Tokio Hotel are the MTV Musical March Madness 2015 winners!

Video Message from the boys:

Tom : Salut, nous sommes les G’s de Tokio Hotel ! (rient)
Bill : Salut ! Nous venons d’entendre que nous avons à nouveau gagné le « Musical March Madness » de MTV, c’est plutôt vous qui avez à nouveau gagné. Merci beaucoup d’avoir voté, c’est dingue ! Nous sommes très heureux ! Nous revenons tout juste de notre tournée en Europe, qui a été formidable. La scène nous manque déjà, nous allons reprendre la route très bientôt et continuer avec la deuxième partie. Nous avons hâte ! Merci beaucoup pour les votes, merci pour ce prix ! Vous êtes formidables ! Vous êtes les meilleurs fans du monde ! Merci infiniment ! Et on se voit en tournée !
Tom : Merci !
Traduction par Prinz16

NEW ARTICLE ON MTV: Tokio Hotel Takes Down Thirty Seconds To Mars To Become The Champs Of MTV’s Musical March Madness

Written by Christina Garibaldi on ‘Basically you guys won again. Thank you so much for voting,’ the band told MTV News.

Twice is just as nice…just ask Tokio Hotel.

In a fight to the finish, Tokio Hotel just inched past Thirty Seconds To Mars to claim their second MTV Musical March Madness title. The foursome have dominated the competition since day one, easily moving on in each round, but faced their toughest battle in the final against 30STM.

“We just heard that we won MTV’s Musical March Madness again,” Tom and Bill Kaulitz said in a video message sent to MTV. “Basically you guys won again. Thank you so much for voting. That’s crazy. We are super happy. We just came back from our tour in Europe — it was amazing. We already miss the stage so we got to hit the road pretty soon again and continue with part two. We can’t wait. Thank you so much for voting, thanks for this award, you guys are amazing you are the best fans in the world. Thank you so so much and we will see you guys on tour.”

The final round saw over 20 million votes, with Jared Leto and the guys giving it a good run, but the Tokio Hotel fans proved to be too much, taking 51% of the votes.

So what did the road to the championship look like for Tokio Hotel? In the first round, the “Run, Run, Run” group cruised past “Uptown Funk’s” Mark Ronson, which then had them facing off against 2013 MMM champion Ed Sheeran. We thought this would be a heated match-up but the loyal Aliens easily took Ed down getting 84% of the votes in round two. The guys then easily made it past Imagine Dragons before crushing Walk The Moon in the Final Four.

Tokio Hotel knows what it feels like to be an MMM champ since they took home the the title back in 2012 when they defeated Green Day.

It’s been a big week for the German band, who just released their brand-new music video for “Feel It All,” off their Kings Of Suburbia album, which takes a look at the lifestyles of misguided youth.

A big congrats goes out to Tokio Hotel for their impressive win and thanks to all the bands for making our sixth MMM tournament truly epic. But I want to give a big shout-out to all the fans who keep this going. With nearly 50 million votes cast throughout this tournament you have shattered our records and dazzled us with your dedication.

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