More info on Tokio Hotel’s secret concert in Los Angeles next week!

We can’t say much on the secret show in LA, as it’s obviously a secret. Though De-Code LTD are giving you some hints on Twitter as: “#zeroonefifteen”, “#1215” or “#8852”. There are some theories on these numbers and many people think the winners will be announced on Monday and the show taking place at The Viper Room on Thursday, 7pm, and there are great chances it is the case! Edit January 13th: De-Code confirmed it today; the theory is right!

If you’re interested in attending the secret concert in LA, make sure you can be in Los Angeles next week. Do NOT take part if you’re not 100% sure; it wouldn’t be fair for the fans who can attend nor the band. Now if you do, email with all your info and follow them on Twitter!

Moreover, take note you must be 21 years old of age or older to attend this concert. If you’re not, you can still come down to the venue to meet the band and get an autographed CD before the show.

Here are all the tweets De-Code LTD posted on Twitter about that special concert:

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