NEW INTERVIEW for StarMedia :)

Looks like the boys are heading to Mexico by the end of 2014!

Tokio Hotel return with , Kings of Suburbia, a very personal album with and electronic sound
Find out what members; Bill and tom kaulitz told us about their new album in an exclusive interview for Starmedia from Los Angeles.

After spending 5 years away from the stage to take on new life and rediscover their musical path, Tokio Hotel return with Kings of Suburbia, their’ fourth (ha? isn’t it 5th?)Studio album, in an exclusive interview for Starmedia, members Bill & Tom kaulitz share details about their new album, find out what they said!

1. How do you feel with your comeback after 5yrs away from Music?
Bill: We weren’t completely away because we still worked in the studio making Kings Of Suburbia, and now we are happy to be back and show people this new album. Furthermore, we missed our fans, the stage and performing live.

2. Kings Of Suburbia sounds completely different from anything you’ve done. Why make such a radical change?
Tom: About the new sound of this new album, we are very happy because it was such a process to write songs and produce them. We tried to create something authentic and different and i can say that we like all songs that are on the album.

3. Which song do you identify the most with?
Bill: It’s hard to say because we produced the whole album, we did the mixes and worked a lot on them. It took a long time and we put so much love into it. What does happen is that we hear a different one every day, for example, right now it’s, ‘Love Who Love You Back’, which is a great song.

4. What is the story behind the album title and the title track?
Bill: we got the idea of naming the album Kings of Suburbia on a trip to Germany- it comes from the feeling you get when you’re young, feeling like you’re the King of your own Universe, doing what you like. That was a feeling we all shared when making the record. It is also related to our life, we all come from different suburbs in Germany

5. who created the concept for the video ‘Girl Got a gun”? what do you think about the criticism it has received?
Bill: We are very happy with the video and believe it is one of the best we’ve done. We created the concept together with director, Kris Moyes who is a very innovative person. We wanted something cool and new because the song has an interesting sound. I had the idea of including drag queens and Kris came up with the makeup and costumes. We liked it a lot and it is normal that there are people who do and some who do not.

6. Will you include Mexico on your international tour?
Tom: We are planning the tour, i think we will begin in Spring 2015, Mexico will be included, we will also go to Mexico to promote by the end of 2014. Our Mexican fans send us so many messages of love and it is something we thank them for.

7. How will you describe in a few words your album Kings Of Suburbia?
Bill: It is a very personal album, electronic, full of life, with lots of love and one of the best the band has ever made.

Translation by Adi for THUSA

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