Billy’s first private listening session in Los Angeles, CAlifornia. [04.29.2016]

Billy on Instagram: #booklaunch #billyexhibition LA

#sortiedulivre #expositionbilly #LA


Tokio Hotel USA“The order is; You watch LDBM, he comes out for a Q&A, then he plays the EP, another Q&A, then selfies and book signing.”

“Bill is in the room with you while you listen to the EP. He introduces the songs.”

“Probably around 100 people there”

“He signs it [the book] in front of you after your selfie. You can pick what page.”

Méryl Denis: “Tom is here ! Upstairs, but here.”

“Ah and finally we are 70 here, so you will be around 100 in Europe according to the staff.”

“I asked Bill what did he love the most about Coachella, and he said “Get drunk, enjoy the music, feel free, with no one judging you.” He said he would love to play there, but only the first day so he can enjoy the 2 other ones without stress !

Tokio Hotel USA“He said he won’t be at coachella next year because he’ll be on tour with the band then. #oops”

“You have plenty of time before the event to see the exhibit and look through your book.”

“A fan told him, “stay fluffy my friend” (about his hair) haha and he said he will grow it out some more”

“Bill said having the fans there means the world to him!”

“He said he couldn’t bring Pumba tonight. :(”

“Bill said he missed the seasons. Especially snow on Christmas. And that he wants to live in NY.”

“A fan noticed that his website was owned by Billy future corp and asked if he was now getting his music business empire up and running and what was the vision for it. He said he was just using it for side projects for now and for things he wants to do in the future but an empire would be nice. Lol.”

“Bill said he didn’t want to release this as TH because it was HIS experience and he felt selfish releasing it w/the whole band. He said it wasn’t too different from recording for TH since Tom helped. But that it’s strange being on the stage alone today.”

“You can buy the large prints that are there at the exhibit. We know of one that was sold today.”

– According to Ura_th, Bill Kaulitz’ frames can be purchased for US $2700 to 4000 (3490 – 5020 CAD).

Ruru“Billy loves Disclosure and Ellie Goulding.”

“They asked about Latin America and he said he’ll come to Mexico for sure because he loves the food there.”

Bill Kaulitz on Instagram:  “about last night #‎booklaunch‬ ‪#‎ldbm‬ ‪#‎exhibition ‪#‎LA‬ Next stop Berlin”

À propos d’hier soir #lancementdulivre #ldbm #exposition #LA prochain arrêt Berlin

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