NEW VIDEO: Tokio Hotel at Radio SAW [10.05.14]

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO (you can Watch a sneak peak of their acoustic concert!)

Voice-over: It’s the comeback of the year – and now the sensation. They celebrate their live-comeback in their hometown at Radio SAW.

Bill (from 1:33): I think what we’ve learned and what we are trying to manage now – and I don’t know if it will work, let’s see – is to find that balance between our career and making music, and our private life. Because we’ve never had that before, we always worked non-stop and we never had that balance, which we were searching for and now we have that, and we try to keep that balance to also enjoy our career and the success. And so far we’ve had fun doing all our promo dates and everything’s great and we just try to keep it.
Tom: Totally.
Bill: And to have that balance so to say.
Tom: Is it just me or.. I have the feeling I have a totally awesome radio-voice.
Host: You really do have that. You can just come around sometimes if you want!
Tom: As a host, huh?

Fan talks about her joy of seeing Tokio Hotel.

Host: Will there be a tour coming soon?
Bill: Yes, definitely. Right now we’re planning how we want to do that. I think we’ll be on tour the entire next year and are going to play concerts. We don’t know yet when and how exactly, but we’ll figure that out in the next weeks.

Translation by Herzblut

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