Billy: California High (music video)

Billy’s new music video, California High, is now on Youtube!! How do you like it?

Le nouveau vidéoclip de Billy, California High, est enfin en ligne sur YouTube! Qu’en pensez-vous?

New interview for Erfolg Magazine (Germany)

“We have an authority problem”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel

Your breakthrough was in 2005. For five years you’ve been totally into it and gave your all but after that, you went to LA, fully exhausted. Which period fulfilled you the most?

Bill: The current period. The older you get, the more you realize the madness. It felt like a trance when we were teenagers. For me, the current period feels better. When you are younger, you take things more easily. Today, things are more difficult. Working a whole day isn’t as easy as it used to be when we were younger. After a tour, we are already ready for holidays. As a young man, you also have less fears. However, when it comes to creativity, the band is much better than it was.

How was it when you moved to Los Angeles?

Bill: We didn’t do anything for a year. At 20 years old, we simply wanted to have a normal life. We hadn’t been existing as people outside the band all those years before.

When the success came, did music labels or others affect you?

Bill: We’ve always had an authority problem. We always had to fight to take part in the decision-making process. The label didn’t like us; we were always the complicated band. Nevertheless, due to our success, it was okay. The band existed before, it was our baby. We wanted to control everything. Anyway, we had to arrange ourselves with Major-Label, etc. It was really nice with the current album; we did everything on our own. Writing, producing…

Back then, when there was the extreme fan-hype, some fans exceeded the limits. Breaking into your house was the highlight. Did you lose respect in people?

Bill: At least we had the feeling that we did not belong anywhere. You are far away from humans. I didn’t like that. I love it to be around people.

Do you learn to deal with pressure in extreme situations? Does that shape character?

Bill: We always wanted to have responsibilities. We were only 15 when we moved out of home to have our own apartment; we set up a company, and sat around with lawyers and tax consultants all the time. But the older we got, the more we wanted to let go of the backpack.

Tom: It would have been better if we had not taken so many responsibilities back then. We always took too much, also during school time.

Bill: You want to cope with success the older you get. Going on stage is not easy-going anymore, not as it was at 14. I always have to take back the easiness. That’s what we did with the new album, back in the roots of when it was only about music. That’s why we’ve produced everything on our own — without any label or management. Thankfully, we were at a point in our career where having fun mattered. We want to make things we want to do, far away from the music industry.

Was there a point where you were aware of making history — especially for people? We do connect moments and phases/stages with songs.

Tom: You realize that when people tell you their stories. Today, you realize it even more than before. We totally missed that.

Bill: You are so overwhelmed. When a fan stands in front of you and starts crying, so much energy comes together. I was exhausted after hearing those stories.

How was it when you became millionaires? Does that change character or does it only makes it stronger?

Bill: Money does things to people. I like it how money can give you something like freedom. We did not want to be dependent on someone, even not when we were younger. Our pocket money was like a budget that we managed.

Tom: Now we do whatever we want with our money.

Bill: Money must be fun. I want to experience and live. We should probably be more careful. But, for example, we invest a lot in our career. Expensive videos, expensive productions and performances. Most of our money is spent on Tokio Hotel.

You never wanted to follow the rules. Is that kinda part of the success, breaking the rules?

Tom: You get the best ideas in emergency situations. For example, if you don’t like what producers make with your music, it’s probably better when you do it on your own. If you are unhappy with a situation, you get good solutions from it.

Bill: I can’t imagine a life without breaking the rules.

Bill, as a lead singer, did you have role models?

Bill: My stepfather showed me the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. That man really inspired me. I even had the same hair. I also listened to Nena. But I never had that kind of role model whose poster was on my wall. But of course, several artists inspired me.

Is there someone you want to meet/get to know?

Bill: Unfortunately, they are all dead. Bowie, Prince… They were extraordinary. I’d like to meet Depeche Mode; they are really cool.

The new album “Dream Machine” is more electro. Did you change or did the fans want something new?

Tom: If you ask the fans, they would have been happy if we had done the same thing Avril Lavigne has been doing for like 40 years now; the same music. That would have also been the easy way. Finacially, it would have been interesting as well. But we have never made decisions according to money. We just changed as humans.

Bill: I could show you so many emails in which people write that we are committing career-suicid. But we don’t want to do it like Avril Lavigne or Pink, who are still doing the same music as they used to make in the beginning.

Tom: We don’t have a dividing line between business and life. We are our music. We don’t go “to work”. It’s all the same. Our music reflects.

You once mentioned that you want to open a nightclub. Why?

Bill: Because we like to party. I always felt attracted to nightlife. Also people’s abysses. I have always wanted to play a junkie in a movie. I like to watch live how people fall out of their roles. Everyday life sucks. I want to experiment. When we go out at night, we bring about twenty people together, who don’t know each other. That’s why we want to open a nightclub. Preferably in LA. There, they don’t have the nightlife we have here (in Berlin).

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Deezer Deutschland – #MondayMotivation

Bill: I heard a song this morning — I always have to look at my phone for that — the song was awesome. It was from Rationale. It’s a mood booster and I listened to it this morning.

Tom: I start Mondays with Bon Iver – ‘I can’t make you love me’. It puts one in a good mood immediately. That’s definitely my Monday song.

Bill: J’ai entendu une chanson ce matin — je dois toujours regarder mon téléphone pour cela — la chanson était géniale. C’était de Rationale. Elle remonte le moral et je l’ai écouté ce matin.

Tom: Je commence mes lundis avec ‘I can’t make you love me’ de Bon Iver. Ça met de bonne humeur tout de suite. C’est définitivement ma chanson du lundi.


Dream Machine Tour – Part 2 (March 2017)

March 22: Lyon (Villeurbanne), France – Transbordeur


  • Q&A

They announced that new singles and music videos will come out this year. They also teased the fans about the tour, saying they hesitated between ‘Black’, ‘Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei’ and ‘Ich bin nicht ich’.

Their favourite shows at this point of the tour were Amsterdam, Hamburg and Paris. They usually sleep between 6 and 7 hours, but apparently Tom slept 9 hours the night before.

Bill would love to play in a movie. It’s one of his biggest dream. They would all love to visit Cannes and St. Tropez

Gustav said Bill is clearly the best uncle. When Tom saw Gustav’s daughter for the first time, he said something like: pppppffrr.

Bill is still trying to believe in true love, but he finds it harder. According to Tom, this is called ‘growing up’.

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March 23: day off

March 24: Cologne, Germany – E-werk

Concert was sold out!


  • Q&A

Bill and Tom told a story that took place ten years ago in a plane. They were trying to sleep, but Bill was sharing his window with a guy behind him. Bill closed their curtain and the guy opened it back, and that went on and on for a while. Then, the guy broke off Bill’s “beautiful gel black nails” (Tom’s words). Tom said he hit the man, but Bill says he in fact hit the curtain.

If they didn’t have the job they have today, Bill would like to sing in The Lion King, as Simba.

They’re considering doing a Tokio Hotel cruise.

  • Group picture


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  • With fans outside
  • Dream Machine package

(The Dream Machine package includes a breakfast made by the band / Le pack Dream Machine inclut un déjeuner préparé par le groupe)

Ps. the vest Bill is wearing was designed by the fan; it was a gift! 😀 / la veste que porte Bill sur les photos suivantes a été créée par la fan; elle lui a offerte en cadeau!





  • 1LIVE



  • Lokalzeit aus Köln


March 25: Stuttgart, Germany – Im Wizemann



  • Q&A

They talked about tattoos. They are not interested in tribal things, and they do not want to be tattooed in the face. They would never tattoo the name of their partner either.

They talked about what they would like to live again. Bill talked about his trip in the Maldives, and Tom the aftershow party of the MTV EMA’s 2009. Gustav would like to live again the birth of his daughter.

They are not interesting in doing a ‘Best Of’ tour.

Someone asked Tom if he self-taught the drums, or took drum lessons or if Gustav helped him. He laughed about Gustav and said his passion is the drums and when he and Bill had a band when they were kids, he was the drummer, but he doesn’t practice the drums. He just really likes it. He said that if he would practice it, he would be fucking amazing and what he can do now on the drums is just talent.

Bill said he once stole a mouse in a store and lied to his mother, saying that it was his friend who did it because he felt bad for the mouse.

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  • Interview with Aline Marie Lehmann



Day Off:


March 27: Zurich, Switzerland – Volkshaus


  • Q&A

Bill’s favourite designers work for Dior, but he’s really into Gucci at the moment.

  • Group picture


  • Pictures with fans (ps: Bill received a Web award / Bill a reçu un prix Web)


March 28: Milan, Italy – Fabrique


  • Q&A

Bill and Tom would like to open a bar in Los Angeles.

They don’t think that they’ll go to Spain for the Dream Machine tour, but they’re planning on doing festivals over there next year.

A girl said that she met her girlfriend because of Tokio Hotel (she was sitting next to her) and Bill looked at them like AAAAAAAW. He said that love has no gender, no boundaries, and that you have to do whatever feels right.

Fans told the band that their favourite song was ‘Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei’ (they were kidding), and Tom looked at them in a weird way and started playing the song and asked the fans to sing along.

A fan asked them what being vulnerable means to them and what makes them vulnerable. Georg said his family and his dog, Bill said the same thing but he added love.

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March 29: Rome, Italy – Atlantico


  • Q&A

Someone asked Bill about the american election and he said that we can’t let Trump have too much power and that we have to educate people and be educated ourselves. He also said that he was shocked, and that it will be four long years, unfortunately. He also said that LA is very open minded so he fears only for the central part of America.

Bill said that he hopes to get another VISA to keep living in the US and said that he doesn’t want to leave LA because he doesn’t want to give Trump that much power.

Their favourite Tokio Hotel music videos are ‘Something New’ for Bill and Gustav, ‘Feel it All’ for Georg and ‘Girl Got A Gun’ for Tom.

The first song Bill wrote for this album is “Boy Don’t Cry” in Berlin last year.

  • Pictures with fans


March 31: Munich, Germany – TonHalle

Georg’s birthday

(the day before)


  • Q&A

The reason Bill was at the hospital a few weeks ago is because he has kidney stones.

Bill said it is his dream to build his own house. And then Tom added “Yeah to design it.. not with his own hands…”

Gustav never watched the Harry Potter movies! But the other guys enjoy them ;).

There was a question to Georg about turning 30, and he said that at this moment in his life he’s very happy. He is in a very happy relationship with his girlfriend and in a great band.

They got the idea for the album title ‘Dream Machine’ when they were at Coachella, sitting in their car. They found the name before even writing the song. They thought it sounded great. The intro for ‘Something New’ was also written before the actual song. Tom said he wanted a quiet start, because it’s cool and different.

Tom said Bill has the bad habit of never finishing his sentences. He always says something like ‘dududududu’ because he takes it for granted that Tom understands what he means, which he does.

Bill’s desire is to marry one day. Tom’s desire is for his dog to never die.

Bill’s favourite apps are Whatsapp, Instagram and Instasize.

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  • With Matthias Hain & Nico Gössel:



PS: Tomorrow is the last day of the European leg of the Dream Machine tour!! (they will be performing in Warsaw, Poland). All April European tour dates will then be posted tomorrow night (aka tonight).

Interview for the Berliner Morgenpost: “I really want to marry. Someday.”


Your last album was a moderate success. Does that put you under pressure?

Bill: When you make your first album, you’re totally innocent. No one has any expectations, there’s no pressure. We wanted to go back to this while writing songs this time bcause you get a much different access to your own creativity. We are lucky to still have a very strong fanbase. That’s why we had a great tour in 2016. We can relax thanks to that.
Tom: And we will always keep on making albums. No matter if there’s one that isn’t selling well. That’s always a point of view, anyway. The last album went gold and #1 on iTunes almost everwhere. And besides albums, we always make music. An album is just a summary of this time. There’s no alternative for us. We can’t do anything else.

Success in terms of fame isn’t really desirable nowadays, I guess.

Bill: For us, it was never about becoming famour. When we aren’t promoting our album, you won’t see us in talk shows or on red carpets. We do the whole rigmarole when we promote an album but to us, it’s only about performing and making music. I thought it was difficult when it started, as it was more about our person than about our music. Especially in Germany; it was extreme. That’s why we moved to LA and did nothing for four years. That was our only solution, for personal and professional reasons. For a while, we had only been on the road and totally isolated from normal life and normal people.
Georg: We were stuck in the same buble, but it was still a bit more calm for me and Gustav. We didn’t have to flee to another country.

Gustav, you became a father last year. Aren’t you questioning the band life? Do you even want to go back into this bubble?

Gustav: You definitely become ore relaxed. I don’t overthink anymore and I limited my alcohol consumption a bit (laughs).
Bill: I think the balance got mor important for us all now that we are older. Back then, we would come back from school and make music. There wasn’t anything else. We had no social life outside of the band. Nowadays, it’s different. Gustav is a dad and he is married, Georg has a life with his girlfriend. Everyone is doing their own thing. Now, we like to jump into this bubble and go on tour, because we know that we can get out of it again.

Friendships change when people become parents. What has it done to the zip in your band?

Tom: That’s true, but I think it’s more extreme with women. I also had this fear, but everything remained the same way as it was before. When you’re a girl group and two of them have a child, then there’s no Sex and the City anymore. Then it’s more ‘sitting at home and taking care of a baby’. But with us it’s still Sex and the City.

How about the others? What do you think about family planning?

Tom: Bill and I don’t have a life plan like this.
Bill: Sometimes I feel like I’m 100 years old. Then I think that I’ve already experienced and seen it all. Then I wish that there was an experience that would shake and change everything. And sometimes I feel like 12 and imagination strucks me. Then I think stuff like ‘I can’t marry yet and have kids’. But I have never experienced a relationship such as the one Gustav has right now. That changes everything, of course. Maybe my life is simply destined for something else.

You’ve been rehearsing since Cecember in Berlin. What connects you to this city?

Bill: Berlin is the german equivalent of LA. It’s incredibly international. People from all over the world come to Berlin because there’s such a freedom. The nightlife is great, I love the Berghain. It’s the best nightlife in the world, to me.

Can you move more freely in Berlin than elsewhere in Germany?

Bill: Yes, that’s where we are the more relaxed. I’d never walk down the streets in Magdeburg, but in Berlin, I can.

Did you ever think about moving to Berlin?

Bill: I don’t think that we would settle permanently in Berlin.. But Tom and I often thought about getting a second home here. The city inspires us a lot, that’s why we like to spend our time here.

How is it to spend such a long time in Germany again?

Tom: That’s like our whole career. We enjoy it much better, because we can go out again. When we still lived here, it was like a prison. I didn’t like anything about here. Now I love to come back.
Bill: Now, we can miss Germany again. It’s always a bit like a vacation. But when we say we fly back home, we do mean Los Angeles.

And you two live together?

Bill: Yes. We have always did. It’s a real ‘men household’. But Tom is very neat.
Tom: That’s because we’re almost never home. We eat at the restaurant three times a day. Our fridge is empty; there’s only alcohol in it. We don’t even need to use the dishwasher.

In a couple of years, you’ll turn 30. Any thoughts about that?

Bill: I used to think I would never turn 30. But I don’t mind growing older. I’d never turn back time.
Georg: I’d like to be very old. Like 200. If I’m healthy, of course.

And what do you want to accomplish until then? Build a house, plant a tree, father a son?

Bill: I really want to marry. Someday. And I want to own my own club, the best one in Europe. And my own fashion line.

Source: Morgenpost
Translation by: Tokio Hotel Alien