Interview for AMY&PINK – [02.24.2015]


What clubs could play your new record “Kings of Suburbia”?

Bill: I’m not really familiar with the german club scene because we don’t party here very often. I think some clubs in LA could play it, Warwick for example. Or XS in Las Vegas.

Most people – me included – don’t know these clubs. What kind of music do they play?

Tom: They mostly play electronic music. Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex have played there. We had remixes made of our songs that would fit in a lot of clubs.

Is there any specific club you would like your music to be played?

Bill: Well I would love it if one of our songs was played at Berghain (laughs loudly.)

Tom: Coachella would be awesome too.

What kind of party-person are you?

Tom: We are the drunk ones standing in the corner.

You don’t dance?

Tom: Only when we’re really drunk. At Gustav’s wedding we all danced to 90’s music. That was super fun. Otherwise we’re not really the dancers.

What drinks get you to dance?

Tom: It was a mix of Tequila-shots and Whiskey Coke, Rum Coke, beer and wine.

That’s a decent mixture. What’s better: A rooftop party in LA with hot ladies and free alcohol or an underground-party in a basement in Berlin?

Tom: I would go to the basement. We already had a lot of the LA parties with pretty women. We haven’t been in Berlin that much. Also I like it when people move more freely and don’t wonder the whole time about how they look and how expensive their drink is.

Bill: I also like it when people let themselves go completely and forget about their everyday life while partying.

Tom: There is 2 types of parties. The one where guys buy expensive champagne and reserve tables to get to know women…

And that’s you?

Tom: No, that’s not us. But we were in the past (everyone laughs). That was us at 15. And then there is the party where you just go out to have a relaxed night with friends.

Do you remember the first time you were at a club?

Tom: (to the boys) Was that in Magdeburg a club? Well if you count that club then 13.

Was that before you were famous?

Tom: Yes.

Wow, that is super early. I always thought 15 was young to go clubbing.

Tom: We had fake IDs.

Bill: I think that club was called Factory. And then we were in clubs in Munich when we were 15.

Schnaps or beer?

All: Beer.

Your best Hollywood party?

Bill: Because everything in LA closes at 2am the house-parties are the best. I remember a costume party of this super rich guy. The theme was Moulin Rouge, everything was super chique, he even rented the Cirque Du Soleil who performed in his pool. His house was super big and at some point we found a whole other world with a spa and wellness-area. I was super drunk and was sitting in the sauna with my white suit. The Cirque-people were all naked and had sex while I was sitting there, completely dressed and watching them. Until someone came and got me out of there. That was a really good party. Oh, and we were at this great Halloween-Party. In the end we all drunkenly tried these police taserd on each other to see whether they really work or not.


Bill: Yeah, it hurt a lot (laughs loudly). But it was a really good party.

What does your hangover day looks like after a crazy party?

Bill: We sleep super long. Until 3pm and then the dogs want to go out. Usually I take Aspirin Complex, drink a strong coffee and take a long shower. Still my whole day feels blurry after. But I take it pretty well. Tom is much worse. If he drank too much he carries it around with him for the whole week.

Tom: The day after is the worst. After that I need at least 3 days to fully recover.

Gustav: Well, you aren’t the youngest anymore.

Tom: In the past I recovered much quicker. We went out during the night and did a Bravo photoshoot the morning after (laughs).

Have you ever not gotten into a club because nobody recognized you?

Bill: Nooo, we always make sure that everything is set beforehand. The queues in LA tend to be super long so it can happen that famous people don’t get in because nobody saw them. We always make sure to notify the club before.

The best place to have sex in the club?

Bill: Probably the restroom. I would go to the restroom. I think that’s good.

Tom: Sex in the club? I don’t think that’s appropriate. But going into the employer-area would be the best option I guess.

Georg: You could go to the car really quick.

If you could be 16 again for a day, what would you do?

Georg: (to Tom) For you it would be like any other day: masturbate, masturbate, masturbate (everyone laughs.)

What can you sincerely laugh about?

Bill: Georg. I can never really laugh about jokes or comedians. The funniest things to me are spontaneous situations.

What part of you is typical german and what typical american?

Bill: Our punctuality and accuracy are typical german. I’m never late and I always write down everything. Our English is typical american. Because we only really learnt it while living in LA. We use the words ‘amazing’ and ‘like’ so often. I think it’s horrible but I can’t change it anymore.

Are you afraid of certain drugs?

Bill: Nope! (Laughs) We just shot the video fro “Feel it All” that revolves around this topic. I find topics like drugs and prostitution totally interesting. These chasm of humanity. How you get there and what story is behind it.

Tom: I’m more afraid of things I can’t control. like swimming in the ocean and shark attacking you. With drugs you can decide if you take them or not.

Have you ever tattooed someone?

Bill: No, but I’d like to.

Tom: Me too.

Bill: It’s probably super hard. Since Georg doesn’t have any yet I think all of us should get to try.

Tom: That’s true. I think it would be super fun if we could do that.

Bill: Can you just go and buy a machine?

Gustav: You could probably build one yourself (to Tom). I would let you tattoo me.

Tom: Because I’m the best at drawing.

That doesn’t mean you’re good at tattooing.

Tom: True, but the boys know me well enough to know that I can do a little of everything.

Georg: But nothing really good.

Your favorite app?

Bill: Instagram.

Tom: I only use my phone for calling and texting even though I always have the newest iPhone. Oh and I have the n-tv-app for news. But that’s all (laughs).

Georg: I only use Instagram.

Gustav: Only Angry Birds.

What person would you like to stand next too while peeing?

Bill: Kevin Spacey.

Would you glance over?

Bill: I don’t know if I would look down but I would look over. Yes. (Laughs) For Tom it would be Denzel Washington.

Tom: Yeah that’s true, Denzel Washington.

Georg: While peeing I only look down and try to aim and nothing else.

Bill: I don’t believe you. I’m 100% sure you’d like to meet someone in the restroom.

Tom: (to Georg) I’m 100% sure you would like to meet David Haseelhoff there.

Georg: But then not at the urinal but on the real toilets (everyone laughs).

Bill: I would talk there too.

Georg: I always like to talk there.

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