MTV News | Aliens are dedicated folks.

Dirty Underwear And Naked Pics?
Tokio Hotel Fans Have Given Them Some Pretty NSFW Gifts
Tokio Hotel‘s fan army, the Aliens, have a rep for being extremely dedicated. And by extremely dedicated we mean EXTREME (imagine that in energy drink font).
Tokio Hotel recently took a break from pounding the pavement for their first record in five years, Kings Of Suburbia, to share some of their craziest fan stories with MTV News. Warning: Used underwear and naked photos are involved. Oh, and according to Tom, Georg just found out he’s a father. (We assume he’s kidding, but if not, congrats to the lucky lady!)


Bill also shouted out some of Tokio Hotel’s most hardcore fans — the South American Aliens: “In South America it was super crazy — they are always very intense,” he said.

And it’s an intensity and dedication Tokio Hotel’s been feeling since the beginning: “I think our fans were just growing with us, when we started we were so young… we were 15, 17, and I feel like a lot of our fans were our age, and I feel that they just changed like we did; they grew up with us listening to our music,” Bill explained. “That was a while ago, and hearing that… people grew up with our music is so weird for us because we still feel like we just started. But I also feel like we gain new people, there are a lot more guys listening to our music now. We are getting more people and we still have our amazing fan base.”

FYI, guys — Gustav is taken, so maybe in the future send all thongs and snaps to the Kaulitz Twins.

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