INTERVIEW for El Comercio – Tokio Hotel: “It was time to return to Peru.”


We spoke with Bill Kaulitz, the vocalist of the German band Tokio Hotel, who are returning to Lima in August with their new album.

It has been 5 years since Tokio Hotel’s first concert in Lima and a lot has changed for the band since then. For starters, its members are no longer kids who were saying goodbye to their adolescence. Their look has also varied, but, above all their music. Tired of record label pressures, they decided to produce their album on their own time, how they wanted, achieving their most sincere work to date. Bill Kaulitz, vocalist of the band, explains more about it in our conversation over the phone.

The day you confirmed your show in Lima, your fans made you one of the most talked about topics on twitter. So awesome! They are truly excited for your return.

Well, it is always great to see how fans give their all at our shows and in South America it tends to be that way. It’s great to come back, because we always have amazing shows there, so we were very anxious to bring the tour and, to finally announce it is great. To hear these kind of things makes us really happy, we appreciate it so much and it makes us want to go even more. I know it’ll be a great concert. It has been a long time and it was time. We are very excited.

Your first concert in Lima was already 5 years ago. I remember the hysteria you caused back then, but what memories do you have of it?

I always knew that the Peruvian fans are very intense, with lots of energy as you said. I could feel it that night on stage. But you know, it always feels like time flies by while you’re on stage. It’s like I get on and immediately off a few seconds later, so I can’t wait to feel that energy again.

Tickets for your show in Lima go on sale today. You return to Lima with a new album, an album that comes almost 6 years after “humanoid”, its predecessor.

Yes, we decided to take a creative break to later return to the studio knowing what we wanted. We had been on tour for a long time and we needed to take some time- To go our separate ways. The tours, the concerts,.. we needed to leave that for a while to make a great album. So, we left for some time, we hung out, and returned to the studio to write. This time we had the opportunity to write, produce… do everything on our own, which was super new for us, but we wanted this to be our next step. It took longer than we thought (working on the new album). We didn’t think it would take 5 years, but at lest the album’s good. (laughs)

Do you consider it a risky decision to have taken that break? You decided to leave everything for a while when your career was at its best.

Even when your career is going well, you always have to take your time to make an album. We have never been the kind of band that release an album every year because they have to. We have always wanted to make great albums, it is something that we personally love. Growing up, maturing – your music also changes, so we also needed to stop and think about what kind of music we wanted to make, how should the new songs sound- we needed that time and then return.

During that break, you and your brother moved to Los Angeles.

Yes, we still live in Los Angeles. It was impossible for us to have a private life in europe. Things were out of control, we needed a place were we could have privacy. Los Angeles was the perfect place for that. We knew some people: producers and friends who live here, it was the perfect combination. And we are still living there.

I like the new album name, “Kings Of suburbia”. Why that title? have you ever felt that way?

The name was chosen within the process of recording the album. We chose it because we had this memory of when we were super young and lived in Germany and had so much excitement for a project or when we wrote an awesome song, that we felt like the kings of our own universe. Now we are living what we have always dreamed of and we remembered that feeling and how we feel that same energy in the studio.

You are writing more in English? All songs on this album are in that language

When it comes to music we do not like translations. we did it with the previous record : translated songs from German to English, it took a really long time.. It also felt forced. We didn’t want to force anything with this album, so we decided that if a song was written in English it would stay in English or German it would stay German. We no longer wanted those translations. We are very happy with that. Of course, that doesn’t mean we will not do any songs in German, but for now we are writing a lot in English

Can you tell me a bit about the show you will bring to Lima, what can your fans expect?

We bring all the new songs of the new record, so they’ll be a lot of “kings Of Suburbia”, but we keep some of our classics (laughs). In General it is a very energetic show. The idea, because the album is very electronic, is to transport fans into a nightclub. We want to have a huge party. That is the plan because the album was inspired by the nightlife. We want to bring that to the stage. There is a fantastic light show, the show is very electronic, incredible costume changes. It’ll be a great party!

Translation by: Adi (Tokio Hotel America)

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