New interview in “Star Club” magazine #300

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The band Tokio Hotel is coming back! Bill Kaulitz and co. just released a new album, Kings Of Suburbia. Star Club met them during their visit in Paris.

Hello Tokio Hotel! When we see the number of fans waiting in front of your hotel, we say to ourselves that it was time for you to come back.
Bill Kaulitz: We would not have thought that so many people would still be here, since nothing really lasts in the music industry. Even if we know that our fans have always been and are still the best, we were not expecting this crowd.
Tom Kaulitz: I totally agree.

Your last album – Humanoid -, released in 2009. Did the four of you always keep in touch?
Bill: Despite the fact that we moved in Los Angeles, Tom and I have always kept in touch with Gustav and Georg, who stayed in Germany.

Wasn’t it too stressful to come back?
Bill: To be honest, we do not consider it like a return, because for us we have never stopped going forward, writing and producing…

How did you deal with the production of the album, which you essentially produced on the other side of the ocean?
Bill: During our first writing sessions, we were really frustrated because even if the people in front of us were qualified, we were not on the same wavelength…
Tom: That is why we decided to do all by ourselves! Since I am the one of the four who knows how to do less stuff, I was the one with the big task of producing the album.

Did you go back to Germany?
Tom: We are not going to Germany often since we moved in Los Angeles, but during the producing we recorded in Hamburg and in Berlin.

In which manner is Kings Of Suburbia different from what you were doing five years ago?
Bill: This album is more electronic, but it was not a will. It happened spontaneously. These new sounds were like obvious when we were working in Los Angeles.

Was there a moment more difficult than another during the studio recording?
Gustav: For me, the hardest part was the choirs. It is not my thing, singing. I was kind of uncomfortable.
Georg: Me too. Singing is probably my most embarrassing moment while recording!

Do you have a favourite song on this new album?
Bill: It is hard to say, because when we produce an album, we love every song on it. Moreover, with time, our preferences may change. Right now, my favourite on Kings Of Suburbia is Love Who Loves You Back.
Georg: We found us.
Tom: Love Who Loves You Back.

Now that you are back, your fans are looking forward to the tour. Is it planned?
Bill: Of course, we are currently thinking about it. We do not know in which countries we are going to perform, but it is almost sure that we will come to France; Our fans are incredible here. The tour should start in the spring.

Orange square:
Tokio Hotel members like to make jokes on each other during interviews!
Tom did not hesitate to tell us a nice little story about one of his mate: “One day, we were all in the studio and Georg went in the washroom, but he had forgotten a little something… we were recording and we could hear everything! It was so hard to stay concentrated after that (laughs).”

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