[Billy] ‘Love don’t break me’ Short Film !!

“Love Don’t Break Me” is a multi-media hybrid art project that includes a Black and White short-film, a 128-page fine art photo book and large format framed art prints.

“Love Don’t Break Me“ is the first official song release from the upcoming EP “I’m Not OK” out on May 20, 2016, is a minimalistic/electronic ballad–which reflects a new sound and impressive growth in BILLY’s musical palette.

The song is just one part of the multi-media hybrid art project which also includes a stunning Black and White short-film directed by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor and an accompanying fine art photo book with selected images from the film and other original pictures by the directors. A series of large format art prints complete the ambitious art project.

“I didn’t want to do a traditional music release for my first solo project” BILLY says “I wanted the freedom to explore the other areas in my life that I am passionate about like Art and Fashion and felt that a pure music project wouldn’t fulfill my vision as a solo artist”.

Future extensions to the project include other art-driven initiatives as well as fashion related activities. “Fashion is an extension of my music and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in that world. I believe they go hand in hand and can’t wait to make that a reality” said BILLY.

Original post: interview.de

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