My own experience of the 2015 Tokio Hotel Feel It All world tour

Hello guys, I am finally doing this, yup! Simply because I have had so many great and unforgettable moments on this tour, despite the fact Tokio Hotel did not actually come to Canada. For those who do not know yet, I first went to France to see them live in Marseille on part 1, then saw them again in Boston and New York during part 2 in the States.


This is kind of amazing that my first trip to Europe was to go see Tokio Hotel live! After all those years of fangirling, after eight years of blogging and being part of street teams and fan clubs, it was definitely a good reason to take the plane to the old continent, or in other words to the country of our dear cousins. I arrived in Paris first and visited the French capital for a few days, then took the train to Marseille to be there around noon on the 7th. I absolutely fell in love with the city, after visiting the Old Port, Notre-Dame de la Garde and the Calanques! If it was not of Tokio Hotel, I would probably never have visited the city and it would have been a shame. I know this is not a travel blog, and not even a travel post, but just see how Marseille is beautiful! Here are some pictures I took of it (and that’s all because of TH) :

The concert was on the 9th of March 2015, at the Moulin. I woke up early in the morning, ate takeaways from the night before (Farfalle Carbonara, I still remember that! I actually thought it was weird because in France they put eggs in everything, and I wasn’t expecting that haha.)

We left our apartment right after lunch, walked to the venue and waited with other fans in the line. We met a lot of nice people (rude people too, especially the one who was pretending she was important enough to write numbers on people’s hands). As a French speaker, going to a Tokio Hotel concert in France was obvious. Some wouldn’t always understand what we say as we do have (or they have) an accent, but it was definitely great! It was not like my other concerts in 2008 — in Canada — when we used to scream “Tokio Hotel, Tokio Hotel!!!” or sing songs all day, but I still enjoyed it. We were just talking to each other and that was ok. At one point we decided to sing songs, it is true, but I think we have never been able to sing a whole song all together even for THTV and that’s kind of sad. Anyway..

The first time I saw our four boys together after six years and a half is when they went out of the tour bus to enter the venue. They said hello.. Bill and Tom had their dogs with them.. I also remember Georg’s smile when he saw us! For a yet unknown reason, I had my phone in my hands at that moment (I was probably looking what time it was, as I didn’t have wifi — they say Weefee in France, that’s hilarious — nor any other thing to be honest.) My pictures suck, I know, but I was not even looking at what I was taking in picture. The last two pictures were not taken by me, but still.. Canadian flag for the win.

For that night, I had decided to go VIP. As my trip was already expensive — the day after we took a flight to Rome, Italy –, I only took a Love who loves you back package. Well, it was amazing. We were around 75 fans sitting on the venue floor, waiting for the guys to enter the room. Again, we tried to sing songs for THTV, for when the band would arrive, but again it failed (ugh). They finally arrived and sat on their chairs and it just felt so nice and weird. Weird because we were just like small kids in front of Power Rangers, and also because they were so nervous.  But yea, they asked us if we had any questions and my friend beside me raised her hand so quickly that she was the first to talk. We were all like: we miss you in Canada, you should come back! and all that stuff. They were surprised we came from so far and were happy about it and told us they had recently talked about coming back to Canada and that it was in their projects. Tom even said he remembers the concert of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu and liked it a lot. I would be very surprised if he remembers the name of the city, though he talked about “hot air balloons”, as it was the international balloon festival (August 9th, 2008). Moreover, in the LWLYB Q&A, an alien requested them to sing “Wat ist Los” and explained them it is a song Tom & Andi sang while being drunk one day and that it is on YouTube, but none of them knew what it was, so Tom said it was probably just someone pretending to be them (sadly!). Other people wanted to know things like how they feel being back on stage, if they still have a routine, etc. (I remember we had a very bad interpreter on that night.. and I was looking at Georg with a big smile and he was almost scared of me because I was the only one staring at him like that and he wouldn’t understand; but I can tell you that when he finally understood, he stared back at me like ahhhh now I see why..) They also talked about their favourite songs to perform live and I remember Gustav said Masquerade! They also asked the fans who already went to one of their shows before, and almost everyone raised their hand, including me. Someone said she went to 34, and Bill couldn’t believe her as it is a great amount of money (you can see this in a Tokio Hotel TV episode — here –.. you can see me over excited and smiling and my friend being like “is she *** serious?” haha)


Then we all lined up for our professional pictures with the band. I put my bag and coat (it was so cold outside!) on a small table and arrived in front of them. I was planning on taking my picture between Torg, because it is Torg, right? I told Tom to wait, which is kind of hilarious in a way, then almost ignored Bill (sorry Bill if you read this) to say hello to Gustav and give him my flag. I walked back to Torg and told them I wanted to be between them so they agreed and opened their arms. I had promised myself to enjoy every second of my moment with them and to stay concentrated on every single details and strangely I was obsessed with Tom’s back for a completely unknown reason. I don’t even think it was stress or anything, I was just walking on air so I was a little clumsy I guess (as always).. and even more when the guy from the staff gave me his hand, which I for an unknown reason took back (sorry, Buddy!). Then I decided to go take back my bag and he decided that I couldn’t walk at a certain place (which was like at 30cm from where he asked me to pass; it did not actually make sense. I was not that idiot lol). On the moment though, I did laugh a lot about it and I was hearing Tom laughing, so I was laughing even more.


So here you have Georg not being too sure if I am taking a picture between Torg or just beside Tom, Bill smiling probably like did she just ignore me and Gustav holding a Canadian flag.. Nice..

As a Tom girl, I feel the need to share a closer view of me and the greatest guitarist in the world. I don’t look especially beautiful on that, I know, but I look happy and that’s all that matters. I was trying to look serious ugh.

Then, the concert. What can I say about it.. The guys were amazing of course. The intro was magical and I couldn’t believe how great it was to hear it in real life. Probably the best sound ever. I am so happy the AlienTHeam did an instrumental of the whole We Found Us song live on their YouTube channel. Just listen to it because it’s breathtaking!

I almost cried during Invaded though, as they did talk about the song during the M&G and were saying it was dedicated to someone near them who died. Rescue Me would also have been awesome if only the fans had sung it correctly instead of deciding to sing it in another language. Not that I don’t like it in German, but I’ve always heard it live in English and it is perfect like that! Totally a different vibe live..

The crowd though was the worst I had ever experienced. Some fans were super nice, but everyone was pushing each other at the point that I was not even able to put my hands in my pockets, at the point that the girls beside me had to put their arms on my shoulders, at the point that I decided to leave the first rows to go at the back as it was so unbearable. At the point that a fan was not feeling well at all and others were screaming at her instead of trying to help her. I promised myself to never go back to a Tokio Hotel concert in Europe, but I enjoyed it a lot anyway. At the back, I had so much space to move and danced like I had never danced before. The sound was amazing still and the effects were crazy at the back and it looked like it was in 3D at some moments. I tried to take a picture but it isn’t good at all, but I’m still sharing it with you anyway. As you can see I was not near at all, but I had all the space I needed and even though we can’t see anything on the picture, I still had a great view and could see each of the guys and seeing people’s head with all the effects was so cool, just like what you can see on Tokio Hotel’s official website, when clicking on Tour.

After the concert, we waited for one of our friends outside as she had the Great Day package. It was so cold! I had my winter coat and I was freezing; I don’t even in Canada so I was so surprised. We met a super nice Alien boy and talked for maybe an hour before we left to try to take the subway.. which we didn’t have the time to do finally as it was too late of like.. 10 minutes.


Boston was a totally different experience. I had already been in Boston once, but I was going there with a girl I had never seen before and which happens to be extremely nice! For her, Boston was a very long ride. By bus, it took me seven hours as we had stops in Manchester, Burlington and White River. We had wifi so it didn’t seem long at all and even without it we would have been fine because we have laughed during the whole trip! We arrived in Boston a bit before midnight and directly walked to the hostel. Even if it was only $50 a night, the bed was still very cozy! Not kidding.

And again, we had a lot of fun in the morning as these pictures perfectly show how excited we were to just take selfies in the mirror. Also, as you can see, I had decided to wear my Slytherin shooter — because I am a proud Slytherin — since I had bought the Feel It All package and thought that combining two of my passions would be winning at life. Also, I had planned on having my hair straight, but as you’ll see it didn’t work out at all, because it was raining way too much (50mm of rain during the day, according to TWN).

We went to the venue with our — oops my — umbrella. Almost all the fans were speaking French in the line (Quebecois, of course!). Some of us decided to go eat a pizza at Bravo, and when we came back there were even more Quebecers waiting outside in the rain. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if half of the venue were just Canadians; I’ve also seen fans from Ontario and New Brunswick. In our FIA package group, we were two Canadians, five Americans from Vermont, Massachusetts and even Washington! and a British girl. We all knew each other before going there and they were all super cute. We had hugs.. even gifts! Look how cute this is, thank you so much, you know who you are! xo


Soundcheck was perfect! We were with a bunch of other French Canadians, and our friends from the Feel It All package. We couldn’t be nearer. There was no space between us and the stage.. our hands were actually on it! Though, not for long, at least not for me and my friend, since we danced, jumped and sang like if it was the real concert lol. I think the boys liked it, but we were the only ones doing so. I think we were really into it, but that’s how it must be, right? Just having fun.. yea, perfect! I think I wouldn’t go to any other concert without taking a package with the soundcheck ever again, it’s just so cool and worth it.

Right after the soundcheck, we had the dressing room meet & greet, for just the eight of us. When we entered the room, my first thought was Pumba is so big! haha. Then we hugged them (Georg’s hug was epic, I felt like I was his bro). Tom was just standing there with his guitar, not talking. I approached him, said Hi Tom. He held his guitar even tighter then answered Hey! That was awkward. Later, Bill asked us if we wanted something to drink, opened the fridge.. When it was my turn, I asked for a Pepsi, he took one in the fridge and gave it to me. Normal. Then I went to a cozy sofa, while Tom was still very obsessed with his guitar and Gustav sat right next to me. We all started talking and at some point the other fans were all talking with Bill about Pumba, so I stopped listening and started air drumming with Gustav and Georg since Tom was still (still.. still.. and still) on his guitar. He wasn’t listening at all and when his name was mentioned, he wouldn’t understand for which reason haha. Then Bill looked at us and we all started talking about Canada and the reasons they couldn’t come here, because they have really tried to come to Canada actually. They even said they wanted to come back here before we even had the time to tell them we would have like a concert in our country or anything; they were so sweet. We’ve talked about Canadian French and at that moment Tom was so into it; he looked at me like if he was 2 years old, which was incredibly cute, and told me I can speak French you know? like if he was a great French speaker and I looked at him like.. uh really? No way. Then told him I could teach him bad words, and he said he knows Je mets mon pénis dans ta chatte. I told him French in Quebec and French in France isn’t actually the same and he was like No it is not true, it’s the same thing! Then I was like Yes it’s different! Then he was No there’s no difference so I was like Tabarnak d’osti de calisse de saint-siboire de tabarnak de criss.. and they weren’t looking so sure anymore lol. But they’ve all tried to say Tabarnak, and Tom said: Tabarnak je mets mon pénis dans ta chatte! 😀

Oh, also! Pumba was so adorable. He definitely loves people! Love him.

Since my first reaction when Gustav decided to sit next to me was Tire-toi une bûche, my friend and I lived the acoustic song moment feeling like if we were all around a bonfire and that was so great! We were singing Automatic all together and it was magical. Still, I was trying not to sing too badly haha. But I will never listen to Automatic the same way I used to.

After the dressing room Meet & Greet, the fans were already in the venue, but they kept us a place in first row, on Tom’s side. It didn’t take long before the openers arrived. They were very good! When the real show started, my friend and I were having so much fun, we were singing, jumping again etc. and the boys were looking at us and were happy to see how much fun we both had. There were so many Canadians fans in the first rows, and so many Canadian flags! We’ve even been talking with the band about that and they said that playing in Boston then was like playing in Canada. They even asked me how much time it does take by car to go to Boston, which is five hours.

The concert was great, a thousand times better than the one in Marseille, and the crowd was incredible. People were singing, jumping, etc. but still we had a lot of place and no one was pushing anyone. It couldn’t have been better honestly. We were first row until two songs before Kings of Suburbia as we needed to go on Georg’s side to go on stage. It didn’t stop us from singing and dancing though.

Then we went on stage, and while climbing the stairs, I put on my guitar-shaped glasses and when Bill turned around to look at us, then saw me, he had such a cute smile that at that moment I was so glad to have my glasses haha.

At a particular moment, Bill was looking at me with a nice smile. He was in the middle of the stage, I was at the opposite right. He didn’t do anything but I understood it was one of those moments, so I decided to move forwards (because I am a Slytherin, of course), and then it was just Bill and me for a few seconds, and in my head it was super long. We were singing Come On, Come on, looking in the eyes, with big smiles and we were so much into it and we were doing weird dance moves like if we were screaming at each other, our faces at like 50cm even though I’m way smaller than him. That was so cool. An alien from our FIA goup took a video of this moment and I am so glad she did, even if it doesn’t show how much epic this moment was for us then!


Then later in the song he came back to me, being like You and I, You and I, and I saw him jumping in my direction and I wasn’t sure anymore haha. He put his arm around me and I put my arm around him and he was singing and I was still dancing haha. And at some point the mike was right in front of my eyes, I wasn’t expecting that at all and stared at him like oh really? and the answer was clearly yes because I started singing, making sure I do not fail haha.


So yea, I was dancing all the time on stage, singing, having fun, partying hard. Waving my Canadian flag of course. I also remember that Tom was at some point looking at me and it didn’t stop me from dancing and he was probably trying to figure out either why I was having so much fun or what I was wearing in my face.

For the rest of the concert, we were at the back of the venue, but we had a perfect view of the whole scene, which is something amazing about the Paradise Rock Club. The twins with whom I had been in Europe were already there so we enjoyed the concert together. And at least the fans were singing Rescue Me this time! It was magical. Here’s a video (not mine, but it was taken by an alien from Quebec):


They didn’t do all the special effects, but in my heart it didn’t even change anything and I had the best time for sure.

After the concert, we had another Meet & Greet with the band. We all talked a lot. We first talked with Gustav and took pictures with him. He was super nice and sweet! Georg was super sweet too and was always smiling. That was so great! He seemed to be interested in my Chinese phone and was wondering where I bought it, then I explained him it’s from eBay and he was curious, asking me what’s the brand lol. Bill was also interested in it. I mean, he tried to take a selfie with me (he actually took a video hahaha). The thing is when he started filming, the light at the front of my phone started flashing.. and there’s usually no light at the front of a phone camera.. so he told me words for words: “I love that there is a flash in front that’s cool” even though I won’t post it as my face sucks as I didn’t know my phone was filming, and I didn’t even know myself there was a flash at the front before he tells me, and because what he says sounds more like: “I love that your eyes are flashing in front of him, that’s cool“, which is awkward. When he said that, I stared at my phone (I know it, I have the video haha), saying like: yea???? omg! then I looked at him and we were like what the **** is that, and I told him, walking in Tom’s direction, with a great laugh that it’s a Chinese phone. hahaha. The problem is Tom realized I was filming (which isn’t actually a problem), but he also realized that I didn’t even know that I was filming. So in the video, we can see Tom and me staring at my phone like if it is a mysterious object, each of us in a corner hahaha. Ok Ok, I’m being nice. Here’s an extract, but only audio and yes, I sound stupid haha:



[Do not worry about that black thing, it’s just a girl who was expelled lol]. I’ve also spoken with Gustav about the fact he is now married and he showed me his ring, while drinking his beer, of course. Tom and I also talked about dirty things related to sex, yea just like that. I told him that I know “Lutsch mein Schwanz”, which means “Suck my dick” and he honestly was so proud of me. He said it was a very good one and that it will be useful if I go to Germany. I then said that I couldn’t really say that to anyone as I don’t have a dick, but yea I don’t exactly think that’s why he said it’d be useful to me lol. I’m not sure it’s a good thing anymore to be honest.. We also both talked about Radio SAW looking at pictures and stuff. Bill and I talked about the fact that there were so many Canadians at the concert, and he was so happy about it and he said he saw a lot of Canadian flags and Canada related stuff in general. He asked my friend and I if we enjoyed the concert and we both said yes, so I asked him what HE did think about it and he was like oh it was so awesome blabla and I could see in his eyes he really meant it. But he didn’t especially liked it when I told him I enjoyed this show better than the one in France haha. So I had to explain him why and that it was my opinion, not his lol. Talking about Bill, I think the first thing he told me during this Meet & Greet was you were so *** great on stage! .. and I think I just answered him I know! hahaha. I couldn’t be more Slytherin than that.

The four of them also signed my KOS album and my Slytherin shooter. Gustav had some difficulty though, so he ended up writing his name instead (only on the shooter, lol).

After this Meet & Greet, we went back with the Great Day VIPs and sat on the floor. Almost everyone was French Canadian so when we entered the room, we were just like hey salut! haha. We laughed again a lot, we were not so many but it was still interesting and since we were a bunch of Quebecers, we knew almost everyone so it was amazing. The guys said they loved the Canada loves you back placards during Love who loves you back.

After that, we were taking selfies and professional pictures with the band.

Overall, here are some pictures I have taken with the guys during the evening. As I told you, my hair did curl like crazy because of the rain.



Yea, lovely..


I am conscious that my obsession with Black and White isn’t sane. But it is better this way in my opinion (you haven’t seen and won’t see the worst pictures on which we’re kidding — especially the ones with Georg –, so you can’t tell haha. You cannot even imagine how ugly I look like on our band selfie hahaha. Bill looks super happy though so here it is, without me obviously ahah. Maybe it would have been way better if I had checked the camera actually.. and if it hadn’t rained all day.


That one is great though, even if it’s actually a video screenshot and not a selfie haha.


After the Meet & Greet, we went to South Station to wait for our bus to New York. I think I did sleep only 20 minutes haha. There was free wifi in the bus and after that epic night I didn’t feel like sleeping at all, even if I knew that New York’s concert was the day right after it, August 12.

New York

We arrived in New York around 11am and directly took a taxi to our hotel in Midtown East. We then took a great shower and started getting ready for another great day, listening to the We Found US intro. And yes, it was a great day, definitely sunny and hot! We walked to the venue and stopped to eat at Subway. When we arrived, we saw again a few Canadian aliens and started talking with them.

When the LWLYB were in, fire trucks stopped in front of the venue and people had to go out. That was so weird.

We had the Dancing in the dark package so we went at the soundcheck. Bill randomly said: it smells popcorn. It was true though. Concerning the show, it was awesome too even though people were pushing each other. The girls in front rows were insane, sometimes completely out of control, but I still enjoyed it and had a nice view which is great. It was also the first time I could experience the snow thing at the end during Great Day as I was a bit too far in Marseille and that I was also too far in Boston after leaving the stage. So as a specialist in snow (I live in Canada, right?), I was impressed by the similarity. Until I realized my hair would curl and even more when they decided to throw water in my face. Oops.

After the show, we waited on the venue floor for a while before our Great Day Meet & Greet.

By the way, a lot of the questions during the Q&A have been asked by Canadian aliens. One of them said she started learning German because of them, that she studied the language in College and is so grateful. They were interested and asked her if it was hard for her to learn it. Tom heard her mother tongue is French so he said once again Je mets mon pénis dans ta chatte. They also talked about one of their memories from Canada and Tom said Gustav had slept with the waitress at the hotel W in Montreal.  As he says in a Tokio Hotel TV episode that he thinks girls in Quebec are very beautiful, it may be true.. haha

When I arrived right in front of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav I was surprised of how happy they seemed to see me again.  And they said it: We are happy you came back!  Bill is so taller than me that I felt like I was his 5 years old sister when he looked at me before taking our picture together as he was smiling so much haha.  After the pictures, they were still saying thank you, all of them, and Tom was staring at me like if I was going to stay haha. And then said: thanks for coming back with a cute little funny face. Again. It was so cute. They are the nicest and sweetest guys I have ever met.

Canadian flag for the win!


Let’s do this Tom’s girl thing again..


I left New York the next night; it was my third trip to NYC, but the first time my friend ever went to the States, so I took the time to show her some cool places. And I can tell you we bought a lot of M&Ms. And before someone asks this again, I am 5′. Now you know haha. And if you’re European, just check on Google.

Do not hesitate to share your stories with us!

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