New Interview with BILLY !!


…And that’s OK with him!  Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel, has entered into solo territory with a new multi-media experience entitled I’m Not OK as well as a new solo name, BILLYThe project chronicles Bill’s experiences with love and heartbreak, despair and hope.  “Love Don’t Break Me” is the first song, released today along with the accompanying fine art book and short film. A five song EP will be released on May 20 and Bill took some time out to chat with Fourculture and tell us about all the things yet to come. We can’t wait!


Today is it!  It’s premier day for “Love Don’t Break Me” and how excited are you?

I’m super excited and nervous! I can’t believe it’s actually time! We’ve been working on this for quite some time. It’s always nerve-wracking  I’m kind of used to it because I’ve been doing this a long time with the band, but it’s definitely exciting.  It’s the first time I’m putting something out on my own, a solo thing. It feels exciting and new and I’m a little nervous.

Just a little bit?

Yeah. The thing is, the response from the fans has been really good and everyone is loving whatever they see. We had a little preview of the video and everyone is very positive. That definitely helps, but I think tomorrow I can’t sleep for sure!

So you’ve been in music for pretty much your whole life, but you’ve got all these other interests too with fashion and film and art.  What has it been like to finally bring all of those things together into one package that is just you?

That’s always been a dream of mine, to do something that involves all the different worlds that I’m interested in. I always wanted to do that.  With Tokio Hotel, we were always very visual with everything we did and with our shows, but there was still some stuff missing that I couldn’t do with the band that I always wanted to do.  So I kind of kept it on the side and I never really had a plan on when I would put something out or how I was going to do it.  We just kind of worked on it in the background.

Now everything just kind of came together and the energy felt right. I decided let’s just do it.  We’re in between albums with the band so I found the time to really focus on this and put everything together.  It kind of made sense and I’m super happy that I could do this short film and this amazing photo shoot with Davis Factor. We found this amazing model for the video, so everything just kind of made sense and came together and it feels really good!

With the band, you sort of come into everything with certain expectations.  The fans want certain things and the companies and people surrounding you expect other things.  Everyone wants something. How has it been to just set all that aside and create freely, do your own thing?

That was the most important for me.  People were approaching me throughout the years, all the labels and everyone said, “You should do a solo record,” and people were asking me about it and I never really wanted to do that. I knew that when I put out something solo I wanted to do it completely on my terms and I didn’t want to compromise and I didn’t  want a major label with A & R guys and all that.  I never wanted to compromise and talk to people creatively. It was like, if I do it, I want to do it with friends and the people that I love and people that understand what I’m doing. Even with the video, Davis Factor is a good friend of mine and the people involved in the project are really close friends and people that understood and got me and got my vision for the project.

I said I want to do it independently. I don’t want to sign with a major. Really, for me at this point in my career, it’s not about marketing and all these crazy plans and charts and all of that. That’s secondary.  For me it was most important to really have fun with it, to not live up to any expectations and not pressure myself.  It’s really just about me having fun with my own music and with the fashion and stuff.  Of course, if the people like it, that’s great!  But it was really only fulfilling my dreams and that was clear from day one.  I was just like, ok, I’m going to do it just on my own and with the people I love.

And that’s important!  If you aren’t feeding yourself creatively a little bit and doing the things that you want to do, the rest can get kind of dry and stale.

Exactly! Yes, exactly!

Did you find anything challenging about stepping out there on your own and stretching that creativity a different way?

Yeah, I think my biggest struggle is really myself. I’m my biggest competition.  The thing is, I’m such a perfectionist with everything I do and now that I’ve said I want to do everything on my own and it’s all my vision and I want to be so hands-on with everything, it’s really a lot of work!  Sometimes I’m like, wow! I wish there were would be some more people! It’s a lot!  We’re doing these prints and the video and the book. Even with the book, I went to the printer and I was sleeping next to the printing machine making sure every page was exactly how I wanted it to be.  It’s so many different worlds and now I know so much about printing and all of that.  It’s like its own thing, which is so crazy! Now when I look at a book or a magazine I look at it in a totally different way because I know how much work goes into that!

Sometimes I kind of want to let go a little.  I’m really controlling with everything and I’m annoying myself a little bit.  People say, “Bill, you should chill. No one is going to see that.  It’s only you.”  But I always feel like I have to give my everything.

13012708_1717252318562809_1358923442991181179_nI completely understand that because I’m the same way.  Now you’ve put together this fine art book and it is shipping this Friday along with the new song release. You’ve said you’re very perfectionist and very hands-on so was it tough to make those decisions and get that book put together?

It was super tough!  Super tough and I didn’t know before!  I just kind of had this idea. Everything just kind of happened in the process. We had the song first and I always thought for me it was more like a soundtrack. It didn’t feel like just a song. It felt like it needed to be more than that.  In the process then it just happened that we said let’s do the short film and then I said we should do this editorial shoot and we could have these beautiful prints. So, one thing lead to the other and it turned into this giant project.  It’s so much more work than I thought when we just talked about it. From choosing the paper, to the cover, and all the processing on getting the right feel to it and the right type; I’ve been really involved in every single step.  It’s a crazy amount of work, but I’m super happy!  I was holding the book in my hand and it was exactly how I wanted it to be.  It has that vinyl in the back and I really had that vision that people put on the vinyl and listen to my song and look through the book.  It’s really telling a story so it all kind of comes together. I want people to have that song be a soundtrack of their life, to look at the photos and the short film. It really came out nice so I’m pretty happy.

That’s great!  So “Love Don’t Break Me” is the first release that is coming out on Friday off of the EP and that’s what goes along with this book and short film.  It sounds like it’s coming from a very personal place.  Did you find it difficult or was it more healing to let that out in this way and share that part of yourself and your experience?

I feel like I’m always better writing about things than really talking about it, so for me it’s really healing and I needed to get it out of my system.  The whole EP is very, very personal.  It’s called I’m Not OK and, creatively, I think I’m always better when I’m not doing OK.  When I was writing the songs I was REALLY not OK.  It’s all about that horrible, very painful relationship I had.  That’s another reason why I didn’t want to do this with Tokio Hotel.  It didn’t have the space there because it’s really just about me and my heartbreak and this thing I went through.  It’s a thing I have to do on my own.  It is really personal, but I like to put it out there because I feel like music is personal and it’s all about emotions.  I’m just really good when I’m not OK and when I’m heartbroken.

BILLY_003Well, and you’re a really creative person and an artist.  The rest of us are just normal people out here. [laughter] But I guess what I’m trying to say is that it seems you can find value in that pain because you can create through it and it brings out something in you. Is that true?  That there is still worth in it for you?  Or do you sometimes just think “I’m done. This is so not worth the pain!”

I know what you’re saying and I’m kind of torn!  I feel like when it’s very fresh and it just happened and you’re super heartbroken, I know that feeling.  You know when you’re just sitting at home on your couch and you want to die and you can’t do anything and you can’t put it into words.  Even for me, it takes some time to really see the value in that and see that it was worth something.  Even when I’m in the studio and doing it I’m not really looking at it that way. Sometimes it takes me a while. Now that I wrote the songs and I have the EP, I’m looking back seeing that it was supposed to happen and I’m glad it happened, even though it’s still painful.  And still looking back I’m like, “Fuck.  Of course I didn’t want someone to break my heart but at least I have these songs that I’m proud of.” Yeah, I definitely know both worlds.

It’s probably even tougher on you.  You can’t really heal completely quietly because you are a public person and it is out there for everybody. Does that make it tough sometimes when you’re just trying to deal with something and it’s all out there?

Totally!  It’s totally tough sometimes, but also I feel like it helped me a lot too.  When the whole thing really happened and I was so distraught, I remember I had this horrible break up.  It was a night where this relationship really ended and it was over after a long time of pain and horrible things. The next day I had to go on tour and we were flying to Mexico.  I remember thinking, “God, how am I going to do this? I don’t even want to talk to anyone and I have to put on a show and give interviews and see the fans.”  But in the end, it really helped. I was glad that I had to do it. Work and music and stuff that keeps me busy always takes my mind off of it. I was relieved 2015 was so busy for me and I was on the road. I didn’t even have time to really give in to that and watch sad movies and suffer. [laughs]

You collaborated with a lot of your friends, put together this film and this book and you’re going to be doing some exhibitions in LA, Berlin, Paris, and Milan.  You live in LA, so that’s an obvious choice, but are the rest just your favorite places to go?

Yeah! I picked my favorite cities and I think we’re going to start with that. I think maybe we’ll extend it and go into other cities as well.  The fans are going crazy in so many countries.  Berlin is where I come from being from Germany so I definitely wanted to do a show there. Paris is just so beautiful and it has been a part of our career as a band.  France is the first country we went to after Germany.  Germany is where we first started and then somehow we got famous in other countries. ‘Til today, I don’t really know how that happened, but Paris was the first city we went to and played shows. There’s a history there and I love the city so much.  Italy I love in general. I really want to live there for a while. I love the food. It is my favorite food in the world and I love the tradition and the people.  They are so welcoming and I love the architecture.  I love to spend time there.  So it’s really just my first pick of cities and then we’re probably going to extend it a little bit.

It’s snowing here in Montana! You could stop on your way and enjoy the snow!

[laughs] Exactly! I would like that!

Do you have any surprises up your sleeve for these shows?

I’m always meeting my fans, so what I’m doing in LA is really, really exciting!  I’m playing the whole EP to my fans and the whole EP isn’t coming out until the twentieth of May so it’s still a while.  So I’m going to play all the songs for the first time outside of my circle of friends and my producers so that’s going to be very interesting!

So what do you hope that people experience with Billy and I’m Not OK?

I just hope that they can relate to it and see and understand the story. I want them to cry and dance and have fun with the record because that’s what it is. You know, it’s sad sometimes, but it’s also danceable for sure.  I want to look at their faces and see that they understand it.  It’s the soundtrack to maybe their heartbreak and their life. That would be great!

Do you have some more plans for some more of these projects in the future?  Bring in some more of your fashion and things like that?

Yeah! For sure! I really want to do something special for every song on the EP. With the first one I’m having these exhibitions and I made the photo book. I always want to do something special because I never want to do like just a showcase like all the other people do and just play the music. I really want to do something special. So maybe I’ll do a fashion piece for the next song and have the music in the pocket of a cool jacket or some pants or something.  I want it to always be special for every song.

So five songs…five separate special things.  I love that!

Thank you!

So now that you’ve created this dream project as a beginning, what other dreams do you have?

There are so many things!  I really want to get to this fashion thing, so I do think with this Billy project, that’s what I’m going to do next.  I want to design some pieces and my big dream is to have a proper fashion line. I’ve kind of always been working on this and I kind of have a full collection ready, so I’ve just been waiting for the right time, place, energy and people to do it.  I definitely want to own my own nightclub one day.  That’s a big dream I’ve always had. And the biggest dream probably in the entire world is that I want to meet real aliens. It sounds really nerdy and weird, but it’s true.  I want to be here when we make contact with aliens!

That’s awesome.  I don’t blame you! I have one last thing for you and I want you to finish this sentence:  Billy is not OK but.

Billy is not OK, but is very excited for the people to hear his song on Friday! [laughs]

And that will make everything OK, right?

I hope so! – Exclusive: Tokio Hotel Plays Two Songs at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve

Tokio Hotel

Fresh off the release of their fifth full-length Kings of Suburbia, German band Tokio Hotel performed two songs from the album in front of a massive crowd at Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve. Today Billboard is exclusively premiering footage from the show, which includes the band playing their latest single, “Love Who Loves You Back,” and their first live performance of “Feel It All.”

Peu après la sortie de leur cinquième opus « Kings Of Suburbia », le groupe allemand Tokio Hotel a interprété deux chansons provenant de celui-ci devant une foule immense à la célèbre Porte de Brandebourg de Berlin pour le réveillon du Nouvel An. Aujourd’hui, Billboard a en exclusivité et en primeur les images du concert, lesquelles montrent le groupe en train de jouer leur dernier single, « Love Who Loves You Back », et leur première performance live de la chanson « Feel It All ».

The twin brothers in Tokio Hotel — Bill and Tom Kaulitz — moved from Germany to Los Angeles before making Kings of Suburbia. Bill calls this period “the first real life we’ve ever had. We had come out of school at 15, started the band, and from that moment on, there was no private life, only Tokio Hotel.” In L.A., the German superstars were relatively unknown. Tom says, “We wanted to do regular stuff, things we couldn’t do before. I was riding my bike, bought groceries, and went to the DMV. It was great.”

The band wasn’t necessarily looking to play a show in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. “Usually we reserve that night to party,” Bill jokes, But it was hard to say no when you get to perform in front of more than half a million people!

We had a blast,” he continues. “All of our friends and family were there. We got super drunk after the performance and went out all night. We left the last club at 6:30 in the morning. It was definitely a night to remember!”

Les frères jumeaux de Tokio Hotel – Bill et Tom Kaulitz – ont déménagé d’Allemagne à Los Angeles avant la production de « Kings Of Suburbia ». Bill appelle cette période « le moment où nous avons goûté pour la première fois à la vraie vie. Nous avons quitté l’école à 15 ans, nous avons commencé le groupe, et à partir de cet instant, il n’y avait plus de vie privée, seulement Tokio Hotel ». A LA, les superstars allemandes sont quasiment inconnues. Tom dit : « Nous voulions faire des choses normales, des choses que nous ne pouvions pas faire avant. J’ai fait du vélo, j’ai fait des courses, et nous avons été au « DMV ». C’était génial ».

Le groupe n’avait pas forcément chercher à jouer un concert à Berlin pour le réveillon du Nouvel An. « Habituellement, nous nous réservons cette nuit pour faire la fête », blague Bill, « mais il était difficile de dire non quand vous avez la possibilité de jouer devant plus d’un demi million de personnes ! ».

« Nous nous sommes éclatés », poursuit-il. « Tous nos amis et toute notre famille étaient là. Nous avons beaucoup consommé d’alcool après la prestation et sommes sortis toute la nuit. Nous avons quitté la dernière boite de nuit à 6hrs30 du matin. Ca a vraiment été une soirée mémorable ! ».

Traduction française par Prinz16
Written by Elias Leight on – “The Comeback Kids”

On October 3 2014 German rock band Tokio Hotel released their long awaited fifth studio album entitled “ Kings of Suburbia”. The new album is an electronic album that has 15 tracks. This release is nothing like any of their previous albums. Since the release the album as gone number 1 on iTunes, and pre-sales in a various countries. The band plans to head out on a world tour on June 6th.

Kings of Suburbia is filled with sexually fueled lyrics and heavy electronic beats. This album has a noticeable 80’s dance feel to it with songs like the debut track “Love Who, Loves You Back.” The album is very well produced and the lyrical content is slightly lacking but for the most part we were moved by the beats. “Run, Run, Run” is a piano ballad that we really liked, and probably the best song on the album. “Covered In Gold” is a great ballad if you like to dance and love the autotuned laced lyrics.

This album is very eclectic in its sound as well as corresponding music videos. The fellas are really stretching their creativity to new heights. We’re glad to see that they came back with something new and slightly different then what we’re use to from Tokio Hotel. Music in this day and age can be pretty challenging, and most bands tend to stick to only what works and that’s it. They took a risk and we think it’ll pay off for them.

King of Suburbia is a fairly good album, we were skeptical when reviewing this album because Tokio Hotel has had a history of receiving bad reviews for their previous work. This album is worth a listen and is great for dancing. Tokio Hotel is a global success you can’t take that away from them, We listened to their previous album “Humanoid” and we had to admit it, it was a teen driven, pop album. Bill is a great vocalist, he can really belt out those high notes and has talent to back it. Kings of Suburbia keeps a steady tone throughout the whole album, “we wanna party” and at the end of the day the band is playing to their audience. I wouldn’t expect a 40 year old man to enjoy this album, his 18 year old tween however…. A whole lot.

Le retour des enfants prodiges

Le 3 octobre 2014, le groupe de rock allemand Tokio Hotel a sorti son cinquième album studio, longtemps attendu, intitulé « Kings of Suburbia ». Il s’agit d’un album électronique contenant 15 titres. Ce disque ne ressemble en rien à leurs albums précédents. Depuis sa sortie, l’album a atteint la première place sur iTunes ainsi que pour les pré-commandes dans de nombreux pays. Le groupe débutera une tournée mondiale le 6 juin.

« Kings of Suburbia » est empli de paroles à connotation sexuelle et de rythmes électroniques. On y retrouve des rythmes entraînants inspirés des années ’80, avec des chansons comme « Love Who Loves You Back ». L’album est très bien produit, et si le contenu des paroles est assez simple, nous avons été touchés par la rythmique. « Run, Run, Run » est une balade au piano que nous avons beaucoup aimée ; et c’est sans doute la meilleure chanson de l’album. « Covered In Gold » est aussi une belle balade si vous aimez danser et si vous appréciez les voix retouchées sur Auto-Tune.

Cet album est très éclectique au niveau sonore, mais aussi dans les clips musicaux. Les garçons développent réellement leur créativité vers de nouveaux horizons. Nous nous réjouissons de voir que les Tokio Hotel sont revenus avec quelque chose de nouveau et de différent de ce à quoi nous étions habitués. Faire de la musique aujourd’hui est un vrai défi, et la plupart des groupes ont tendance à s’en tenir à ce qui a du succès sans aller plus loin. Ils ont pris un risque qui s’est avéré payant.

« Kings of Suburbia » est un album assez bon; nous étions sceptiques quand nous avons dû en parler parce que Tokio Hotel a souvent reçu de mauvaises critiques pour son travail dans le passé. Cet album mérite d’être écouté et est très bon pour danser. Tokio Hotel a un succès mondial, on ne peut pas le nier. Nous avons écouté leur album précédent, « Humanoid », et nous devons avouer que c’était un album pop destiné aux adolescents. Bill est un très bon chanteur qui a du talent, il est capable de produire des notes très aigues et de les tenir. « Kings of Suburbia » maintient un son soutenu durant tout l’album ; « nous voulons faire la fête », et le groupe joue finalement pour son public. Je ne m’attends pas à ce qu’un quadragénaire apprécie cet album, mais son adolescent de 18 ans, par contre… l’aimera énormément.

Traduction par *Elena*

Source: – Tokio Hotel Invade Los Angeles With Secret Viper Room Show

Tokio Hotel have been steadily making inroads in the states over the last decade, transitioning from rising German superstars to doing English-language albums that have captured the ears of more and more fans. On Thursday night (Jan. 15) in Los Angeles, the band got an up-close look at the fruits of their labor with a secret show at the Viper Room for their fans.

The line for the intimate club gig sprawled around both sides of the building, as fans first had the chance to take part in a meet-and-greet as the band signed items, took photos and hung out with their followers in the L.A. area. After the meet-and-greet, a DJ pumped tunes inside the venue until the band took the stage for a brief, more stripped-back performance.

The group played a no frills set as Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer were seated throughout, playing a mix of electric and acoustic instruments. The show began with frontman Bill Kaulitz singing the well-received ‘Girl Got a Gun,’ an upbeat tongue-twisty favorite from their recent ‘Kings of Suburbia’ album. ‘Louder Than Love,’ the mid-tempo closer from their most recent disc, followed, with Bill Kaulitz imploring the Viper Room crowd to raise their hands.

Another newer track, ‘Never Let You Down,’ showed some of Kaulitz’s range, with the singer delivering his vocals with Chris Isaak-like smoothness. The band’s current single, ‘Love Who Loves You Back,’ got the biggest response of the evening, with the audience clapping along and enjoying every second of the tune. Tokio Hotel finished out the night with one of their first singles to catch U.S. listeners’ attention, ‘Automatic,’ which initially appeared on the ‘Humanoid’ album.

With the Los Angeles show now complete, the band will turn their focus to international dates, which can be found here.



Tokio Hotel sont passés quelques fois par les États dans la dernière décennie, passant de stars allemandes en pleine effervescence à un groupe produisant des albums en anglais, ayant su captiver de plus en plus de fans. La nuit de jeudi (15 janvier) à Los Angeles, le groupe a eu un aperçu du fruit de leur labeur lors d’un concert secret donné au Viper Room pour leurs fans.

La file d’attente pour le concert dans ce club intime s’étendait des deux côtés du bâtiment, puisque les fans ont eu la chance de participer à une rencontre avec le groupe. Le quatuor a signé des autographes et pris des photos avec leurs fans des alentours de LA. Après le Meet & Greet, un DJ est venu mettre l’ambiance dans la salle jusqu’à l’arrivée du groupe sur scène pour une performance de courte durée.

Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing et Gustav Schafer étaient assis, jouant un mélange d’instruments électriques et acoustiques. Le concert a commencé avec le frontman Bill Kaulitz et le titre “Girl Got a Gun”, qui a d’ailleurs été très bien reçu et qui une chanson de leur nouvel album “Kings Of Suburbia”.  Par la suite “Louder Than Love”, plus près de leur ancien disque, avec Bill Kaulitz demandant aux gens dans le Viper Room de lever les bras dans les airs.

Une autre nouvelle chanson, “Never Let You Down”, a montré les coleurs de Kaulitz, avec une voix rappelant la douceur de Chris Isaak. Le single actuel du groupe, “Love Who Loves You Back”, a reçu la plus grande réponse de la soirée, avec une audience qui applaudissait et profitait de chaque seconde de la chanson. Tokio Hotel a terminé la nuit avec un de leurs premiers singles, “Automatic”, de leur album Humanoid, pour attirer l’attention des américains qui les écoutaient.

Avec le concert à Los Angeles de fait, le groupe va maintenant se focuser sur ses dates internationales, qui peuvent être retrouvées ici:


New article on

Which Tokio Hotel Dude Is Getting Married — Plus 6 More Things We Learned In This Exclusive Interview

One of these facts involves a puppy !
Tokio Hotel‘s fans, the Aliens, are likely still on a high from the band’s first album in five years, Kings of Suburbia, which dropped last month. Well, dudes, prepare to get even moreamped: MTV Newshad a chance to chat with the guys and they gave us some pretty exciting facts about their record, their upcoming tour and which one of them will soon be tying the knot…Check out seven things we learned from our conversation with Tokio Hotel below:

Their New Sound Just Happened

“It happened naturally for us — a lot of stuff happens in five years. Music changes. We just wrote songs… and it kind of turned out that it got more and more electronic. Of course, the last record we put out in 2009, Humanoid — we only started to go down this road a little bit, with more synthesizers, and I think we just took it further. We took it from there. We never sat down and made this decision, ‘OK, now we want to do a more electronic album — it’s more like it just happened to us in the production.’” –

When It Comes To Their 2015 Tour, Get Ready

“You can expect a lot. We have so many great ideas. We don’t even know how to put all those ideas into one single show. We are going for some rehearsals in the beginning of next year. We will be putting this electronic album into an electronic rock show.” – Georg Listing

A Certain Pooch Will Make An Appearance (But Not On Stage)

“We all have dogs, but I think Pumba will be on tour with us.” – Georg

They’re Really Down With Their Fans

“After taking such a long break we were under the radar for a couple of years and didn’t do much. The people are so supportive. People are going crazy about the record. It’s just amazing. It’s the best we could have imagined.” – Bill Kaulitz

Their Top Acts Of The Year Are…

Bill: The Arctic Monkeys and Kiesza

Tom: Chet Faker

Georg: Foo Fighters


They Will Sing In German On Their Next Tour

“That’s an interesting question because we haven’t thought about it yet. I feel like we should. But I have to know all the German lyrics and the English lyrics and now that we have so many songs you kind of get confused. It happened to me on the last tour. It was such a mess. We had the German setlist and the English setlist and I had to switch from night to night and I slowly forgot lyrics.” – Bill

Someone Is Getting Married…

Congrats to Gustav Schäfer (pictured far left)! The guys plan to play Ariana Grande or David Hasselhoff jams at the wedding (that could have been a joke).

Written by Brenna Ehrlich

New article on – Tokio Hotel en concert en France

Tokio Hotel en concert en France : La tournée 2015 !

Née en 2005 en Allemagne, la déferlante glam-rock a rapidement franchi nos frontières. Armé de son nouvel album Kings of Suburbia, Tokio Hotel continue de rassembler les foules. Le Feel It All World Tour passera par Marseille et Paris en mars 2015.


Revenus en force avec leur album Kings of Suburbia, les membres de Tokio Hotel annoncent 15 premières dates en Europe. Ce Feel It All World Tour débutera dans des clubs pour présenter un premier show dans une ambiance intimiste. Il se poursuivra par une seconde salve de spectacles dans des salles beaucoup plus grandes pour un show plus spectaculaire.
En France, le groupe se produira le 9 mars 2015 à Marseille, puis le 11 mars 2015 au Trianon de Paris.


Une nouvelle tournée a rapidement été annoncée. Elle a commencé le 22 février 2010 et s’est déroulée dans 32 villes, dans les plus grandes salles. Les quatre rockers ont fait appel à un designer de renom, Misty Buckley, et ont confié à la marque DSquared la création des costumes. Ils sont passés en France le 18 mars à Lyon, le 20 à Nantes, le 22 à Nice, le 23 à Marseille, le 2 avril à Toulouse et finissent le mercredi 14 avril à Paris-Bercy.
Ce Welcome To humanoid City Tour a été le plus ambitieux que le groupe ait jamais réalisé. Les Allemands se sont entourés des meilleurs, avec un décor conçu par une série de stage designers qui ont fait leurs preuves pour les concerts de Madonna, Janet Jackson, ou encore Justin Timberlake. Au final, c’est carrément une ville “Humanoid City” qui a été recrée. Coté performance, le groupe a repris sur scène la plupart de ses titres en allemand et également quelques titres en anglais. Avec la direction un peu plus électro du nouvel album, Tom a également joué du synthé/piano et quelques titres en acoustique.
Cliquez ici pour lire notre reportage du concert donné en France.


Alors que son nouvel album Humanoid venait de sortir en Europe, le groupe créait l’événement avec l’organisation d’un showcase en hologramme 3D, un spectacle virtuel présenté dans 7 pays et 12 villes. Grâce à cette nouvelle technologie, les quatre Allemands ont interprété 5 de leurs nouveaux titres pour le plus grand plaisir des fans français, espagnols, hollandais, allemands, autrichiens, suisses et belges. Le show case a alors été diffusé en images hologrammes 3D dans 12 magasins du groupe Media Saturn, avec la technologie des lasers permettant de projetés les membres de la formation comme s’ils étaient sur scène devant le public.
Le show case original en hologramme 3D a été filmé à Hamburg en septembre avant d’être rediffusé entre le 5 et 19 octobre 2009. Les Tokio Hotel étaient ensuite en showcase live (et non virtuel) le 28 octobre pour l’inauguration du Media Saturn installé en région parisienne à Rosny-sous-Bois.
Retrouvez ici notre reportage au showcase parisien.


Alors que les 34 000 billets des deux concerts prévus à Bercy en mars 2008 ont été vendus en à peine deux jours, Tokio Hotel confirmait une nouvelle date française. Le groupe allemand s’est ainsi invité le 11 mars 2008 à Dijon. Si initialement la ville ne devait pas accueillir la célèbre formation dans sa salle de spectacles, les fans en ont décidé tout autrement. Une pétition signée par 5000 fidèles du groupe a finalement décidé le tourneur à réserver le Zénith de Dijon pour une date de concert supplémentaire !

Opéré d’un kyste sur les cordes vocales, Bill Kaulitz s’est vu obligé d’annuler la suite de la tournée 2008 de son groupe. Toutes les dates européennes, tout comme celles prévues aux Etats-Unis, ont été ajournées. Annoncée par la presse allemande, l’information a ensuite été confirmée par le fan-club officiel de TH… Selon son entourage, il lui fallait un mutisme forcé d’une bonne semaine et de trois semaines ensuite de rééducation.
Dès lors, les fans ont redouté que cet événement ne menace la tenue du grand show prévu le 21 juin 2008 au Parc des Princes de Paris. Mais le concert au parc des princes le 21 juin a bien eu lieu.

Samedi 5 juillet sur le port Hercule, la ville de Monaco accueillait quatre petits princes de plus. Bill, Tom, Georg et Gustav ont en effet mis le feu à la principauté monégasque en ouverture du Monaco Live 2008. Au terme d’une journée interminable pour les fans, les Allemands n’ont pas déçu.
Retrouvez le reportage réalisé en direct de Monaco en cliquant ici.

Entre les mois de juillet et septembre 2008, un grand sondage a été proposé aux internautes, afin qu’ils s’expriment au sujet de Tokio Hotel et de ses qualités scéniques. Au final, plus de 1800 fans ont crié à l’unisson leur amour du groupe, en indiquant à 95% avoir “adoré” leur dernier concert.
Mais outre les raisons pour lesquelles ils ont apprécié cette tournée (“la performance de Bill”, à 98%) ou pour lesquelles ils n’ont pas pu y assister (“mes parents ne voulaient pas que j’y aille”, à 33%), cette étude révèle quelques informations intéressantes sur l’identité du fan-type de TH. De sexe féminin (à 96%), il a entre 15 et 17 ans (50%), a commencé l’apprentissage de l’allemand dans le but de comprendre les paroles chantées par son groupe favori (26%) et est très demandeur de produits dérivés à l’effigie du quatuor (31%) !

Un nouveau double DVD est sorti en décembre 2008. Intitulée Caught On Camera, la vidéo se compose de deux disques qui permettent d’en apprendre plus sur la vie quotidienne de Bill et de ses acolytes ainsi que sur les détails de leur prochain album. La première partie du DVD titrée The History retrace le périple de Tokio Hotel à travers les Etats-Unis et l’Europe, à travers des images inédites en coulisses ou en intimité. La seconde moitié intitulée The Future donne des informations inédites sur leur opus à paraitre dans le courant de l’année 2009. Grâce à une interview donnée en exclusivité pour l’enregistrement du DVD, le chanteur de la formation révèle quelques secrets sur ses nouvelles chansons et nous fait même partager une session d’enregistrement comme si nous y étions.
Retrouvez la critique de ce DVD ici.


En 2007, le président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy lançait l’idée d’un “grand concert en l’honneur de la France et l’Europe”. Cet événement gratuit devait se dérouler le 14 juillet, à partir de 20h, au pied de la Tour Eiffel. Ce Concert de la Fraternité assuré par Michel Polnareff sur le Champ de Mars à Paris a aussi été l’occasion pour le groupe phénomène Tokio Hotel de se produire devant une foule de plus de 500 000 personnes ! La soirée s’est poursuivie à 22h30 par un feu d’artifice tiré depuis la Tour Eiffel.

Alors que son album Zimmer 483 cartonnait, le quatuor allemand s’est produit en France dans le cadre d’une tournée à guichets fermés, et est passé par la scène du Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy le 16 octobre 2007 avant de se rendre au Zénith de Nantes le 17, au Dôme de Marseille le 19 et au Zénith de Montpellier le 20. Avec 86 000 billets vendus en 48 heures, Tokio Hotel a réussi une performance qu’aucun autre groupe n’a pu égaler en France. Il en a résulté le 30 novembre suivant le très attendu DVD Zimmer 483 Live – On European Tour.

- 9 Mars 2015 : Marseille / Le Moulin
- 11 Mars 2015 : Paris / Le Trianon

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Regresa Tokio Hotel tras cinco años de ausencia

Tokio Hotel is back after 5 years of absence

Even though they had fame, money and recognition after the hit of their album “Humanoid”, the German band Tokio Hotel decided to take a break and after five years of absence they’re back in 2014 with “Kings of Suburbia” which they plan to regain time.

For Bill and Tom Kaulitz, as much as for Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer, members of Tokio Hotel, which was formed in 2003; taking a break from their busy public life what was they needed to be able to continue, since they felt an artistic block. “After working nonstop for several years we reached a point were we could no longer do anything new, it was hard for us to write, we didn’t have anything to say and that’s why we decided to take a break; we’ve never withdrew completely”, Bill noted.

During their visit in Mexico the band said that during this “free” time they dedicated to live, primary, in a normal way, without flashes in their faces, live like the young guys they are, even though it was also the right moment to start working again on their new album.

That’s how the band knew how to enjoy their time, and didn’t want to rush the finish of the album, which they said it was an addition because they were able to work more than on any other record they’ve made. “This time that we were away it was important for us; it made us write again, to be able to travel and know more places and have more experiences to talk about”, Tom said.

That’s how the band presents “Kings of Suburbia”, an album they assure have a different path from their usual work, with more electronic sounds, something they’ve never done before.

They are aware that these changes can bring them more followers, but also there will be people who will not agree with the changes; however they don’t seem to care, since they assured that as long as they imprint on each song what their creatives mind are telling them, they hope their real fans stick with them.

“When we started to do this record we didn’t have any expectation of what we wanted to create or what path we wanted to have, it was more natural, it just came out; we didn’t decided deliberated that it was going to be more electronic, we didn’t sat down and choose it” Tom added.

For Bill, “Kings of Suburbia” is a feeling that means everything and nothing at the same time. “The album is a sample of how the past influences the present, with more intense influences and autonomy of decision”.


Tokio Hotel est de retour après 5 ans d’absence.

Bien qu’ils aient la gloire, l’argent et la reconnaissance après que le succès de leur album “Humanoïd”, le groupe allemand Tokio Hotel a décidé de faire une pause et après cinq ans d’absence ils sont de retour en 2014 avec “Kings of Suburbia”et ils planifient de rattraper le temps.

Pour Bill et Tom Kaulitz, autant que pour Georg Listing et Gustav Schäfer, les membres de Tokio Hotel, qui a été formé en 2003; il était indispensable de faire une pause pour leur vie publique animée , puisqu’ils ont senti un blocage artistique. “Après le travail sans arrêt pendant plusieurs années nous nous sommes arrivés à un point où nous ne pouvions plus rien faire de nouveau, c’était dur pour nous d’écrire, nous n’avions rien à dire et c’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de faire une pause; nous n’avons jamais eu l’intention de se retirer complètement”, a noté Bill.
Pendant leur visite au Mexique le groupe a dit que pendant ce temps “libre” ils l’ont consacré à vivre,  d’une façon normale, sans flashes dans leurs visages, en direct comme les jeunes gars qu’ils sont, bien que ce soit aussi le moment juste pour commencer à marcher de nouveau sur leur nouvel album.
C’est ainsi que le groupe a su profiter de leur temps et n’a pas voulu se précipiter sur la finition de l’album, ils ont dit que c’était un best of parce qu’ils ont pu travailler plus que sur un autre album qu’ils ont fait. “Cette fois c’était important pour nous; il nous a fallu écrire de nouveau, pouvoir voyager et connaître plus d’endroits et avoir plus d’expériences pour parler de…”, a dit Tom.
C’est ainsi  “Kings of Suburbia”, un album qu’ils assurent a un chemin différent de leur travail habituel, avec des sons plus électroniques, quelque chose qu’ils n’ont jamais fait auparavant.
Ils sont conscients que ces changements peuvent les apporter plus d’adeptes, mais aussi il y aura les gens qui ne seront pas d’accord avec les changements; cependant ils ne semblent pas concernés, puisque ils ont assuré que tant qu’ils impriment sur chaque chanson ce que leur esprit de créatifs leur dit, ils espèrent que leurs vrais fans seront avec eux.
“Quand nous avons commencé à faire cet album nous n’avions pas d’idée  de ce que nous voulions créer ou quel chemin nous voulions prendre, c’était plus naturel, il est juste sorti; nous n’avons pas décidé qu’il allait être plus électronique, nous ne nous sommes pas assis et choisis” Tom a ajouté.
Pour Bill, “Kings of Suburbia” est un sentiment qui signifie tout et rien en même temps. “L’album est un échantillon de comment le passé influence le présent, avec des influences plus intenses et l’autonomie de décision”.
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Bill Kaulitz: “I was fed up with everything”
Singer Bill Kaulitz about retreating four years ago – and the comeback,

“I couldn’t stand hearing the name Tokio Hotel anymore. I was fed up with everything.”
That’s why Tokio-Hotel-Singer Bill Kaulitz (25) moved to L.A. four years ago, with his brother, the guitarist, Tom. Together with drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing, the boys from Magdeburg made their band into a record-breaking teen-phenomenon – with millions of sold CDs and sold out tours – not just in Germany, but also in France and England.

And with it came all the drawbacks: “We couldn’t go out anymore, because fans were waiting everywhere for us”, Bill explains in his interview with KURIER. “And we worked for five years straight. There was never a moment where one of us put their laptop away, or went on a real vacation.”

Ready for change
The decision to to take a break and move to Los Angeles came spontaneously, after someone broke into the house of the Kaulitz twins. “Of course we wanted to escape the spotlight by moving”, Kaulitz explains. “But it was also important from a purely creative side. Back then we didn’t even know how we should write a new album. We had the feeling that we had already done and said all the things with our previous work. What can you even write about, when you don’t have a life apart from being in the band and can’t go out?” It was time for a change. “No one knew us in L.A. and for a year we were out and about there on our own. That’s why the passion for making music came back. We built a homestudio and started producing new tracks.”

The result is out now: With “Kings of Suburbia”, the fourth studio album, Tokio Hotel put their focus on computers and synthesizers instead of guitars.

Even if Bill says that those sounds have been influenced by the lively club scene in Los Angeles and the – over there – celebrated celebrities – the not very innovative, trivial electro-pop sound of “Kings Of Suburbia” doesn’t have much in common with the idols he lists when asked.

“Skrillex, Robyn and Swedish House Mafia – everything that L.A. partied to, two or three years ago, influenced us. Because DJs are the new rock-stars there and unleash a mass amount of euphoria when they perform in stadiums.”

That Tokio Hotel would break-up, says Bill, was never a topic in the four years where the band wasn’t in the spotlight. But what they did talk about was the distribution of roles: “Tom once told me that he would only produce in the future and play the guitar on tour, but that he didn’t want to give any interviews or go and do photoshoots anymore. I would have been okay with it, because I’m the one that has the least problems with those things within the band. As the singer, the poster child of the band, I always did most of the PR. But with time, and by gaining some distance Tom changed his mind anyway.”

Actually Tokio Hotel wanted to have their comeback a year ago, but then Bill and Tom got offered to be “DSDS” jurors. “We’ve been getting such offers from casting shows since we were in the first phase of our career”, Bill tells us. “Back then we just didn’t have the time to do it, since we couldn’t just take a month off in a row to tape the shows. Last year it just fit into our schedule: We had just moved the release date of the album, because we were doing so well with writing songs in the studio. Therefore we had time to do it, and from a financial aspect the offer was – at some point – so good, that you just couldn’t say no anymore.”

Bill doesn’t want to disclose how much Tokio Hotel were payed, but he does say that “DSDS” was and will be their only excursion into TV-Entertainment: “From now on the band, the album promotion and our next tour have priority over everything else.”

INFO: The “Kings of Suburbia”-Tour is currently being planned and will start in 2015.
Translation by Icey

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Tokio Hotel en promo à Paris

Kings of Suburbia, le nouvel album de Tokio Hotel vient d’arriver dans les bacs. Le groupe refait surface après 5 ans d’absence. En pleine promo en France, nous avons eu la chance d’assister au showcase privé et à la conférence de presse organisés dans un chic hôtel parisien. Nous étions impatients d’en apprendre plus sur le retour inattendu de ce groupe allemand qui a vendu plus de 7 millions d’albums dans le monde ! Leur nouvel album marque un tournant musical. Nous sommes loin de l’image véhiculée par le groupe à l’époque.

En arrivant sur les lieux, nous sommes surpris de voir une foule importante attroupée devant l’hôtel, tentant d’apercevoir leurs idoles. Nous prenons place dans un salon emménagé en mini salle de concert, car le groupe en profite pour présenter quelques extraits du nouvel album en version acoustique à la centaine de personnes conviées. Quelques fans sélectionnés sur le tas ont la chance d’assister à l’événement. Love Who Loves You Back et Run Run Run, chantés en anglais, retiennent notre attention et prouvent que le virage musical est réussi. Le groupe s’absente quelques minutes, avant de revenir pour répondre à quelques questions.

Voilà 5 ans que Bill (chant) et Tom Kaulitz (guitare), les deux frères, ont décidé de partir se ressourcer à Los Angeles, pendant que leurs deux compères, Georg (basse) et Gustav (batterie) sont restés dans leur ville natale en Allemagne. Bill explique que « nous sommes toujours restés en contact. En réalité, la pause n’a duré qu’un an et demi car nous sommes retournés en studio assez rapidement. Il ne s’agit donc pas réellement d’un comeback ». Quant au style musical sur Kings of Suburbia, aux sonorités électroniques, celui-cisaisit parfaitement l’esprit des nuits sauvages dans les clubs à Los Angeles. Bill commente que « ce n’était pas une démarche volontaire de changer de son au départ. C’est venue naturellement en studio ».

Pas moins de 5 années ont passé. Mais visiblement leurs fans ne semblent ne pas avoir oublié l’existence de Tokio Hotel, comme le prouve la foule rassemblée devant l’hôtel sous une pluie abondante. « Nous sommes tout à fait surpris de voir autant de monde, même si nos fans sont toujours restés fidèles toutes ces années. Le milieu musical est tellement éphémère. Mais nous avons la chance d’avoir les meilleurs fans », commente Bill.

Ces dernières années ont permis à Tokio Hotel de prendre de l’assurance. Le groupe a donc décidé de s’occuper de la production de son nouvel album, en passant par l’écriture des morceaux, leur enregistrement et les arrangements. Sous l’œil amusé des spectateurs, les membres du groupe se lancent quelques pics, sans réelle méchanceté. A la question pourquoi avoir pris en charge la production, Tom Kaulitz répond qu’il est le seul membre talentueux du groupe.Autre moment drôle, quand Tom relate une anecdote en expliquant que Georg est amené à faire un petit tour aux toilettes avant chacun de leurs concerts et enregistrements en studio. Par malheur, les toilettes jouxtaient la cabine d’enregistrement, ce qui obligea Bill à chanter dans les odeurs…

Nous abordons le tournage du clip de leur nouveau single Love Who Loves You Back, comportant des scènes à caractère sexuel. Bill relate qu’ « il n’était pas prévu que je participe aux scènes d’embrassades au départ. J’ai insisté à y participer, même si j’étais assez nerveux avant le tournage, car il s’avère que je suis assez timide quant à ce sujet. Mais je me suis finalement senti à l’aise une fois la caméra allumée.

Peu avant de se retirer définitivement, Tokio Hotel assure rendre visite à son public parisien lors de la prochaine tournée. Reste à voir quel sera l’accueil réservé au groupe ces prochains mois. La « Tokio Hotelmania » rependra-t-elle ? Toujours est-il que Kings of Suburbia  a tout pour séduire également de nouveaux fans.