with his twin brother Tom and the band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz suddenly experienced global fame a good 15 years ago, which, in addition to screaming teenagers, eccentricity and success, also brought about loneliness. Perhaps that is why the native of Leipzig calls his work “Career Suicide”. Bill Kaulitz reports on this and especially on the relationship with twin brother Tom and sister-in-law Heidi Klum at “3nach9”.

Judith Rakers et Giovanni di Lorenzo accueilleront les invités suivants:

Bill Kaulitz

Quiconque écrit son autobiographie au début de la trentaine devrait déjà avoir vécu beaucoup de choses méritant d’être rapportées. Ne vous inquiétez pas: la vie du chanteur Bill Kaulitz offre en masse des histoires extraordinaires. Pourtant, gérer les moments de sa vie fût «la chose la plus effrayante que j’aie jamais faite», dit-il. Avec son frère jumeau Tom et le groupe Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz a soudainement connu une renommée mondiale il y a 15 ans, ce qui, en plus d’hurlements d’adolescent.e.s, d’excentricité et de succès, a également provoqué la solitude. C’est peut-être pour cela que le natif de Leipzig a nommé son œuvre “Career Suicide”. Bill Kaulitz partagera avec nous sur “3nach9” à ce sujet et en particulier sur sa relation avec son frère jumeau Tom et sa belle-soeur Heidi Klum.

Other guests/ Autres invités: Ina Müller, Martin Rütter, Jan Delay, Janis McDavid & Dar Salim

White Lies Cover Challenge

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the White Lies Cover Challenge! We could barely choose which videos to feature and wish we could’ve included them all. You guys are so talented and creative

Un énorme MERCI à tous les participants au White Lies Cover Challenge! Ce fut très difficile pour nous de choisir quelles vidéos mettre de l’avant… Nous aurions aimé pouvoir toutes les inclure! Vous êtes remplis de talent et de créativité ❤️❤️❤️❤️