The ‘Dream Machine’ tour so far..

Tokio Hotel are already at their 7th show on their new European and Russian tour ‘Dream Machine’. 23 more dates are still to come. During VIPs’ Soundcheck, they perform ‘Black’, ‘Cotton Candy Sky’ and ‘Something New’.

Here is the tour setlist:

  1. Something New
  2. Boy don’t Cry
  3. Feel it All
  4. Love who loves you back
  5. Dark Side of the Sun
  6. The Heart Get no Sleep
  7. Better
  8. Cotton Candy Sky
  9. We Found Us
  10. Run Run Run
  11. Black
  12. Easy
  13. Girl Got a Gun
  14. Automatic (VIPs on stage)
  15. As Young as we Are
  16. What If
  17. Durch den Monsun
  18. Stop, Babe

The guys left Germany from Cologne on March 11th. They had an interview with Sarah Magione for Schlag den Star just before, and they performed their new single ‘What If’ during the show (watch their performance here). Here’s the video of the interview (in German):


March 12: London, United Kingdom – Koko

Tokio Hotel’s concert in London was sold out!


  • Q&A

Bill explained that the song ‘Something New’ is about starting over, beginning something new, getting rid of the past to be reborn again, to be a new person  – which can be done, for example, by throwing personal stuff away, like in the new music video. The symbolism of the Earth is rebirth and the symbolism of the naked scenes is showing your natural self. Bill also said that he views porn actors as very hard workers, and not just as people having sex.

He also explained that the intro of Easy is reversed. It actually says “I miss the times”, until “what do we do”. Moreover, the song ‘Elysa’ is about someone who dies in the end. They aren’t playing Elysa, nor Dream Machine on this tour, as they thought there would be too many songs with the same tempo otherwise.

After the European tour, they are going to Mexico, and they are considering adding other LA countries such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil, but nothing is sure yet. They would really like to play at festivals this summer, and they’re still not sure if they will play in the States or not. They have been really considering Canada as well, but are still having difficulties because of borders restrictions.


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Tom sings along with Bill on ‘Cotton Candy Sky’:

March 13: Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique


  • Q&A

They said the hardest song to write and to finish was Stop Babe, as it was one of the first one they had and they had no clue on how to finish it. They had left it for a while, but people liked it and really expected it to be on the album, so they ‘figured shit out’.

They are planning on recording the concert in Cologne.

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  • Some professional pictures + selfies
  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)
  • Meet & Greet videos:

  • Backstage


March 15: Hamburg, Germany – Docks

Tokio Hotel’s concert in Hamburg was sold out!


  • Q&A

Dream Machine is their most personal album, because the songs all tell their real stories. They’re rather confused that everyone wants to hear ‘Ich bin nicht ich’.

They came up with the part that Tom sings along with Bill on Cotton Candy Sky, as Bill was too lazy to learn how to play the keyboard (as it requires a keyboard). It was Georg’s idea. Tom said he doesn’t actually sing; he talks and mixes it up with the keyboard sounds. Bill said that whenever he goes partying, Tom is always working, that he spends all his nights in the studio.

A lot of family members and friends were at the concert, so the guys were extremely happy to be there. Bill and Tom’s mom even called during the acoustic dressing room song!

Tom didn’t use to love dogs that much, and never actually wanted a dog, but he couldn’t give his little son away after rescuing him and caring for him for two weeks, so he kept him.

Bill is afraid of rats and Georg is still afraid of heights. He’s now also afraid of death.

  • Some professional pictures + selfies
  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)
  •  Backstage


Here are some pictures of them with journalists:


Nachtmagazine was also at the concert:

They had an interview with N-Joy. Here’s the audio, and some photos:


March 16: Frankfurt, Germany – Batschkapp


  • Q&A

Their old tour equipment, for example the egg from the Humanoid City tour, is all stored and they keep it all. Except the motorcycle, which was donated to ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’ (it was donated for 20.000 euros, and the original price was 700 euros).

Bill said once again that he prefers singing Black in English rather than in German (Schwarz). If there was a song they would like to remove from their previous albums, it would probably be ‘Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei’ and ‘Beichte’, as Bill qualifies them as ‘children songs’.

If there’s a moment in their career that they could relive, it would be the EMA 09 aftershow party for Tom. Bill and Georg would like to relive the 2008 VMA’s. But Bill isn’t that much interested in redoing the same things. They wouldn’t change the way they grew up in the spotlight either, as it’s all they know, so why change it?

Tom said that during Bill’s recovery when he had his surgery on his vocal chords in 2008, Georg, Gustav and he went on vacation in Barcelona.

Bill is really into Westworld at the moment, even though he only watched two episodes for now. He said he loves Anthony Hopkins.


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  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)


March 17: day off

March 18: Nijmegen, Netherlands – Doornroosje


  • Q&A

Tom has difficulty finding/imagining a person who could be the love of his life, as he has always had to make compromises between his relations and music, and he finds it really hard. He said as a joke that when he’ll be 40, he’ll go on a remote island with a girl who’s younger than he is, and he wouldn’t have to make any compromises anymore as it’d be love and no more work. Sometimes, he actually wakes up in the morning and he’s sad, but he says these kinds of stuff happen to everyone and, if one isn’t happy about one’s life, one just has to change something about it.

Tom also talked about his inspirations. It changes every day, but there is an artist he really likes (Chat Faker).

 Bill wouldn’t want to collaborate with Taylor Swift.  Georg said his favourite song at the moment is the new single from The Weeknd. Bill really likes LANY.

If they could be girls for a day, Ton would be Ariana Grande, Bill would be Marie-Antoinette and Georg would be Khaleesi.

They thought about playing ‘In Your Shadow’ instead of ‘Black’ on the tour. They don’t really like the fact that many fans oblige them to sing the song in German either; they like it better in English.

Their biggest dreams that came true with the band are playing in Tokyo, touring in the United States and winning a moonman.

  • Group pictures

  • Some professional pictures + selfies
  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)
  • Meet & Greet video:



March 19: Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradisio

Tokio Hotel’s concert in Amsterdam was sold out!


  • Q&A

They’re considering ‘Bon’t don’t Cry’ as their next single. And Bill’s music video for ‘California High’ is coming up in a couple of weeks. Bill’s favourite song on Dream Machine is Stop, Babe. He also loves Better a lot. Tom loves Better as well, and so does Georg. Georg really loves Easy too, and Tom said he really loves Dream Machine..  In fact, they love all their songs ;).

If they’d switch roles, Bill would play bass, Tom drums, Gustav guitar and Georg would sing. According to Bill, it would be awful. Bill also said that he writes mostly when he is sad, which happens often. He usually starts writing the melody before the lyrics.

Someone asked them if they’d ever thought of changing the name of the band, and they said that they don’t think about these kinds of things at all. Bill said Tokio Hotel is timeless and can’t go out of fashion, it will always be classy and unique, like a tattoo: “once you have it, it’s forever a part of you, and you don’t question it anymore.”

Another person wanted advice on how to have the motivation to succeed in music. Tom said that if you don’t have the motivation to pursue it even when you’re not doing well, then you should quit, as you can’t force success and there is nothing you can do right if you are not enjoying what you are doing. He also said that comparing oneself to other artists’ success is pointless and even more nowadays with social media. He said that comparing ourselves to some random Canadian dudes like Justin Bieber, who has millions of followers on YouTube, isn’t the best idea ever.

Their biggest wish when they were younger was to perform in front of people; it could have been in front of literally anyone. They wanted to share their music above everything else and did not care if it was crap or not. They wouldn’t even take the time to write proper songs or to rehearse. As soon as they’d have the opportunity, they’d just go play somewhere, anywhere. Also, they do not understand fans who request ‘Ich bin nicht ich’ as it’s a song they wrote when they were teenagers.

They talked about the staff they used to have, some weird pervert dudes who they definitely had to fire at some point.

Bill’s favourite actors are Kate Beckinsale and Jake Gyllenhaal. If there was a movie made about their life, Georg would like Leonardo di Caprio to play his role, Tom would want Denzel Washington, and Bill Ryan Gossling (he loves the movie Nocturnal Animals).  Bill and Tom spent their day off watching Netflix. In Hamburg, Tom stayed in bed (he was sick at the beginning of the tour) and Bill went shopping with friends.

Bill would like to sing along with Steve Tyler and Britney Spears. He also likes Lady Gaga and his favourite song from her is ‘Edge of Glory’. Their favourite band is Depeche Mode.

Georg said he would like to visit Iceland one day.

  • Group picture

  • Some professional pictures +selfies
  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)


March 21: Paris, France  – L’Olympia

Tokio Hotel’s concert in Paris was sold out!


  • Q&A

Tom said he loves painting and that he used to paint when he was a kid, but he stopped as TH became bigger. However, he’d like to start painting again.

He still wants to go to India and travel around the country on his bike, but he hasn’t followed everything that has been going over there recently. Despite all the negative things he has heard, it’s still a huge dream of his. On the other hand, Bill would like to go back to the Maldives. He likes it there, just chilling, smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne… Of course he added that he would bring five dogs with him. He’d also like to get married. On his wedding day, he would invite around 60/70 people. But he’d ask them to dress super nicely and to have big hats.

Beside TH, Tom says he has enough ambition to be whatever he wants to be. He could be a lawyer, a doctor, anything..

The last vocal teacher Bill has had was seven years ago (and he doesn’t especially miss having one). Bill said he is great at organisation and that he could become a good manager.

They don’t think they will do more dates in Europe for this tour, but they might include North America. It is still in discussion as a few days ago they weren’t even sure if they wanted to go to America, and as they were considering doing a festival in Spain. Nothing is sure for now, so we can only wait for the official dates. 😉

  • Group pictures



  • Some professional pictures + selfies
  • Some selfies (Kings of Suburbia package)
  • M&G videos:


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