New song coming up this Friday

Hi guys! Our new song ‘Bad Love’ is getting out this Friday February 4th and we are so so excited!

Pre-save ‘BAD LOVE’ on Spotify and Apple Music now

Listen to a snippet:

Despite Covid restrictions, we managed to get the four of us together in Berlin, and this week with you all is gonna be so much fun! Be especially ready for our streaming party on our official Discord. More information is gonna come up in the following days about all our different activities we are gonna host alongside our amazing fan clubs around the world.

In the meantime, we invite you to join our headbang challenge. All you have to do is go on TikTok and post a headbanging video on our ‘Bad Love’ snippet. We did it too!


When its lunch time and #badlove comes on … Your turn!

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel

You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it @georglisting1 #drilla #headbang Duett this: @tokiohotel

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel

Gustav even went underwater!


Gustav casually sharing his #PositiveVibes ✌🏼

♬ Bad Love – Tokio Hotel


On a more technical note, here is a video showing you how we produced the song…

And we explained in today’s Instagram live where we got the idea for our new song. And, surprise! we also revealed that the next single after ‘Bad Love’ will be out in April and its name will be ‘HIM’

Finally, if YOU are tired of being single or in toxic relationships, send your application to so Bill Kaulitz himself can find you a match!

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