2022 tour cancelled

Dear Aliens,

we are currently discussing on a daily basis what is appropriate to share and how to carry on with our music. It just doesn’t feel right to do business as usual and we won’t. At the same time music has always been a place of love, hope and unity and we’re trying to find ways to keep sharing this with you. We’re sure everybody understands we can’t pursue our upcoming tour as planned but we can announce today that we have successfully moved a majority of the shows to new dates in 2023. More to follow. All tickets remain valid.

Sending love to each and everyone of you.
Georg, Gustav, Tom, Bill

30.04.2023 London
02.05.2023 Brussels
04.05.2023 Frankfurt
06.05.2023 Arnhem
07.05.2023 Cologne
09.05.2023 Stuttgart
10.05.2023 Mailand
12.05.2023 Barcelona
14.05.2023 Lyon
15.05.2023 Paris
17.05.2023 Leipzig
18.05.2023 Hamburg
20.05.2023 Berlin
22.05.2023 Katowice

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