Bill’s photo Interview for Süddeutsche Zeitung

Question: You’ve been living in the United States for years. What are you hiding from?

Vous habitez aux États-Unis depuis quelques années. De quoi vous cachez-vous?


Question: What do you still absolutely want to do before you turn 30?

Que voulez-vous encore absolument faire avant vos trente ans?


Question: How do you face people who cannot stand your music?

Comment réagissez-vous face à ceux qui ne supportent pas votre musique?


Question: How do you feel today when you hear your first great hit ‘Durch den Monsun’?

Comment vous sentez-vous aujourd’hui lorsque vous entendez votre premier grand hit ‘Durch den Monsun’?


Question: What do you have, really always have, with you?

Qu’avez-vous, vraiment toujours, avec vous?


Question: How shall we imagine your life in Los Angeles?

Comment devrions-nous imaginer votre vie à Los Angeles?


Question: If you weren’t popstars, who else would you be then?

Si vous n’étiez pas popstars, qui seriez-vous alors?


Question: Would it be a problem to you if your career with Tokio Hotel didn’t lead anywhere anymore?

Serait-ce un problème pour vous si votre carrière avec Tokio Hotel n’aboutirait plus quelque part?


Question: Which character trait have you strengthened in the past ten years?

Quel trait de caractère avez-vous développé au cours de la dernière décennie?


Tokio Hotel in Paris, France (03/20/17)

  • Signing session at Fnac Saint-Lazare

  • Cauet (NRJ)

Tokio Hotel were with Cauet on NRJ yesterday night in Paris, France. You can listen to the interview again right below (30 mins):

Tokio Hotel était chez Cauet hier soir sur NRJ, à Paris. Vous pouvez écouter l’interview ici (30 minutes):


BILLY’S Private event in Berlin (05.05.16)

Billy on Instagram:  #europe let’s go!! #billyexhibition

#Europe allons-y!! #expositionBilly

Bill Kaulitz on Instagram: @houseofcards #workout at the airport @kevinspacey @robingwright

@houseofcards #workout à l’aéroport @kevinspacey @robinwright

Billy on Instagram: Thanks #Berlin ! that was very special #billyexhibition #lastnight #booklaunch

Merci #Berlin ! C’était vraiment spécial #expositionbilly #hiersoir #sortiedulivre

Shiruvana: A fan asked why Tom shaved. Bill answered: he did it by accident. Then he laughed hysterically.

TokioHotalianA fan asked what he would do if there were no laws and if anything was possible and he said that he would rob a bank, not because he wants to be criminal but only because of the adrenaline.


About his break up: He said that everyone copes with it differently and he copes with it by writing and making music. He was asked what he’d do if that person would write an album about him and he said that it’s nothing against that person and that s/o has to count with an album written about them if they date a “creative psycho musician” like him. He was asked if he searched for a mistake from him after the break up and he said “No” but it’s sad because “I gave everything I could give”.

Bill said that everyone has that phase after a break up where you think you won’t survive it and it took a while with him. He said that the whole EP is about that person and his heartbreak, talked about why he calls himself Billy, why he’s without TH and then the guy asked him if he will ever tell us who this person is and he said “No” and laughed ^^

Then someone asked how he’d interpret his top “Blow me” and he said “the way it says there”.

DaysfullofglamIf Bill could “re-live” one day, he said it would be the day when he got Pumba. He said Pumba was so small, he fits in his hand. But he said, he doesn’t look back, he trys to look forward to things.

JBerlinTMBill said they frequently support local shelters financially & also foster dogs & Pumba always loves everyone.

Omg he asked me what breed my dogs are and said he will design dog merchandise also for Big dogs Yaaaay.

The role the woman does in the Video play, is both hinself and the other vulnerable part.

Like_a_colorHe was asked if he will sing in german again, and he said on the next album there will be a german word in a song.