Tokio Hotel in Berlin, Germany – March 23rd, 2015

Tokio Hotel at Berlin Metal TV:

Twitter – De-Code LTD: #Great Day to be in Berlin for @tokiohotel show. Who’s coming tonight?? #FIATour

C’est une belle journée pour être à Berlin pour le concert de @tokiohotel. Qui vient ce soir?? #FIATour

Bill Kaulitz on Instagram: #Berlin you were amazing tonight!!! thank you! off to #hamburg #feelitallworldtour

#Berlin vous étiez supers ce soir!!! Merci! On s’en va maintenant à Hambourg #tournéemondialefeelitall

Questions and Answers: Tokio Hotel said there will be VIP tickets available on the second part of their tour in Europe. The price of VIP tickets will probably be similar, but regural tickets will be cheaper. The guys didn’t even know if they had ever played in Belarus; Bill honestly thought they had. Tom said he would like to work with DJ’s in Ibiza. They also confirmed they will perform in South America this Summer, maybe in August, and in North America probably in June. Dates for America should be announced next month. This fall, they want to play at the O2 arena in Berlin.

Collector ticket:


Best Videos:

All Videos:

We Found us: [1]
Girl Got A Gun:
Dark Side of the Sun:
Covered in Gold: [1]
Feel it All: [1]
Louder than love:
Never let you down:
Kings of Suburbia:
Invaded: [1]
Run Run Run:
Rescue Me:
Automatic: [1]
Stormy Weather:
The Heart get no Sleep: [1]
Love who loves you back:
Durch den Monsun: [1]
Great Day:

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